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ChalkDUST is a statistics reporting tool for the TexQuest Databases Program.

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ChalkDust FAQ
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About ChalkDUST Getting Stats Understanding Stats Troubleshooting

About ChalkDust
Getting Stats

Are usage statistics available for the new TexQuest resources added in ?

The new TexQuest resources include Gale OneFile: High School (formerly Infotrac Student Edition) and Infobase Learn360.

Are there any changes to the TexQuest resources?

1. The Britannica eBooks subscription ended June 14, 2019.

2. Beginning in September 2019, most TexQuest resources will begin using three new statistics: Total_Item_Investigations, Total_Item_Requests, and Searches_Regular. These new statistics will replace Record Views, Result Clicks, Regular Searches (Searches), and Full Text Documents. See the Understanding Stats section below for more information about these changes and statistics.

3. The following TexQuest product name changes have recently gone into effect. ChalkDUST will list these resources with both the new and former product names.

Former Product Names: New Names for Products:
Britannica Learning Zone Britannica Fundamentals
Academic OneFile Gale Academic OneFile
Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) Gale eBooks
General OneFile Gale General OneFile
Health and Wellness Resource Center Gale Health and Wellness
Gale Kids Infobits Gale In Context: Elementary
GREENR Gale In Context: Environmental Studies
Student Resources in Context Gale In Context: High School
Research in Context Gale In Context: Middle School
Opposing Viewpoints in Context Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints
Science in Context Gale In Context: Science
Literature Resource Center Gale Literature Resource Center
Gale Litfinder Gale Literature: LitFinder
Scribner Writer Series Gale Literature: Scribner Writer Series
Twayne’s Author Series Gale Literature: Twayne’s Author Series
Educator’s Reference Complete Gale OneFile: Educator’s Reference Complete
Infotrac Student Edition Gale OneFile: High School Edition
Informe Academico Gale OneFile: Informe Académico
Infotrac NewsStand Gale OneFile: News
National Geographic Kids Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids
Chilton Library Gale: Chilton Library

What will I need to retrieve my usage statistics?

You'll need:

  1. This URL:
  2. Your 6-digit district or 9-digit campus TEA ID number
  3. A spreadsheet program such as Excel, able to read comma-delimited files.
  4. This free MS Excel Reader -- however functionality is limited.
  5. Google Sheets is a free application that also has some spreadsheet functionality

Comma-delimited files? What's that?

Comma-delimited (csv) files are plain text files that can be opened by almost any computer with either a spreadsheet application or a text editor. Unlike a web-page-viewable report, these files permit easy for sorting and formatting to meet your needs.

Understanding Stats

Why are TexQuest statistics changing?

Due to changing global statistics standards, most Record Views, Result Clicks, Regular Searches, and Full Text Documents are being phased out and replaced with Total_Item_Investigations, Total_Item_Requests, and Searches_Regular. The old statistics, Record Views and Result Clicks, are particularly confusing and imprecise. The old statistic, Full Text Documents, is limited to text materials. The new statistics strive for more clarity, precision, and inclusion.

Is there a “cross walk” for the old and new TexQuest statistics?

Although they are not directly equivalent, Total_Item_Investigations are similar to Record Views plus Result Clicks. Total_Item_Requests are similar to Full Text Documents, however, the new statistic includes all materials and file types. Searches_Regular are equivalent to Regular Searches (aka Searches).

What is the difference between Record Views and Result Clicks?

A "Record View" is a very specific transaction where the user has viewed the detailed metadata record from a given database - e.g. to see the abstract and subject headings, etc. A record view could occur from a user clicking on the result list, or navigating detailed records or even linking in from another site - it is about viewing the detailed record.

A "Result Click" is about the activity that happens on the search result list and it is tracking any click the user might have made on a result from a given database. Some example of Result Clicks are: a user clicks the "findIt@my library" link; the user clicks to view full text; the user clicks to see the full record; the user clicks to "request article via ILL"; etc. In each case, the user has expressed interest in the result by clicking on something - and since that expression of interest can be attributed to the database that contained the metadata it also serves to indicate the value of the database.

More information on these measures can be found at:
Code Practice
Guides to Counter

What are the Full Text Documents statistics on ChalkDUST?

Beginning in September 2019, ChalkDUST will only include Full Text Documents statistics from Britannica, Gale ChiltonLibrary, and EBSCO’s eBooks and LearningExpress. ChalkDUST’s Full Text Document statistics include the following breakouts: eBooks and anything that is not a citation or abstract, which may include full text articles, images, maps, video, podcasts, other media, and reference contents.

How do I view stats for a particular month or for a particular database? How do I derive subtotals and totals?

The ChalkDUST application provides you with information in spreadsheet format to permit maximum flexibility for your needs. Use the "SORT" or "FILTER" functions on your spreadsheet application to view customized reports. The flexibility of these reports is only limited by your creativity with Microsoft Excel (or your favorite spreadsheet application).


Why is my campus stats report showing up empty?

Some school districts distribute a single login and password for all the campuses in the district. When this is the case, campus-level stats cannot be determined from the district total. Total usage statistics for the district, however, are available through the District Level Stats report above. If you have questions, check with your district database coordinator or contact.

If your campus or district has requested TexQuest vendors to set up special custom ids, substituting them for TEA-ID numbers, you will not be able to download TexQuest usage statistics for those vendors from ChalkDUST. You can contact the vendors for your usage statistics. See Texquest Statistics Faqs for vendor contact information.

Can I get day-by-day stats? Or mid-month statistical reports?

If ChalkDUST does not meet your needs, you may contact Britannica, EBSCO, Gale, ProQuest, or TeachingBooks customer support. See Texquest Statistics Faqs for vendor contact information.

Who do I contact if I think something is wrong with my ChalkDUST statistics?

ChalkDUST was created and is maintained by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC). TSLAC contact: