TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

1201 Brazos, Room 314

October 31, 2002

TexShare Advisory Board Beverley Shirley, LRS Division Director, convened the meeting and welcomed guests.

Introduction of New members - Peggy Rudd

Election of Chair and Vice Chair - Eva Poole, Vice Chair

Eva Poole elected as chair by acclamation. JJ Baskin was nominated as vice chair by acclamation.


The minutes of the August 26, 2002 meeting were accepted.

Public Comment


Schedule Future Meetings - Eva Poole

Meetings were scheduled for Thursday, February 13, 2003; April 25, 2003, Wednesday, July 9, 2003; and Friday, October 10, 2003. This meeting schedule can be adjusted during the upcoming year if necessary.

Update on Hidalgo Meeting - Peggy Rudd

The Task Force on TexShare Expansion recommended that Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) embark on a model program to demonstrate how K-12 school libraries could be successfully incorporated into TexShare. TSLAC looked at a variety of formal and informal consortiums throughout the state. Hidalgo County posed an excellent opportunity.

Staff of TSLAC and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) attended a meeting of the Hidalgo County Library System on October 17, 2002. Attendees at that meeting included librarians from high school libraries, the public libraries, representatives from the Education Service Center, the South Texas Library System, UT - Pan Am , Southwest Texas Community College. The group was receptive to the idea of a model project and expressed willingness to be used as a test to determine the costs, political concerns, and the practical challenges involved in bringing schools into TexShare.

The Cooperation Grant program is a logical funding source for the project. Cooperation Grant application packets will be issued in November with a due date in March. Project funding begins September 1, 2003. Peggy Rudd will disseminate a report from the meeting at a later date. Ms Rudd asked the County System to form a working group of representatives from the high schools, education service centers, SWTCC, UT-Pan Am, public libraries, and support organizations.

TexTreasure - Ellen Safley

Two of the grant proposals for FY03 TexTreasures grants had not clearly indicated Texas-related content. At the July 29, 2002 and September 23, 2002 Texas State Library and Archives Commission meetings, the Commission discussed TexTreasures collection content. Ellen Safley, chair of Texas Collections Working Group, presented background information on the grant program at the September meeting. At the end of her presentation, the Commission asked that a proposal regarding the importance of Texas content be submitted to them at the November 15, 2002 Commission meeting.

Ms. Safley engaged the Texas Collections Working Group in a lively e-mail discussion of three issues:

  • Whether to include a section to award points for projects that deal with Texas materials. The working group thought it should not be included based upon the current Administrative Code. The working group looks at how the grant will support the citizens of Texas and how well the materials will be used by the citizens.
  • How the working group insures grants are given to both small and large libraries. The working group feels that grants are given based on merit not on size of the library. The working group chooses the best project to go forward.
  • Should libraries be awarded money for continuation of projects. TexTreasure grants provide seed money for one year projects. The working group does not want multiple grants to be given for the same projects.

After considerable discussion, the TexShare Advisory Board concluded that there are many valuable collections in Texas libraries and that the TexTreasures grants should fund enhanced access to collections that are either Texas-related or of significance to Texans. The TexShare Advisory Board recommends changes should be made to the grant application packet and procedures rather than in the rules themselves.

Maurice Fortin moved that "The TexShare Advisory Board reaffirms the guidelines of the Access to Local Holding (TexTreasure) grants as they currently appear in 13 TAC §8.6. To clarify expectations regarding collection content, the grant application packet is to include instructions that grant applications must specify the importance of the collection to Texas or Texans. In June 2003, the Texas Collections Working Group is to submit to the TexShare Advisory Board their evaluation of the effect of this change in the grant packet on the nature and quality of grant proposals received.

Glenda Swink seconded the motion. The board passed the motion with one abstention from Peggy Rudd.

In order to ensure grant applications received are for projects related to Texas or Texans and that the applications received clearly articulate this connection, the following actions will be taken:

  • TSLAC will continue to offer training to library staff on effective grant writing and will publicize the availability of training to potential TexTreasures applicants.
  • TSLAC will include information in the grant application packets regarding consulting services to library staff who are working on grant applications. The Library Development Division makes these services available to all Texas libraries.
  • The Texas Collections Working Group will offer a program at the Texas Library Association conference discussing the TexTreasure grant application process and showcasing successfully completed TexTreasure projects.
  • TSLAC will place a selection of successful grant applications on the TexShare web site as an example for potential applicants to emulate.
  • TSLAC will include instructions that grant applications must specify the importance of the collection to Texas or Texans in the grant application packets.
  • The Texas Collections Working Group will evaluate the effect of these changes on the nature and quality of grant proposals received.

