TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

Sam Houston Building, Room 210

November 1, 2001, 10:15 AM-2:15 PM

Meeting Minutes

1. Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Paul Dumont moved that Dr. S. Joe McCord be nominated for Chair. Eileen Shocket seconded the nomination. There being no further nominations, Dr. McCord was elected by acclamation.

Paul Dumont also moved that Eva Poole be nominated for Vice Chair. Elaine Wells seconded the nomination. There being no further nominations, Ms. Poole was elected by acclamation.

2.Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the June 28, 2001 TexShare Advisory Board (TSAB) meeting were approved.

3. Recognition of Departing Members (Edward Seidenberg)

Departing members of the Texshare Advisory Board were recognized by Edward Seidenberg, Deputy Director of Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC):

  • Gilda B. Ortego, Library Director, Jernigan Library, Texas A & M University at Kingsville. (public university)
  • Martha (Marty) Adamson, Assistant Vice President of Library Services, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. (at-large)
  • Marsha Harper, University Librarian, Abilene Christian University. (private university)

4. Recognition of Newly Appointed Members (Edward Seidenberg)

Edward Seidenberg introduced the newly appointed TexShare Advisory Board Members:

  • Elaine Wells, Director, University of Texas Health Center at Tyler. (at-large)
  • Rhoda Goldberg, Assistant County Librarian, Harris County Public Library (public library - reappointment).
  • Maurice Fortin, Library Director, Angelo State University. San Angelo (public university)
  • Nancy Anderson, Library Director, Howard Payne University, Brownwood. (private university)

5. Introduction of Library Resource Sharing (LRS) Staff (Beverley Shirley)

Beverley Shirley introduced the LRS Staff.

6. Report from the TexShare Expansion Task Force (Rhoda Goldberg)

The TexShare Expansion Task Force has held two conference calls. An additional teleconference involved a subgroup of the task force and consulting librarians regarding K-12 interest in TexShare. The task force determined that K-12 participation would be a long-term process because of the number of school libraries and the legislative issues involved. The Task Force discussed opportunities for collaboration with K-12 that could be implemented more quickly. Libraries that were identified as candidates for future expansion were Health Science/Hospital Libraries, School Libraries, State Agency Libraries, Quasi-State Agency Libraries, County Law Libraries, and Non-Profit and Museum Libraries.

The Task Force will consider the following before its final report in early 2002:

• A timetable for bringing potential members into TexShare;

• Responsibilities associated with TexShare membership;

• Funding implications.

7. Presentations on TSLAC programs

7A. The Loan Star Program (Deborah Littrell)

Ms. Littrell reported that the Loan Star Libraries Program is currently collecting data from libraries to determine award amounts from the $2.9M that was awarded by the Legislature. Emergency Rules for the program will go to the Commission in November, 2001. The Lone Star Libraries Program encourages public library participation in the TexShare Card Program. TexShare Card Working Group comments and suggestions are welcome.

7B. The Z Texas (Z-LOT) Implementation of the Library of Texas (William E. Moen, Ph.D)

Dr. Moen reported that an agreement between TSLAC and the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge (TxCDK) would establish a ten-month program to support, plan, and implement the virtual library component of the Library of Texas including an integrating search and retrieval interface and a framework for document delivery service. The project will utilize the ANSI/NISO Z39.50 information protocol and build upon the work of the Texas Z39.50 Implementer Group and its Z39.50 specifications. Additionally, it will utilize existing and emerging standards for delivery of resources. Interested parties may obtain further information by accessing http://www.unt.edu/zlot.

The Board unanimously approved a motion by Joe McCord that the TexShare Advisory Board highly encourages involvement of TexShare and its components in the planning and advising of the Virtual Library Project of the Library of Texas to ensure that any effect on TexShare is taken into consideration.

8. Working Group Reports

8A. Courier Program (Jo Anne Hawkins)

TExpress program membership stands at 206 libraries participating through 167 sites. There are 178 possible subsidized slots, and six new libraries are waiting to be accepted into the program. Five slots remain after these libraries are added.

