TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

1201 Brazos, Room 314

February 27, 2003

TexShare Advisory Board Vice-Chair, JJ Baskin, convened the meeting and welcomed guests.

Approve minutes from October 31, 2002

The minutes from the October 31, 2002 meeting were accepted.

Public comment


Update on Hidalgo Meeting - Peggy Rudd

The Team in Hidalgo has been meeting regularly and working on a grant proposal. University of Texas - Pan American agreed to be the fiscal agent for a grant. However, due to the budget situation, Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) may need to suspend cooperation and special projects grants in order to shift those funds into the database program. If this would happen, the Hidalgo grant would be affected. TSLAC hopes that that telecommunications infrastructure fund (TIF) money will be forthcoming so that it will not have to take money from these grant programs.

Legislative Update - Peggy Rudd

TSLAC has had positive legislative meetings. Ms. Rudd has appeared before the House Subcommittee on General Government (Appropriations), the State Cultural and Recreational Resources Committee, and the Senate Finance Committee. Originally, the TSLAC proposal for the FY03 7% budget cut was to give back lapsed revenue. The General Government subcommittee directed agencies not to use lapsed funds, so TSLAC had made additional cuts to generate the 7% cut in general revenue spending.

Ms. Rudd met with Lieutenant Governor about TIF, emphasizing what TIF funds mean to the libraries. TSLAC is pursuing back-up plans to continue the TexShare database service if TIF funding is not available.

In response to a Board question regarding fiscal implications of expansion of TexShare to proprietary institutions, Beverley Shirley responded that the estimated fiscal impact would be over $700,000 per year.

General Legislative Update - Rhoda Goldberg

Responses from Legislative Day were not encouraging. While legislators agreed that libraries have used TIF money well, there are other important programs, such as homeland security and education that need to be funded. Ms. Goldberg suggested that people other than librarians (for example, business people or university officials) call or write their legislators about the importance of library funding.

Working Groups:

Card Working Group

No report

Courier Working Group - Jo Anne Hawkins

The working group met in Austin at the University of Texas, February 10, 2003. Beverley Shirley presented budget information and discussed courier subsidies. Currently the courier service charges $2750 per stop; TexShare subsidizes $1620 per stop. Ms. Shirley advised that, due to the budget situation, this subsidy would be cut in half.

The working group discussed ways in which to encourage libraries to regularly report their courier usage statistics. Working group members will call the libraries to find out why they have not reported statistics. The group asked the Board to consider penalizing libraries that do not report their courier statistics by withholding the courier subsidy for a period of one fiscal year. The Board requested more information on why libraries are not reporting their statistics and prefers to avoid use of penalties at this time.

One possibility for expanded use of the courier is for TexShare cardholders to use the courier service to return books to the holding library. The Board would like the Card and the Courier Working Groups to pursue this possibility.

Lee Hilyer was elected new chair for the Courier Working Group.

Electronic Information Working Group - Tommie Wingfield

Due to the freeze in FY03 TIFgrants, there is only about $6.9 for this year’s renewals. Unless more money comes, the working group is planning to reduce the number of databases available in the July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004 subscription period.

The group is taking a survey to determine which databases are most important to TexShare member libraries. If databases need to be cut, decisions will be based on the survey results, usage statistics, title lists and overlap, and best value.

The working group discussed the possibility of extending database contracts over two years. If there is no TIF money available in FY04, the amount available for database subscriptions could be very small. FY03 money expended over two years may provide a cushion against FY04 – 05 budget shortfalls. The working group recommended spending current money in one year unless the FY03 money is increased through an unfreezing of TIF funds. The Board agreed with this recommendation. If FY03 TIF grant money is unfrozen, they would like to consider extending contracts to 26 months.

ILL Working Group - Sara Lowman

130 persons attended the ILL workshop held in Dallas last November. This workshop received the best evaluations of any workshop held. The negative comments had to do with the room size and lack of adequate bathroom facilities. The working group will look at a different location for the next time.

Texas Collections Working Group – Kathy Hoffman

TexTreasures grant applications are due at the end of March. Because of the budget shortfall, there is a possibility that TexTreasures grants will not be funded next year. The working group asked for guidance on communicating with the TexShare member libraries about this issue. The Board determined that libraries should move forward on grant proposals so that there are applications if money is available. Regardless of funding, applications should be scored and peer review provided back to the applicants. A message should be posted to the TexShare electronic mailing lists about the possible lack of funds.

The Board advised the group to continue with the TLA program on TexTreasures that is planned.

Education Working Group - Sue Beebe

The working group held a meeting 2/24/03. The group has many new members and elected a new Chair, Lisa Lorenc.

The group discussed its role. Members asked the Library Development Division to pursue the possibility of including them in the meetings of the Regional Library Systems Continuing Education consultants in order to have TexShare training needs better integrated with the other training needs statewide.

A survey will be completed in April to determine the needs of the member libraries for training in TexShare programs.

The group decided they would place training materials on the TexShare site for use by other libraries.

Strategic Partners

UT Austin - Sue Phillips

UT – Austin continues to fulfill the terms of its support contract. UT Austin staff has placed the two database survey forms and the annual report form on the Web for electronic submission.

