TexShare Advisory Board Meeting
May 9, 2002, 10:15 AM-2:15 PM
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
4400 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin, TX 78756


Approve minutes from 07 February 2002 � Joe McCord

Minutes were approved.

Public Comment

There were no public comments.

TexShare Expansion � Joe McCord

Joe McCord presented a motion referring the report on TexShare Expansion Task Force report to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. One amendment to the motion was suggested and accepted. Paul DuMont moved that the motion be accepted as amended. Elaine Wells seconded. The Board voted to accept the motion as amended:

The TexShare Advisory Board recommends that the Texas Library and Archives Commission consider the report of the TexShare Expansion Task Force (attached) as it adopts its Legislative strategy for the upcoming Legislative session.

The principle points of the report are:

Potential additional members of TexShare include approximately 60 nonprofit hospital libraries, 26 County Law Libraries, perhaps two quasi-state agency libraries, a small undetermined number of museum and other non-profit libraries, and a few of the 28 state agency libraries.

With the exception of the 28 state governmental agency libraries, which already have access to TexShare databases, expanding TexShare membership would incur additional costs, and should be undertaken only if the necessary funding is available. No funding would be required to add the state governmental agency libraries. An estimated $985,000 would be required to add nonprofit hospital libraries.

Because of the large number of school libraries, and of the existence of a similar program for school libraries administered by the Texas Education Agency, the Advisory Board recommends that TSLAC extend training opportunities to school librarians to the maximum extent possible, that TSLAC consult with TEA on the possibility of leveraging funds for database purchases, and that TSLAC seek funding for a pilot project including a small number of school libraries.


LSTA� Five-Year Plan Focus Group � Deborah Littrell

Texas receives federal funds through the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA). TSLAC has completed a review of the first five years of its LSTA programs and is in the process of developing a plan for the upcoming five-year period. TSLAC must work with stakeholders to identify library needs, the goals that should be set to address those needs, what programs should be administered in order to reach state goals. The TexShare Advisory Board participated in a focus group to address those three questions. They were encouraged to send in additional comments using a special Web site developed on the LSTA five-year plan, www.tsl.texas.gov/ld/pubs/lstaplan/2003/. TSLAC will be accepting comments through the middle of June.

Upcoming Working Group Vacancies � Beverley Shirley

There will be working group and Advisory Board vacancies to fill at the end of August. The TSLAC Director and Librarian appoints advisory Board members. TSLAC staff in consultation with the working groups and the Advisory Board appoints new working group members.� TSLAC will send list of upcoming vacancies via email.

Communications Plan � Peggy Rudd

Ms. Rudd presented the plan to contract with a professional firm to develop a plan to communicate information about TexShare services. The plan will define the shared responsibility of� TSLAC, TSAB, TLA, and other associations and organizations. It will also identify a core message and methods of communicating that message. The plan will be completed by August 31, 2002.

TSAB members expressed strong support for the development of a communication plan and recommended that TSLAC develop a complete list of library stakeholders to provide to the firm with which they contract.

Resolution � Peggy Rudd

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission will be recognizing Joe McCord at its May 14, 2002 meeting. Ms. Rudd read the resolution that will be presented to the Commission commending Dr. S. Joe McCord on activities instrumental in securing funding for TexShare, on his leadership of the TexShare consortium, and on his continuing dedication to library resource sharing in Texas.


Working Group Reports


Card Program � Jay Clark

The TexShare Card Working Group met in April at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference.� Membership in the Card program continues to grow and has expanded to include the new TexShare constituency, libraries of clinical medicine.� The working group has made some clarifying changes in the wording of the TexShare Card Program Agreement�s section on gathering statistics.

Courier Program - Jo Anne Hawkins

The TExpress Courier program�s membership stands at a total of 213 libraries, with 177 of these subsidized. There was some confusion about the actual number of subsidized libraries enrolled , which has been cleared up. One library, Boerne Public Library, has been on the waiting list for some time, and will be added to the program on September 1, 2002. Libraries can still be added at the unsubsidized rate.

For CY2001, an estimated 467,041 packages were sent and received.� The lowest number of packages sent and received occurred in September, 2001.�

Timely reporting of statistics continues to be a problem, although the collection of statistics has been simplified by Amigos� fill-in-the-blank template.

The working group met on March 4, 2002. They discussed:

Options for opening up more subsidized slots including the possibility of raising each library�s contribution to allow for more members and counseling libraries with low usage to consider withdrawing from the program

Changes to the TExpress Users� Guide, including information about handling mislabeled packages

Insuring TExpress packages. The working group determined that insurance would not be cost effective or time efficient.

Recommendation to TSLAC that directors of libraries be notified when their libraries� TExpress statistics are reported late or not at all.

Education Services Program � Bonnie Juergens

Bonnie reported for Alice Specht. The working group met May 7. At the meeting the group revised its mission statement. TSLAC reported that database vendors, as part of their contractual agreements, provided 129 training sessions. The working group determined that this method of providing training is valuable, but should be supplemented with� more advanced training and with subject-specific training.

Electronic Information--Tommie Wingfield

The EIWG is keeping all of the same vendors as last year. Contract renewals will go to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for approval at its May 14, 2002 meeting. TSLAC will request a $1 million one-time grant from the TIF Board for purchase of medical databases. Stat Ref! Has been selected as the database to be purchased if this money is granted. An RFP for a database management utility that would provide a consolidated list of journal titles for TexShare databases is being prepared. Updated cost avoidance figures for the databases should be ready soon.

