TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

July 9, 1998

Meeting Notes

Meeting Location: Hyatt Regency on Town Lake, Austin, Texas


Advisory Board: Marty Adamson (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas), Paul Dumont (Dallas County Community College District), Marsha W. Harper (Abilene Christian University), Dr. S. Joe McCord (University of Houston - Clear Lake), Robert A. Seal (Texas Christian University)

Management Team: Jo Anne Hawkins (University of Texas at Austin), Joan Heath (Southwest Texas State University), Kathryn Hoffman (University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center), Bonnie Juergens (AMIGOS Bibliographic Council, Inc.), Sue Phillips (University of Texas at Austin)

Texas State Library and Archives Commission: Dr. Robert Martin, Michael Piper

Visitors: David Gardner (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board); Norman Hood (Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas)

Recorder: Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa (University of Texas at Austin)


Advisory Board: George Huffman (Amarillo College), Nelda Laney, Gilda Ortego y Gasca (Sul Ross State University)


The meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m. by Robert Seal, TexShare Advisory Board Chair, who welcomed everyone in attendance. Bob announced Bill Hobby's resignation from the Advisory Board.


Bob Seal added the following items to the agenda:

  • Legislative Appropriation Request
  • Expansion of TexShare
  • Administration of Texas Treasures
  • Honoraria for TexShare Presenters at TexShare Meetings
  • Tier Structure Review

Legislative Appropriation Request:

Bob Martin reported that the Texas State Library and Archives Commission will meet July 13 to review and approve the Library's Legislative Appropriation Request for FY1999. The request will include $lm for TexShare plus an Exceptional Item Request for TexShare for $2.8m, additional funding primarily for electronic subscriptions for the current TexShare membership. Bob will know by July 13 if the proposed funding request for TexShare will be included in the formal Legislative Appropriation Request to the Legislature. The State Library and Archives Commission will receive Legislative budget approval information in June 1999.

Budgeting of the $2.8m for prospective purchases and programmatic activities will be accomplished in late September 1998, in collaboration with the Advisory Board and working groups.

Expansion of TexShare:

Bob Martin commented that a year for planning and another for basic implementation will be needed if the public libraries are brought into TexShare. His sense is that the inclusion of public libraries needs to be evolutionary.

Honoraria for TexShare Presenters at TexShare Meetings:

Bonnie Juergens brought to the Advisory Board the recommendation from the Management Team that the Board continue to support the direct travel expenses of staff members but not to award honoraria to library staff from TexShare member libraries who give presentations at TexShare special programs.

Marty Adamson moved that the Advisory Board adopt a policy of not paying honoraria to TexShare library staff who are presenters at TexSh are meetings. Paul Dumont seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Tier Structure Review: Bob Martin commented that, when the community and private institutions joined TexShare in FY1998, an algorithm was applied that approximated the same tier distribution as that for charter TexShare members. To date, the TexShare tier structure, which is based on student body size, collection size, and budget, has worked well and is reasonably equitable. However, suggestions have been made to create tiering based solely on student body size. As some TexShare institutions do not have students, this alternative is not feasible.

Bob suggested that the Board take a review of the tier structure under advisement, and that an ad hoc working group be created to look at the various alternatives for structuring TexShare fees for member institutions. The working group would report to the Advisory Board with recommendations.

Bonnie Juergens commented that, in terms of timing, it would be most helpful to make appointments to the working group soon so that they could report back to the Advisory Board early in FY1999. If changes to the fee structure are to be made, it will be optimal to have most of FY1999 to communicate with the TexShare membership to prepare for changes effective FY2OOO.

The Management Team will draft a charge for the working group. Suggestions for working group members should be addressed to Bonnie.


Contracting for Services for FY1999:

Bob Martin announced that the State Library and Archives Commission will assume routine management of TexShare, activities for which the Library has previously contracted with AMIGOS. The Library proposes to contract with qualified services providers for managing the courier service and for training, and with UT Austin for technical information infrastructure support in FY1999.

Management Team Transition:

Bob distributed a draft, "TexShare Transition Planning: FY1998 to FY1999," detailing the transition from the TexShare Management Team to the TexShare Coordinating Council. The purpose of the Coordinating Council will be to provide planning and operational assistance to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission staff assigned to administer the TexShare Resource Sharing Program, coordinate planning and action among TexShare working groups, provide assistance to the TexShare Advisory Board, and foster innovation in implementing the purposes of the Coordinating Council. The Management Team will refine the statement of purpose for the Coordinating Council and distribute it to the members of the Advisory Board.