In calendar year 2000, 467,041 packages were carried, comprised of 235,195 sent and 231,689 received. In 2001 (January through August) 158,633 packages were sent and 159,056 were received, totaling 317,689 and indicating a potential calendar year increase in activity over that of 2000.

The Courier Working Group met by telephone conference call on October 23, 2001. The group discussed the implications of the legislated addition of private nonprofit medical libraries to TexShare. They determined that statistics for the courier service should be compiled on a fiscal year basis. They determined that continuation of the flat fee is preferable to a tiered fee structure for the service as long as the program continues to be subsidized at current levels. The working group also reviewed the results of the Amigos TExpress survey. They will suggest items to be included in this year's survey.

8B. Card Program (Jay Clark)

The Card Program Working Group met on September 6, 2001. Participation in the TexShare Card Program has grown significantly with the addition of public libraries. Satisfaction with the program is very high. Many libraries, including the University of Texas at Austin have shown significant increases in activity. In 2000, only 93 books were lost. In the Loan Star direct aid program for public libraries, libraries are encouraged to join the TexShare card program. This has had a positive effect with 42 public libraries joining in August.

The Card Working Group recommends a promotional travelling exhibit. LRS is working on this.

8C. Education Program (Ted Wanner)

Ted Wanner was unable to attend the Advisory Board Meeting; he submitted a report. Training in the 2000-2001 Fiscal Year comprised 34 classes largely covering online databases. The education surveys taken last fiscal year indicated that few libraries are willing to send representatives to training more than 50 miles away from their institutions. Large regional institutions are encouraged to offer training sessions to smaller institutions in their areas.

The Advisory Board suggested that the group explore train the trainer programs and use of regional library systems to identify trainers. Additionally they mentioned use of Amigos training courses and the development of a central repository for member-developed database training materials. UT Austin has a Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund grant to develop streaming videos for training. One of the programs planned is an overview of TexShare resources in English and Spanish. They will be happy to share this once it is developed.

Ted Wanner has resigned as chair of the Education Working Group. The Working Group has recommended candidates to fill vacancies in the group.

8D. Electronic Information (Tommie Wingfield)

The DataBases have been very well accepted by Texas Libraries.

The Electronic Information Working Group has identified problems of identifying databases of local history. There have not been enough Ovid ports. The Working Group will soon begin selecting next year's purchases.

8E. ILL Program (Sara Lowman)

The next ILL Workshop is scheduled for November, 2002. In FY 2000-2001 there were 270,576 loans made by TexShare libraries to other TexShare libraries. Texas Tech was the biggest public academic lender (13,801). The University of Houston was next with 13,394. Of the Health science libraries, Houston Academy of Medicine (3332) and UT Southwestern Medical (3131) were the largest lenders. Del Mar College was the largest lender among the Community College Libraries (3,035). Of the private university libraries, Baylor was the biggest lender with 7,036, and Texas Christian second with 7,011. Of public libraries, San Antonio was the biggest lender (9,773); Dallas was second with 9,211, and Amarillo third with 6,310. The biggest lenders were generally the biggest borrowers. Members can see statistics on TexShare ILL activity at http://www.texshare.edu/memberinfo/statistics/illstats/illstats.2001.pdf.

The ILL Working Group is discussing a way to track lost materials.

8F. TexTreasures (Kathy Hoffman)

The Texas Collections Working Group will sponsor a program session at the Texas Library Association's annual meeting in April, 2002. The program will demonstrate the variety of services offered by TexShare, increase awareness of the unique collections within Texas libraries, and increase awareness of grant opportunities available to Texas libraries.

The working group plans to conduct a survey of members to see how effective the TexTreasures grant program is and how it might be improved. The announcement for the FY2003 TexTreasures grant program is planned to be made in November, 2001.

Sarah Milnarich, Coastal Bend College, Beeville, Texas, has been appointed to fill the vacancy on the working group.

9. Strategic Partner Reports

9A. Amigos Library Services (Judye Glick)

Ms. Glick reported that last year's Satisfaction Survey on the courier service reflected 80% ratings of good or better. It is difficult for Amigos to determine the number of "lost" packages, since many of them are "found" again. Many packages are "lost," due to faulty labeling. Amigos is working on a new method of gathering Courier use statistics through the Internet. Amigos can track how often libraries have had to pay for items lost through the service by adding this information to their automated system.