Should the recommended changes not be adequate to meet the expectations of the Commission, the working group suggested that five points could be taken from the "availability" category and moved to the "sustainability" category to awarded to projects that have Texas content. This would require a change in the Administrative Rules.

Working Group reports

Card Program working group - Jay Clark

Suzanne McAnna was introduced as the new chair. Mr. Clark will take over as the liaison for the working group.

The TexShare Card Program significantly increased access to information resources across the state.

  • Book use has more than doubled since last year. 215,645 volumes were circulated last year, up 186% from the previous year and 700% since the program's inception five years ago.

  • The loss rate has dropped over the past five years from 11 cents per volume circulated to 5 cents per volume circulated.

  • Public libraries reported issuing, 407 cards and circulating 37,264 volumes this year. This is more than the entire Card Program five years ago.

The Loan Star program, offering incentives to libraries that participate in the Card program, has helped to bring more public libraries into the card program. Mr. Clark extended his thanks and that of the Working group to Peggy for connecting Loan Star with the card program.

Other advancements in FY02 included the addition of libraries of clinical medicine, a redefinition of Card Program statistics, and an improvement in the method of collecting annual statistics.

Courier working group (Jo Anne Hawkins)

Ms. Hawkins provided FY02 statistics for the courier service, sorted from high use to low use.

The sent and received columns represent packages sent and received to show level of activity. Use of the service this fiscal year is down from what was reported last calendar year. 30 libraries have not reported their statistics which is a concern to the working group. These are subsidized sites and we need to know if they are using the services and to what extent. Courier Express Gazette reported top 10 users.

Statistics for this fiscal year are reported on web by use and alphabetically by library. Figures for past years are reported by calendar year but will be converted to fiscal year so that comparisons can be made.

Four working group members have terms expired. Three are re-committing. Members should be recognized for service. The group will take nominations to help fill the remaining opening.

Amigos will be sending a disk on how to label packages. This is a problem that affects the courier's ability to accurately deliver packages.

Education working group - No Report

Electronic Information working group (Tommie Wingfield)

Ms. Wingfield reported on the FY02 expenditures for databases. 58% of the funds for databases came from the TIF grant. $9 m has been spent for database renewal from last year and the addition of two medical databases and of TDnet. Usage statistics are on TexShare web site.

The TIF library working group reported spending over $6 m worth for databases and actual cost $11 m. Beverley Shirley reported $11 m was spent from July 2001 to June 2002. The cost avoidance figures are based on vender prices with no discounts. For subscriptions running July 2002 to June 2003, TSLAC spent about $1 m less and bought fewer ebooks. The cost avoidance figures are down from the past report. Ms. Shirley will forward the new numbers to the board.

Interlibrary Loan working group - No Report

Texas Collections working group (Ellen Safley)

Kathy Hoffman has arranged for a program on TexTreasures for the Texas Library Association Conference in Houston, Wednesday, April 2 from 2:00-3:50 pm. The College and University Libraries Division and the Archives and Local History Round Table are cosponsoring the program. Ms. Hoffman will give an overview of the grant process. Three previous grantees will showcase their collections:

Victoria, Crossroads of Immigration, 1824-1944 (Victoria College/UH Victoria Library)

Murphy & Bolanz Maps, Dallas Public Library

Texas Constitutions, UT Tarlton Law Library

Strategic Partner reports

Amigos Library Services (Bonnie Juergens)

Reported by JoAnn Hawkins with Courier Working Group report.

University of Texas at Austin (Sue Phillips)

UTAustin maintains the TexShare web site to ensure it is operational and updated regularly. UT staff has worked with the TSLAC staff to redesign database pages for academic libraries on the notification and announcements for the upcoming ILL workshop.

UT-Austin received a TIF Discovery grant in 2001 to produce collaborative distance education implementing various kinds of streaming video in a Web environment. As part of the grant, UT General Libraries is creating training on a variety of library services. One module covers TexShare. The overview of TexShare, including pictures and audio will be the first component of the module to be mounted. The complete module will include an introduction to TexShare, information on the research databases and piece on the TexShare card.