The makeup of the Coordinating Council will be as follows:

  • TBA, TexShare ILL Working Group liaison
  • TBA, TexShare Card Program Working Group liaison
  • Sue Phillips, UT Austin, Electronic Information Programs Working Group liaison
  • Jo Anne Hawkins, UT Austin, Courier Service Working Group liaison
  • Kathy Hoffman, UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Texas Collections Working Group liaison
  • Bonnie Juergens, AMIGOS, TexShare Education Working Group liaison
  • Michael Piper, Library Resource Sharing Division Director, TSLAC, Chair

Bob announced that Joan Heath is stepping down from her role on the TexShare Management Team after five years of participation. Bob thanked Joan for her long and committed service to TexShare.

Bonnie Juergens commented that the Management Team is eager to have private and community college participants fill the two empty positions on the Coordinating Council.

The Advisory Board approved in principle the transition to and purposes of the TexShare Coordinating Council. The Management Team will continue to work on the details of the transition.

Discussion: Members of the Advisory Council urged that Coordinating Council members be reimbursed for the travel involved with their work. Coordinating Council members are called upon to participate in up to twelve meetings per fiscal year.

Joe McCord moved that the Advisory Board ask the State Librarian to find a legal method to support the activities of the Coordinating Council. Marsha Harper seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Advisory Board:

Bob Martin communicated that the appointments for Advisory Board members appointed for one term will end August 31. Marty Adamson, Marsha Harper, and Joe McCord have agreed to another three-year appointment to the Board. Bob invited suggestions for candidates for Bill Hobby's vacant position on the Advisory Board. Recommended Advisory Board appointments will be forwarded to the Commission for approval on September 14.


Reallocations of remaining FY1998 funds will be defined by the Management Team in concert with Bob Martin and the Advisory Board.


Electronic Information Programs:

Sue Phillips reported the following:

  • TexShare Subsidized Databases:
  • TexShare has renewed with Ovid on a site license basis. The site license allows TexShare to add additional databases without paying additional fees to increase simultaneous user levels. The commitment is for three years; the second and third year costs will be at the maintenance level.
  • UT Austin is in the process of leasing a Sun platform that provides room for growth and "failover" redundancy.

Bonnie Juergens commented that a press release will go out soon to inform TexShare participants about the availability of Archives USA as a subsidized TexShare product that will be broadly available to all academic and public libraries in Texas.

  • TexShare Select:
  • A test of GaleNet is currently underway. Use volume will be assessed by July 22. Prices reflect the TexShare discount, though further discounts may be possible. Licensing is accomplished directly with Gale. Gale provides all invoicing. The subscription start date will be September 1.
  • Britannica Onlinewill be available for testing very soon. The subscription start date is August 1. The cost will be 31.4¢ per FTE student. Official FTE counts have been supplied by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and ICUT offices. Community college FTE counts are forthcoming. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission will sign the license. A letter from each library committing to the license terms is required (sample letter is on the TexShare web). Britannica will invoice each library.

TexShare Card and TExpress:

Jo Anne Hawkins reported the following:

  • TexShare Card Program:
  • 121 libraries are participating in the program as of July 1, 1998.
  • 95 libraries' lending policies have been posted on the TexShare web site as of July 8.
  • 107 names are on the TexShare Card Liaison listserve as of July 8.
  • The TexShare Card Agreement was updated on the TexShare web site on June 24.
  • Working Group Chair Bill Mears sent a memo July 3 to program liaisons, reminding libraries to:

    -forward program statistics to him by the end of August;

    -post lending policies on the TexShare web site; and

    -review policies already posted to ensure that information is current and correct.

  • The program is going well; no problems have been reported.

  • TExpress Courier Service Program:

  • As of July 1 there are 82 participants in TExpress, including the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Houston Public Library, and Dallas Public Library.
  • Working Group Chair Gary Ives had requested that participants forward statistics on their use of TExpress to him by June 1, with monthly reports to be sent thereafter.
  • Statistics for May 1998 show that 1,916 items were sent and 2,211 received. These statistics include reports from only 20 of the 82 participating libraries. (Jo Anne distributed TExpress Courier Service Statistics for May 1998.)
  • Peggy Oliphint of Baylor has been appointed to the Working Group to replace Una Gourlay.
  • The Working Group plans to hold a conference call meeting in August to review the program.
  • Bonnie Juergens is working with CEDS courier contractor to establish a fee structure for 1999. Bonnie reported that the preliminary quote from CEDS reflected an overall 15% cost increase.
  • It is possible that the program will be extended to Oklahoma by January 1999.
  • The program is functioning very well as a "universal service" to TexShare libraries.

