TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

July 27, 2000

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location:Texas State Library and Archives Commission


In the absence of Robert Seal, TexShare Advisory Board Chair, Eva Poole, Vice Chair presided. Ms. Poole announced she would need to leave by 1 p.m. and that Gilda Ortego would preside following her departure.

1. Review/Revise Agenda

Eva Poole added the following to the agenda:

  • Discussion of the letter from the Phoenix Group, a consortium of academic libraries primarily in north Texas, concerning issues related to the expansion of the Card Program to public libraries.
  • Determination of future Advisory Board meeting dates. The Board decided the next meeting will be Thursday, September 21, 2000 in Austin, and the final meeting of the year will be December 7, 2000 in Austin.
  • Reports from board members at the end of the meeting.

2. TexShare Mission Statement

Darryl Tocker introduced the discussion of the draft TexShare mission statement that he and Marty Adamson prepared:

TexShare, a statewide consortium of academic and public libraries administered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, employs traditional and innovative strategies to facilitate resource sharing. Texshare is founded on the belief of Texas State officials and librarians that citizen well being is furthered by efficient information exchange in all communities and institutions where quality teaching, research excellence, and lifelong learning are valued.

TexShare maximizes the effectiveness of library expenditures by enabling libraries to:

  • share staff expertise.
  • share library resources in print and electronic formats, including books, journals, technical reports, and databases.
  • pursue joint purchasing agreements for information services.
  • encourage cooperative development and deployment of information resources and technologies.

TexShare programs contribute to the intellectual productivity of Texans at the participating institutions by emphasizing access to information rather than ownership of documents and other information sources.

Paul Dumont moved to accept the mission statement as written, and the Board approved the motion.

The TexShare mission statement will be posted on the TexShare web site.

3. Working Group reports

Card Program

Jay Clark reported on the status of the public library implementation process and the current numbers of institutions that have signed the card program agreement. He reported that the Card Program working group recommends collecting data on the card program for another year before making a recommendation about instituting a lost book fund or net lender reimbursement program.

Eva Poole opened discussion of the letter from the Phoenix Group to State Librarian Peggy Rudd. TexShare public library members became eligible to participate in the Card Program beginning August 1, 2000. The letter expressed concern about the impact of public library participation in the Card Program on current program members. Board members expressed their concern with the sentiments expressed in the letter. Board members stated that TexShare was always meant to include different types of libraries and any problems with the card program as currently designed are unknown.

Paul Dumont made a motion to refer the letter to the Card Program working group and ask the group to bring an evaluation of the card program as it is currently designed to the Advisory Board in one year. The Board approved the motion.

Joe McCord moved that the Advisory Board write a letter to the Phoenix Group responding to their concerns. The Board approved the motion and Joe McCord will write the letter, incorporating suggestions from Advisory Board members.

Courier Program

Jo Anne Hawkins reviewed the current courier service statistics, and reported on the June and July conference call meetings of the working group. The working group recommends that any lost book fund be governed by interlibrary loan and card program protocols, and not be part of the courier program because loss in the courier program is very small. The working group will be promoting correct use of the service through a monthly email newsletter and using the TexShare web site to highlight information. The group has started an informal mentoring program for new institutions/personnel in the courier program. The group is also discussing methods for evaluating the service.

Education Program

Bonnie Juergens summarized results of the survey the Education working group conducted. Preliminary analysis of the survey shows that training needs to be targeted to specific information and groups within TexShare. The working group has established liaisons with other working groups to become better informed on training needs identified by TexShare programs. Ms. Juergens also reported on the number and location of Ovid and Ariel training sessions currently being conducted around the state.

Electronic Information

Sue Phillips reported that the working group met in March after the Fees Task Force recommendations were approved. The group endorsed netLibrary and discussed database priorities such as literature, newspapers, and consumer health. Ms. Phillips also reported on the June meeting with netLibrary.

Deborah Littrell then reviewed the database contracts that were awarded as a result of the working group�s recommendations. A question was raised about working group involvement in the netLibrary selection process. Ms. Littrell reported that the initial FY00 acquisition had to be done quickly and a sub-group of the working group is involved in that selection. The full working group will be involved in future netLibrary acquisitions.

ILL Program

Sara Lowman reported on several initiatives of the ILL working group. The working group is asking for funding for a cooperative collection development project. The Advisory Board requested that the working group look at OCLC reports to determine the need for the project before a decision is made on funding. Ms. Lowman replied that the group would bring the cost of the OCLC report to the next Board meeting.

The working group looked at the issue of establishing a lost book fund for ILL and the working group recommended against instituting such a fund and instead retaining the existing ILL protocol. The group feels that if a fund is made available, a net lender subsidy should be considered.

The working group also presented a preliminary budget for the next ILL workshop to be held in May or June 2001. The working group will bring additional information on the workshop and the comments of the Education working group to the next Advisory Board meeting. The preliminary budget of $7,300 was approved.

The group has also started a mentoring program for new ILL staff at TexShare libraries, and is considering ways to promote more liberal lending policies. The Board suggested sending out a proposed model ILL policy reflecting such lending policies for libraries to consider.


Kathy Hoffman reported the program received nine grant proposals, with three public libraries applying. The Commission approved the group�s recommendations. The next round is coming up and the group recommends keeping the funding for the program level unless we receive a larger number of applicants. The working group is preparing a survey for all TexShare members on current needs regarding special collections and Ms. Hoffman has compiled a history of the TexTreasures grants. The working group will contact earlier recipients and ask about the outcomes of their projects. Eventually the TexShare web site will contain links to earlier projects when available, along with brief descriptions of earlier projects.