9B. University of Texas at Austin (Sue Phillips)

UT Austin continues to support TexShare efforts as a strategic partner.

10. Administrative Report (Beverley Shirley)

Beverley Shirley reported that:

  • Per a July 3, 2001, memo from Peggy Rudd to the TexShare Advisory Board, TexShare members would pay no (TexShare) fees as long as current revenue amounts are protected;
  • The TexShare mission statement has been revised to reflect the addition of libraries of clinical medicine to the Consortium;
  • Working Group members whose terms expired in December 2001 have been asked to extend those terms to August 31, 2002 in order to reflect the state fiscal year;
  • An internal audit of the Grant and Management System at TSLAC recommends the following:

    •TSLAC should add contract provisions addressing remedies for non-compliance and sanctions for non-performance;

    •TSLAC should require all grantees to submit an attachment to their requests for reimbursement that identifies the expenses incurred by approved line item category;

    •TSLAC should provide information on its website for funded grant programs;

    • TSLAC should develop and issue materials for providing consistent technical assistance information to all grantees.

New LRS (Library Resource Sharing) Division Staff members are:

· TexShare Coordinator: Valerie Johnson

· Resource Sharing Consultant: Dayna Jones

· Developer, Networked Services: Kevin Marsh

· Technical Assistant, Publications Clearinghouse: Alison Carpenter

Michael Avila, Public Information Specialist, has completed:

· Press release on database offerings;

· Template for a press release for public libraries;

· TexShare bookmarks and window stickers;

· Library of Texas Website;

· Informational packet for TIF Board Members;

· Update of TexShare Brochures and Cards.

LRS will sponsor the following TLA programs in April, 2002:

· Z39.50 Preconference

· Library Of Texas: Preserving the Past & Shaping the Future

· Library of Texas Virtual Union Catalog: Exploring New Realities in Information

· TexShare Databases: Building the Future One Mouse Click at a Time

· TexShare: Sharing Texas' Greatness

· Showcasing TexTreasures Grants

· Here Today AND Tomorrow: Preserving Texas Government Online Information

The International Coalition of Library Consortia has issued an endorsement of the Bath Profile and a revised set of Guidelines for Statistical Measures of Usage of Web-Based Information Resources. LRS recommends that the TexShare Consortium be an adopter of both.

The Library of Texas, a four-year project of TSLAC and the TIF Board, has been awarded for this fiscal year $13,281,962.00 for Phase II. This phase will continue the databases, implement the Government Information Clearinghouse, create the Virtual Library, and implement an extensive program to train librarians in Texas.

11. Public Comments

There were no public comments.

The meeting adjourned at 2:10 PM.


TexShare Board members:

Nancy Anderson, Howard Payne University

Paul Dumont, Dallas County Community College District

Maurice Fortin, Angelo State University

Rhoda Goldberg, Harris County Public Library

Joe McCord, University of Houston at Clear Lake

Eva Poole, Denton Public Library

Eileen Shocket, St. Edwards University

Darryl Tocker, Tocker Foundation

Elaine Wells, UT Health Center at Tyler

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Michael Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division

Alison Carpenter, Library Resource Sharing Division

Valerie Johnson, Library Resource Sharing Division

Dayna Jones, Library Resource Sharing Division

Deborah Littrell, Library Development Division

Kevin Marsh, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ryan Miller, Library Resource Sharing Division

Edward Seidenberg, Assistant State Librarian

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Jay Velgos, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group liaisons:

Jay Clark, San Jacinto College

Jo Anne Hawkins, University of Texas at Austin

Kathy Hoffman, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Sara Lowman, Rice University

Tommie Wingfield, University of Texas at Arlington

Strategic Partners:

Judye Glick, Amigos Library Services

Sue Phillips, University of Texas at Austin


Carol L. McDonald, Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas, Inc.

Dorothy Turner, State Auditors Office

Next Meeting: Thursday, February 7, 2002 at 10:15 a.m.

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