Statistics collection, compilation, and distribution for both programs will be transferred to the Library Resource Sharing Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in September 1998.

Bob Martin commented that TExpress is much more valuable when all TexShare libraries participate. There is value in looking at subsidizing the service. Subsidization will be possible if the $2.8m budget enhancement is approved for TexShare for FY1999.

Interlibrary Loan:

Joan Heath reported that the second annual Interlibrary Loan Protocol Workshop, held June 5 in Dallas, was very successful, with 134 TexShare library staff in attendance.

The first Interlibrary Loan Department of the Year Award was presented to Texas A&M at Commerce. Honorable mentions were given to UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, University of Houston, and Baylor University.

The revised ILL Protocol has been mailed to the TexShare membership; responses are due July 15. As of July 6, 75 libraries had responded positively; 1 negatively. Responses have not been received from 66 libraries. Joan commented that the Protocol serves to encourage best practice behavior among TexShare libraries.

Joan has received a number of questions about the Texas Group and its importance to TexShare libraries participating in the ILL Protocol. Basically, it is important for TexShare libraries to join the Texas Group because it is only through the Group that selective and full users of the OCLC ILL system can gain access to each other's holdings. If a TexShare library that is a full OCLC ILL user does not join the Texas Group, it can only conduct ILL via OCLC with other TexShare libraries that are full users. Thus full participation in the Texas Group significantly enhances the benefits to all TexShare libraries of using OCLC for ILL transactions. Bonnie added that 36 TexShare libraries that are full OCLC users have not previously joined the Texas Group. In the latest update of the ILL Protocol, those libraries were encouraged to join the Texas Group. The response deadline is July 15 and, so far, the response has been very positive.

Joan commented that the Working Group is working with OCLC to create a customized report for TexShare interlibrary loan statistics.

The Working Group soon will be providing a report on the cost-effectiveness of using ARIEL.

Joan reported that there was positive response to the presentation on "custom holding groups" at the June 5 meeting, especially in terms of how use of custom holdings groups can help with load leveling.

Texas Collections:

Kathy Hoffman reported that Tim Mason from the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth and Dale Rogers from Baylor University have accepted appointments to the Texas Collections Working Group.

The Working Group received 22 proposals for the recent Access to Local Holdings Grant RFP. Awards will be made in early August. The RFP for FY1999 proposals will be sent out in mid-August; awards will be made in March 1999.


Bonnie Juergens that Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary is the newest member of TexShare.

Training Update:

Bonnie reported that, to date in FY1998, 469 individuals have received TexShare training in the following ways: 270 have attended hands-on OVID/UMI database training; 164 have attended the introduction to TexShare sessions; and, 35 attended the "Surviving the Internet" workshop held in Tyler. UT Austin will be hosting "TexShare Access Meeting" on July 24. The meeting will focus on technical issues associated with access control.

Future Training:

  • OCLC Interlibrary Loan Direct: Hands-on workshop for reference and interlibrary loan staff. Five sessions will be held around the state. Tim Prather from AMIGOS will be the trainer. AMIGOS is presently soliciting host sites.
  • Multiple sessions on "What Reference Librarians Should Know About Copyright and the Web" will be held now and into FY1999.
  • The Management Team is considering making videos available to TexShare libraries on telecommunications and network training to assist libraries in keeping up-to-date on these topics and with planning.
  • Ariel training will be provided in the fall. Daisy Benson from UT Austin will be assisting with the session.
  • In the fall, TexShare will provide a travelling program on library services for distance learners. Libraries at various stages of service provision will be involved in order to provide a forum in which TexShare libraries learn from each other.


There was no old business.


Bob Seal has received a number of calls from people outside of Texas interested in TexShare.

Bob Seal thanked Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa for taking notes for the Advisory Board. The State Library and Archives Commission will be recording notes at future meetings.


Chair Bob Seal adjourned the meeting at 3:00 p.m.

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