Wish list of missing documents

These documents are missing from the Texas State Library's Texas documents collection. We would very much appreciate your making these titles available to the Texas State Library if you have them and no longer need them.


A2700.3 B477c
Biennial report of the classification officer

A2800.8 Ed83 1990/1
Report to management on the examination of selected federal and financial activities for the fiscal year ended August 31, 1991, Texas Education Agency, Austin, Texas

B600.8 Ad95bud v.1
Advanced Business Drafting Course

B600.8 Ad95dt 1991 v.2
Advanced DTPA-consumer law course

B600.8 Al79d
Alternative dispute resolution program

C3760.4 P942 1990
Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors rules : effective date January 10, 1990

E500.7 B936 no.59-80
County Teachers Institute

E500.7 B936 no.81-95
Manual and course of study for the public schools of Texas, 1918

E1550.3 F49au

G821.8 C172
Texas Department of Corrections : capital construction update

G1176.5 st29h 1987
Statewide hotline numbers

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H600.8 M567ant 1992
Metodos anticonceptivos : son sus selecciones

H1333.7 P943s no.9-11
Hardening of asphalt cements during service in pavements 1963-66 program

H2400.3 J575 1991/2
Balance of Gulf Coast JTPA service delivery area ... annual report

H2600.3 B859eo
Legislative appropriation request, operating leases, new lease detail

H2600.8 M468usgs 1991
Guia para el cliente de Medicaid

H2600.8 P942
Professional services contract final report

H2700.3 M666 1990/1 v.2
Report on minority hiring by state agencies, institutions of higher education

L1400.5 M512 2004 v.1
Members of the Texas Congress, 1836-1845 ; Members of the Texas Legislature, 1846-2004

L1400.5 M512 2004 v.2
Members of the Texas Congress, 1836-1845 ; Members of the Texas Legislature, 1846-2004

L1793.3 J826 CON 1835
Journals of the Consultation held at San Felipe

M1300.3 J575 1990/1
Middle Rio Grande service delivery area ... annual report to the governor

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P3500.5 M319 1988
Manual para choferes de vehiculos de Texas

R1800.8 P569 1989
Physician participation and access to primary care in the Texas Medicaid program : a report to Lieutenant Governor William P. Hobby

S500.4 AD65 1998 TITLE 37
Texas administrative code, 1998 edition, title 37, public safety and assistance

T980.3 F49 1989/90 v.1,2
Annual financial report, Texoma Council of Governments

T1311.7 R311 No. 1983-3F
Invertebrate species available as food for the golden cheeked warbler in its nesting habitat

T1324.8 OF2M 1994 (map)
State departmental map

T1400.8 Av71
Avoiding future shock : a debt management plan for Texas

W1137.5 T312wai v.2
Texas Water Commission wastewater inspection manual

W1137.6 C58
Clean Texas report (Vol. 1, No. 1, 11/92)

Z H800.8 OF3 1993-4
Final report 1993 to 1994: project number 44140007

Z L300.3 An78 1990/1
Annual report (Lee College)

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Z N700.6 Am35p
American periodicals : a journey of history (Vol. 1, No. 1, fall 1991, and all subsequent issues)

Z TA200.8 T225 REV. 1994
Tech prep curriculum guide for pre service teacher preparation

Z TA245.7 T226 no.92-1
1991 corn performance tests in Texas

Z TA265.7 B873 no.5055
Office paper recycling-- it's good business!

Z TA280.7 L569 no.41
An archeological survey of three detention ponds on White Oak Bayou, Harris County, Texas

Z TA280.7 L569 no.43
An intensive archeological survey of the proposed Cedar Creek Park, Navasota, Grimes County, Texas

Z TC500.1 B625 1990/1
Blue book of grant funding

Z TS875.3 St82 1992-8
Strategic plan for the 1992-1998 period (Texas State University System)

Z UA335.1 Un3tw 1987
The University of Texas at Austin, Marine Science Institute, Port Aransas, Texas : "window on the sea"

Z US900.8 M66 v.1,2,3
University of Texas System and University of Texas at Austin minority and women-owned business study : final report

Z W350.3 B859 1991/2
Budget for the fiscal year ... (West Texas State University)

Z W350.8 M311 1994
Management of tech-prep programs: an instructional resource guide

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