ILL Program- Sara Lowman

Beverley Shirley read the report for Sara Lowman. The ILL working group will finalize plans for the Fall ILL workshop in late May. In January the group implemented a new service called the �Interlibrary Loan Tip of the Month.�� Using the interlibrary loan electronic discussion list, interlibrary loan librarians share tips regarding various aspects of ILL.

TexTreasures � Ellen Safley

The TexTreasures working group received 123 responses to its membership survey. Data has not been fully analyzed, but general findings are:

Libraries cited a lack of staff, time, or matching funds as reasons for not undertaking a project

Types of collections most often mentioned include local newspaper collections and historical collections, including photographs

Over a third of the responding libraries are still unaware of the TexTreasures grant program despite marketing efforts of TSLAC

Approximately 25 people attended the TexTreasures program at TLA, Mapping a Path to TexTreasures. The program, including presentations by Jay Clark (San Jacinto College-Central), Thomas Kreneck (Texas A & M � Corpus Christi), Margaret Schlankey (Austin History Center), and Kathy Hoffman (M.D. Anderson Cancer Center), was very informative and entertaining. The poor turnout can be attributed to the time slot (8:00 Friday morning) for the presentation.

TSLAC has mounted a new web page showcasing funded grants

TSLAC received 22 grant applications this year requesting over $345,000 in grants. The working group is scheduled to review the applications on June 11 � 12 in Austin.


Strategic Partner Reports


Amigos Library Services � Bonnie Juergens

Austin was added as a TExpress HUB. Amigos continues to emphasize the importance of labeling packages correctly and the importance of reporting usage statistics.� The yearly evaluation survey of the TExpress service will go out this month.

University of Texas at Austin -- Sue Phillips

No report.


Administrative Report� -� Beverley Shirley


LRS Staffing Update

Dave Hardy is the new LRS Administrative Support Specialist. Valerie Johnson has resigned her position as TexShare Coordinator.


Instructions for posting to the TexShare Advisory Board electronic discussion list were provided.

TexShare Rules

Recently we received a letter requesting a change in TexShare rules to allow for-profit institutions of higher education to join TexShare. (Refer to minutes of February 2002 meeting.)� Beverley Shirley reviewed the fiscal notes, bill analyses, and committee hearing tapes associated with the passage of HB2721, 75th Legislative Session.� She finds that it was not the intention of the Legislature to include for-profit institutions as part of that legislation.�


New Members

Three libraries of clinical medicine have joined TexShare as permitted by HB3591, the Texas Medical Association Library, Baylor Health Sciences Center�s library, and White Hospital�s library.


Library of Texas Update

  • Database renewals and enhancements are in process.
  • We have purchased the hardware for the Electronic Documents Depository System for archiving electronic government information. Blue Angel Technologies is customizing software to run the service.
  • We have completed the purchase of the hardware to support the videoconferencing service.
  • The Texas Center for Digital Knowledge has conducted 4 focus group sessions. A technology assessment instrument and a series of product reviews are in process.


Database Access

As of April 22, 11 public libraries and 2 academic libraries have signed up to use the database remote access service offered by TSLAC.


Advisory Board and Working Groups

The Director and Librarian of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission appoints advisory Board members. Current Board members are encouraged to forward names of persons they recommend for future membership on the TexShare Advisory Board, including that person�s name and qualifications.

TSLAC will be developing informational packets that can be provided to potential Advisory Board Members and potential Working Group members. Board members should send suggestions regarding information to include in the packets to bshirley@tsl.texas.gov.

Advisory Board and Working Groups

The Director and Librarian of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission appoints advisory Board members. Current Board members are encouraged to forward names of persons they recommend for future membership on the TexShare Advisory Board, including that person�s name and qualifications.

TSLAC will be developing informational packets that can be provided to potential Advisory Board Members and potential Working Group members. Board members should send suggestions regarding information to include in the packets to bshirley@tsl.texas.gov.


Advisory Board Members:

Joe McCord, The University of Houston at Clear Lake
Eva Poole, Denton Public Library
Nancy Anderson, Howard Payne University
J.J. Baskin
Paul E. Dumont, Dallas County Community College District
Maurice Fortin, Angelo State University
Rhoda L. Goldberg, Harris County Public Library
Eileen Shocket, St. Edwards University
Glenda Swink, Southwest Texas Junior College
Darryl Tocker, Tocker Foundation
Elaine Wells, The University of Texas Health Center (Tyler)
Texas State Library and Archives Commission:
Mike Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division
Deborah Littrell, Library Development Division
Peggy Rudd, Director and Librarian
Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division
Russlene Waukechon, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group Liaisons:

Jay Clark, San Jacinto College
JoAnne Hawkins, University of Texas at Austin
Tommie Wingfield, University of Texas at Arlington

Strategic Partners:

Sue Phillips, The University of Texas at Austin
Bonnie Juergens, Amigos Library Services


Mark Allen, Angelo State University
Ellen Safley, Chair TexTreasures Working Group, University of Texas at Dallas


The TexShare Advisory Board will meet next on Wednesday, July 24, 2002.

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