Amigos – Chris Peterson

Amigos will respond to the RFP for the courier service. The courier service is operating smoothly with minimal complaints. In the past, Amigos has received complaints about drivers being slow but this has cleared up. Amigos sent a CD-ROM to participating libraries to assist in labeling packages. Amigos continues to encourage libraries to report statistics.

Administrative report – Beverley Shirley

Budget Update:

TSLAC FY03 Budget: In response to a request to cut 7% from the agency’s FY03 budget, TSLAC submitted a revised budget including return of lapsed funding, cuts in out-of-state travel, in-state travel, hiring of staff, temporary service contracts, merit raises for employees, and capital purchases. The House Subcommittee on General Government instructed TSLAC to submit a second revised FY03 budget. Additional cuts were made.

A freeze on FY03 TIF grant money impacts TexShare.

The current set of TexShare databases is in place through June 30, 2003. There is about $6.9 million in the TSLAC budget for renewing a reduced set of databases to run July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004. While TSLAC hopes that some of the FY03 TIF grant money will come to us, they must plan for the possibility that it will remain frozen past the date subscriptions come up for renewal. The Electronic Information Working Group will generate recommendations regarding upcoming renewals based on the results of a member survey and on other information available to them (title lists, usage statistics, etc.).

TSLAC FY04/05 Budget:

TSLAC was asked to submit a FY2004-2005 Legislative Appropriations Request reflecting a general revenue reduction of more than 12%. In addition to cuts in general revenue reflected in this submission, TSLAC was directed by the Legislative Budget Board to cut by 50% all programs funded by the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund. This 50% reduction, along with the uncertainty of future TIF grants, will critically affect the TexShare database program.

“TexShare,” was the top priority for TSLAC in this revised budget. Texas State Library also submitted one exceptional item of $4.6 million each year to help restore the TexShare database program.

The FY04/05 budget cuts affect TexShare :

  • Many of the TexShare Web site support activities that UT Austin provides through our strategic partnership      will be brought in-house.
  • The subsidy for the courier service will decrease.
  • Unless TIF grant funding becomes available, TexTreasures grants will not be awarded in FY04/05.
  • The money available for database funding has been decreased
  • Fees for access to TexShare databases will be reinstated. The Board determined that a Task Force on       Fees should be established to provide recommendations.

Strategic Planning: TSLAC recommends a strategic planning meeting of TexShare stakeholders. The Board agreed that such a meeting would be useful. Ms. Shirley will present a draft plan at the next TexShare Advisory Board meeting.

TexShare Annual Report: The return rate for the FY02 TexShare Annual Report was lower than expected. TSLAC will work with TexShare members for a better return rate for the FY03 report, which will be sent out in early March.

Library of Texas Update:

· Issued RFP for software to run resource discovery service.

· Developed a prototype library directory database.

TexShare Expansion Update:

  • FronteraTEC: Because this grant was awarded with FY02 money, it is unaffected by the current TIF        freeze.
  • Link to Learn: Master Trainers were trained and will begin a statewide training effort. The Link to Learn       Web site includes background information on TexShare and the TexShare databases, training materials       and training schedules.
  • Model project with K-12 libraries. The Hidalgo county libraries are preparing a request for a cooperation     grant to fund a model program of cooperation among high school libraries and TexShare libraries.       Funding for the Cooperation Grant program is contingent upon the availability of TIF funding for TexShare       databases.
  • Queries regarding membership for proprietary institutions. Hughes-Luce, representing DeVry University,       has contacted TSLAC about TexShare membership, and is interested in legislation to admit proprietary       institutions. TSLAC has provided Representative Rangel’s office with information on admitting proprietary       institutions.

Communication Plan Update:

The Communication Plan Web site includes monthly menus of activities libraries can use to promote TexShare databases to their users, downloadable gifs and flyers, a PowerPoint on TexShare databases, and the top ten reasons TexShare is better than searching the Internet. Communication Task Force membership was finalized in December.

TLA Annual Conference:

LRS will sponsor four programs at the TLA Annual Conference:

  • Genealogy: Finding More Roots in Your Library
  • TexShare Growing with Texas Libraries
  • TexTreasures Success Stories
  • From Princes to Beggars: Uncovering the Past
  • The Library of Texas: 21st Century Service

Next meeting is April 25, 2003.


TexShare Board members:

J.J. Baskin, Austin Public Library Foundation, Vice-Chair

Nancy Anderson, Howard Payne University

Douglas Ferrier, University of Texas Brownsville

Rhoda Goldberg, Harris County Public Library

Maurice Fortin, Angelo State University

Dennis Michaelis, McLennan Community College

Eileen Shocket, St. Edwards University

Glenda Swink, Southwest Texas Junior College

Darryl Tocker, Tocker Foundation

Elaine Wells, University of Texas Health Science Center – Tyler

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Peggy Rudd , State Librarian

Michael Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Sue Beebe, Library Resource Sharing Division

Michael Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division

Russlene Waukechon, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group liaisons:

Jo Anne Hawkins, University of Texas at Austin

Sara Lowman, Rice University

Tommie Wingfield, University of Texas at Arlington

Kathy Hoffman, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Strategic Partners:

Sue Phillips, University of Texas at Austin

Chris Peterson, Amigos Library Services


Mark Allan, Angelo State University

Chris Hanson, Round Rock Public Library

Carol McDonald, Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas

Gloria Meraz, Texas Library Association

Farzaneh Razzaghi, University of Texas Pan American

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