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Below is a list of the bibliographies that are currently available. Not all are available in all formats.

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Large Print Bibliography

Recently Added – Large print books added to the collection.

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Large Print Books added to the collection since 1999, arranged by genre.

Best Seller [html] updated June 24, 2016 – Large print fiction and non-fiction best sellers in the collection. Includes 1 Spanish title.
Christian [html] updated June 28, 2016 – Large print Christian fiction in the collection.
Mysteries [html] updated June 17, 2016 - Large print Mystery fiction in the collection.
Romance [html] updated June 10, 2016 – Large print romance novels in the collection. Includes 18 Spanish titles.
Western [html] updated June 27, 2016 – Large print westerns in the collection.

Large Print Sampler


Reading Lists

These reading lists were created in response to both our specific and anticipated TBP readers’ requests.  If you have an interest area you would like book recommendations on, that is not reflected in these lists, please contact a Reader’s Advisory librarian at 800-252-9605 or e-mail us at tbp.ral@tsl.texas.gov.

Amish, Mennoite, and Shaker Books

Baseball Nonfiction.pdf

Basketball Nonfiction.pdf

Best Historical Fiction by Year..revised May 2016

Books by GLBT Authors.pdf

Children's Spanish Books.pdf

Christian Life Reading  List.pdf

Culinary Mysteries.pdf

Folktales, Myths and Legends.pdf

Football Nonfiction.pdf

Hollywood Biographies.pdf added APRIL 2016

Inspirational Reading List.pdf

Nobel Prize Winners.pdf

Pulitzer Prize Winners.pdf ..revised May 2016

Science Fiction.pdf

Vegetarian Vegan Cooking.pdf


Coping with Visual Impairment Bibliography

This bibliography is meant to be an update to the Coping with Blindness bibliography created by the late Alvin Roberts. Books included are mostly braille and digital format books. Reading stories about others who have struggled with blindness can be inspiring and therapeutic. Roberts wrote in a 1984, Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness article titled, "Bibliotherapy: A Technique for Counseling Blind People" that:

Since antiquity, books, especially biographies, have been used for transmitting hard-learned lessons about life. . . The right book at the right time can enhance adjustment to blindness.

Radio Plays

Radio plays produced by the National Audio Theater/Blue Ridge Radio Players.

Books Worth Revisiting

List of books and short stories that are usually included as inserts in the Texas Talking Book News bulletins sent out to our patrons.


Spotlight on Texas Books

Digital Audio book titles by Texas authors or about the history, culture, folklore, and people of the Lone Star state, produced by volunteers at the Talking Book Program Volunteer Recording Studio in Austin and at the Recording Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Midland.

Spotlight on Texas Books [html]


Summer Reading Club Suggested Reading List

  Texas Reading Club 2015:
Every Hero Has a Story
  Texas Teens Read 2015:
  Texas Adults Read 2015: Escape the Ordinary

People young and old are encouraged to discover their inner superhero and embark on adventures this summer through books, stories, activities and programs at libraries across Texas. Explore a variety of topics, from thrilling jobs to wild animals to foreign places and daring escapades. Celebrate real life heroes by learning about the challenges they faced. Then dive into fantastic stories about spies, pirates, and superheroes and their amazing deeds. Spend the summer planning your own adventures by signing up for the Texas Reading Club and Texas Teens Read at your local public library. The Talking Book Program will supply the books you need to have fun all summer long! Discover what the Talking Book Program has for you this summer! Call us for a book at 1-800-252-9605.

Summer Reading Club Suggested Reading List [pdf]



If you are interested in any of these subjects or titles listed here, please contact a Reader Consultant to order by phone or e-mail: 1-800-252-9605 (toll-free in Texas); 512-463-5458 (Austin area); tbp.services@tsl.texas.gov

Talking Book Program
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Austin TX 78711-2927
1-800-252-9605 (in Texas)
512-463-5458 (in Austin)
512-936-0685 (fax)

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