Five presidents of research libraries in Texas have developed a "research road show". The presentation is a poster session of selected items to showcase and how research at the universities has contributed to the economy of Texas. The exhibit will be put up in the Capital Grill. Topics include homeland security, biomedical, and the UT online library. Dennis Dillon included information about TexShare and the value it has brought to UT and other libraries around the state in this presentation.

Administrative update:

TexShare Advisory Board Appointments:

Darryl Tocker, representative of the public, and Eva Poole, representative of public libraries, were re-appointed to the TexShare Advisory Board. Two new members were appointed to the board, Douglas Ferrier, representing public universities, and Dennis Michaelis, representing Community College Libraries.

Budget update:

Legislative Budget Board is reviewing the Legislative Appropriations Request submitted by TSLAC. The LBB is interested in identifying alternative sources of funding for the TexShare databases. TSLAC will survey a stratified sample of TexShare members to determine the amount we could reasonable expect libraries to pay in database access fees in FY05.

In discussing funding with our LBB analyst, Ms. Rudd has pointed out that no staff was provided to TSLAC when it was given authority to administer the program. Billing libraries and processing payments with available staff will be very difficult.

The Board suggested that the collection of data and presentation of options include:

  • Showing what the free database program has allowed libraries to accomplish
  • Showing what it will cost (services that will be cut, libraries that will drop out of the program, persons that will lose access to information, etc.) should libraries have to pay fees for TexShare services.
  • The effect on small and rural libraries should a fee assessment be imposed.
  • A comparison of what we would be able to collect in fees with the total cost of the program.

Library of Texas update:

  • Ebsco Publishing has offered free access to Ebsco's Legal Collection to the Legislative Reference Library for the duration of the 78th Legislative Session.
  • The Electronic Depository Program is installed and running. We plan to complete a full harvest of Texas state agency web-based documents in early November.
  • The ten vendor proof of concept of demonstrations for the Resource Discovery Service are complete.
  • Videoconferencing equipment has been installed at TSLAC, Austin Public Library, and Corpus Christi Public Library.

TexShare expansion update:

  • Frontera TEC: Frontera TEC is a TIF funded program to assess and address the technology needs of the institutions in our underserved border region in order to make their previous and future investments in technology sustainable. TSLAC is a partner in this program.
  • Link to Learn is a project to provide training and access to resources for public librarians that will enable them to provide good beyond-school resources to students to facilitate and support student achievement. The program manager is accepting applications for master trainers.
  • Model Project with K-12 libraries: Per the recommendations of the Expansion Task Force, TSLAC, in partnership with TEA, will establish a model program of cooperation among high school libraries and TexShare libraries.

Communication Plan update:

Activities to date include:

  • TLA created templates for postcards that libraries may provide to patrons who want to contact their legislators about the importance of TexShare databases.
  • TSLAC provided announcements regarding the plan to be distributed at TLA District meetings and regional library system fall meetings.
  • TSLAC created a Press Pass Web site with customizable brochures, fact sheets, etc.
  • TSLAC created new brochures and signage
  • TSLAC is finalizing membership in the implementation task force.
  • TSLAC sent mailing to libraries participating in the customized Web page program.

TLA annual conference:

TSLAC is seeking advice on what to present at TLA during the TexShare Program. Recommendations from the Advisory Board include:

  • An update on the Legislative session and status report on bills affecting TexShare.
  • A discussion on the future of TexShare after the Legislative session.
  • Testimonials on how TexShare has helped someone's research.


TexShare Board members:

Eva Poole, Denton Public Library, Chair

J.J. Baskin, Austin Public Library Foundation, Vice-Chair

Nancy Anderson, Howard Payne University

Douglas Ferrier, University of Texas Brownsville

Rhoda Goldberg, Harris County Public Library

Maurice Fortin, Angelo State University

Eileen Shocket, St. Edwards University

Glenda Swink, Southwest Texas Junior College

Darryl Tocker, Tocker Foundation

Elaine Wells, University of Texas Health Science Center - Tyler

Dennis Michaelis, McLennan Community College

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Peggy Rudd , State Librarian

Michael Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Dawn Vogler, Library Development Division

Sue Beebe, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group liaisons:

Jo Anne Hawkins, University of Texas at Austin

Jay Clark, San Jacinto Community College

Suzanne McAnna, University of Texas at Austin

Tommie Wingfield, University of Texas at Arlington

Ellen Safley, University of Texas at Dallas

Strategic Partners:

Sue Phillips, University of Texas at Austin

Patricia Hayes for Carol McDonald, Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas

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