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The Battle of San Jacinto (1895)

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The Battle of San Jacinto Anson Jones Lemuel Blakely (killed) S.W. Blount Sterling C. Robinson B.R. Brigham (killed) A.R. Stevens (killed) Ben McCulloch John P. Ferrell A. Buffington Elijah V. Dale H.P. Brewster Dr. Labadie Captain Billingsley T.M. Hardeman Colonel Edward Burleson Olwin J. Trask M.A. Bryan M.G. Whitaker George P. Erath James A. Sylvester G.W. Petty Andrew Briscoe Lt. G.A. Lamb (killed) L.L. Clemons Thomas J. Rusk, Secretary of War Dr. W. Motley Lt. Joel S. Collard Col. Sidney Sherman David McFadden Jack Robbins Alexander Horton General Houston Deaf Smith Henry Karnes Walter P. Lane Mirabeau B. Lamar Washington Anderson Don Manuel Castrillon San Jacinto River J.M. Hill John A. Wharton Mexican Breastworks Mexican Breastworks Don Manuel Valdez Agustin Garza, chaplain Mexican Breastworks Lt. Ygnacio Arenal Juan N. Almonte M. Velasquez General Cespedes General M.P. Cos Pedro Delgado Don Esteban Mora Don Santiago Luellmo Don Dion Cos Santa Anna's Lake Jose Arenas Santa Anna's Tent Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Colonel Ramero Antonio Trevino Joel M. Robertson Colonel M. Aguirre Captain Barragan Don Agusta Peratta

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The Battle of San Jacinto, Prints and Photographs Collection, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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