Recipients of FY01 TexTreasures grants:

University of Texas at Austin

Third Geological Survey of Texas - $19,279

University of North Texas

Nineteenth Century Texas Law Online - $16,162

Austin Public Library

Austin History Center Exhibit Web Page Project - $17,727

San Jacinto College Central

Pasadena: Its History and Life in Photographs - $18,007

Texas Christian University -

Amon G. Carter Papers - $20,000

Amarillo Public Library

Amarillo Public Library Digital History Project - $ 8,825

4. Strategic Partner reports

Amigos Library Services

In a written report, Bonnie Juergens discussed the TExpress usage levels for January � June 2000, the development of a monthly electronic newsletter for the courier service, the Trans-Amigos Express Guidelines, and pricing for calendar year 2001.

Board members asked if the strategic partner concept was working well. Michael Piper stated that the annual report shows high satisfaction with the courier service and that the State Library�s relations with Amigos are fine. The courier contract is being re-bid in order to align the courier service period with the State�s fiscal year.

Ms. Juergens stated that the strategic partner relationship is critically important because of the overlap of Amigos and Texshare members. Amigos staff are involved in the ILL and Education working groups, and Amigos staff also provide training for TexShare programs. As needs/resources change over time, the partnership will continue to benefit the members of both organizations.

In response to a question about fully subsidizing the courier service, Mr. Piper responded that while Texshare could ask for more funding, it would be difficult to convince the Legislature to pick up the full costs for what is now a successful state-local partnership. While all TexShare programs are open to review, Mr. Piper recommended retention of the current arrangement, which is working well.

University of Texas at Austin

Sue Phillips reported that the TexShare servers continue to operate well. There have been a few crashes but there is redundancy in the system and there have been no problems for members. The FY01 interagency contract between the University of Texas and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission is almost completed. Under terms of this contract, UT will host the Ovid databases and the TexShare web site during FY2001.


5. Administrative report

Library of Texas update �

Michael Piper outlined the four components of the Library of Texas proposal, an interagency partnership between the State Library and the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board (TIF). The databases are the key component. The proposal will provide funding for databases at 50 cents per capita as opposed to the current 15 cents per capita. The funding will allow libraries to prove the value of extended services in order to gain legislative support at end of the grant period. TIF has agreed to fund ($7,368,887) phase one databases for academic and public libraries. This database funding from TIF will be in the TexShare budget. Mr. Piper stated the State Library would work with the Electronic Information working group to select the expanded range of databases. These new databases will be deployed by June 2001.

Marketing plan update �

Michael Piper reviewed the marketing ideas discussed during the March 2000 Board meeting and reported that the State Library decided to defer implementation until the Library of Texas proposal was completed and the budget settled. The staff is now ready to proceed as outlined. Board members emphasized the need to show small public libraries what TexShare does for them, and also to target smaller academic libraries. Mr. Piper noted that we need to complement printed materials with "Welcome to TexShare" training and partner with the regional systems. Marketing will be an ongoing effort. Two additional Board suggestions were to include a video clip from the State Librarian on the TexShare web site and to make marketing materials bilingual.

FY 2001 budget

Michael Piper reviewed the budget sheets distributed to Board members. The total amount of the FY01 budget is $9,656, 966, including $7.3 million from TIF. This permits a five-fold increase in database funding and an increase in the number of databases provided to TexShare members, while permitting a reduction in the information access fee assessed to TexShare academic libraries. Fees will be cut in half in FY2001. The fees are:

Tier 1 � FY2000 $5,500 FY2001 $2,750

Tier 2 � FY2000 $1,600 FY2001 $800

Tier 3 � FY2000 $450 FY2001 $225

This reduction in fees incorporates the recommendations of the Fees Task Force. The Board approved the fee reduction.

Paul Dumont moved to accept the budget as presented and the Board approved the motion.

FY 2002-2003 Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR)

Michael Piper reviewed the material distributed to the Board. Major assumptions included in the LAR are continued courier expansion, and the elimination of fees for core databases. However, the Board needs to review the elimination of database fees after the legislative session to see if TexShare gets its exceptional item request. The exceptional item request of $560,500 would provide funds to keep the database funding at 50 cents per capita with projected state population growth. Mr. Piper noted that the budget may get tighter in the future and TexShare may need a future exceptional items request for databases and continued courier expansion.

Paul Dumont moved to endorse the LAR as presented and the Board approved the motion.

Strategic partner contracts FY01

Michael Piper reported that the University of Texas contract is almost completed. The courier service contract with Amigos Library Services has been extended until December 31, 2000 and the State Library is engaged in the process of rebidding the courier contract.

Administrative rules update

Michael Piper reported that the State Library and Archives Commission has approved posting the revised TexShare administrative rules for public comment. These revisions are primarily conforming changes to align the rules with new TexShare legislation, which integrates public libraries into the consortium.

Web site update

Deborah Littrell updated the Board on the status of the TexShare web site, which is being continually upgraded. The Board felt that putting contact names for Texshare programs on the web site was appropriate.

TexShare program at TLA

Deborah Littrell outlined the proposed Library of Texas and TexShare programs. The Board approved the outline and recommended an 80-minute session for the TexShare program.

After inviting announcements from Board members, Gilda Ortego adjourned the meeting.


TexShare board members:

Paul Dumont

Rhoda Goldberg

Marsha Harper

George Huffman

J. Grant Jones

Joe McCord

Gilda Ortego

Eva Poole

Darryl Tocker

State Library:

Deborah Littrell

Michael Piper

Working Group liaisons:

Jay Clark

Jo Anne Hawkins

Kathy Hoffman

Bonnie Juergens

Sara Lowman

Sue Phillips


Norman Hood, Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT)

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