"Not Alone: Working Together in the Fight Against Human Trafficking" exhibit at Sam Houston Center closes

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An original exhibition produced by the Bullock Texas State History Museum is now on view at the Hull-Daisetta Rotary Building at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center in Liberty. Not Alone: Working Together in the Fight Against Human Trafficking provides visitors with the tools to identify human trafficking and the resources to find help and support survivors.

Although underreported, recent statistics suggest there are hundreds of thousands of people being trafficked in Texas at any given time. Geared toward teens and adults and presented in both English and Spanish, the exhibition seeks to prevent further exploitation of vulnerable individuals in the state.

Not Alone centers on a series of questions that guide visitors to understand what human trafficking is, who can be a target, the tools and techniques traffickers use to target individuals and keep them captive, and the roles healthy relationships and social media play in tracking. In each exhibition section, a QR code allows visitors to view original videos featuring survivors and advocates who answer the exhibition's guiding questions.

Not Alone: Working Together in the Fight Against Human Trafficking is on view at the Sam Houston Center through May 28.

May 28, 2022 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
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