TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

1201 Brazos, Room 314

July 9, 2003

TexShare Advisory Board Chair, Eva Poole, convened the meeting.

1. Approve minutes from April 25, 2003

After the last sentence from the Electronic Information Working Group Report was stricken, the minutes from the April 25, 2003 meeting were accepted.

2. Public comment


3. Report on 2003 Legislative Session – Peggy Rudd

In the last days of the Legislative session, agency capital budgets were cut in half, which impacted the TexShare database funding. TSLAC had originally requested $12.1 million per year of the biennium in state money for databases. The final appropriation was $3.25 million per year in state funding. This forced us to consider collecting additional money in fees to help offset the shortfall. The Task Force on TexShare Database Fees is charged with recommending a fee structure to help pay for continuation of the databases. The rider to the TSLAC appropriation was changed to allow us to collect fees above the minimum of $500,000 that was previously established. The Fees Task Force, Electronic Information Working Group, TSLAC staff, and the vendors have all worked together to make the impact of the budget cuts as painless as possible.

The Texas Library Connection, a Texas Education Agency program that provided databases to K-12 libraries was not funded. As a result, we expect increased use of TexShare databases at the public libraries by school children.

TSLAC is waiting to determine the impact of other legislation, including state employee retirement bonuses, reduction of state agency human resources staff, and smaller supervisor-to-staff ratios.

4. Report on TexShare Database Fees – Eva Poole

The Task Force on TexShare Database Fees developed a draft fee schedule that was sent to the membership for comment on June 14, 2003. Based on the comments received, at its July 7, 2003 meeting, the Task Force amended the fee schedule, adding an assessment for public libraries serving populations between 12,000-24,999 and changing the tier assignment for medical libraries. A refined, longer-term fee schedule will be generated after additional review and deliberation.

There will be an appeals process for libraries that cannot afford the fees assessed to them. The process may result in a library receiving a lower fee assessment or a waiver of the fee this year. At this point, the appeals process has not been established. Advisory Board members are asked to send any suggestions or comments regarding the assessments and the appeals process to Eva Poole.

The Advisory Board spent a considerable amount of time debating the schedule, and encouraged the task force to continue to work toward a permanent assessment that will share the financial burden evenly and keep libraries in the program.

The board unanimously approved the task force recommendation.

5. Report on Public Library Development Study – Deborah Littrell

The final report will be presented to the Commission at the July 28, 2003 meeting. A joint TSLAC/TLA task force on implementation of the Public Library Development Study will make recommendations and present them at the Texas Library Association annual conference.

6. “Link to Learn” Video – Beverley Shirley

With funding provided by the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board, the Texas Education Agency established a “Link to Learn” database training program. Because of lost funding, the “Link to Learn” program has been discontinued.

7. Discuss Strategic Planning Session – Beverley Shirley

TSLAC is planning a 2-day strategic planning session and want to work with a small committee to refine the agenda, timeline, and participants. Sara Lowman, Bonnie Juergens, and Nancy Anderson volunteered. It was noted that it would be best if the plan could be finalized before TLA in April 2004, and a suggested timeframe was early January.

8. Working Group Reports:

A. Card Program Working Group – Jay Clark

No new activity to report -- next meeting is scheduled for October 9, 2003

B. Courier Working Group - Jo Anne Hawkins

· The TexShare Courier contract with Amigos was approved by the Commission at its May 19, 2003 meeting. The total per-site cost for FY04 will be $2,800 (a $50 increase from FY03). TexShare subsidy per site will $810 (half of FY03). Libraries will pay $1,900 per site FY04 ($810 increase from FY03).

· The TExpress User’s Guide has been revised to reflect the new OCLC ILL Policies Directory Service and include web links where possible.

· The Working Group advised on the TExpress Satisfaction Survey, which Amigos distributed to participating libraries in May.

· WG members continue to call libraries that aren’t reporting TExpress statistics to remind them of the requirement and let them know how simple the process is.

· The WG will schedule a conference call meeting before the end of the summer.

C. Education Working Group – Lisa Loranc

The Education Working Group conducted a user needs survey. Over 120 libraries responded to the survey with an even distribution between academic and public libraries. The survey itself was intended primarily to discover two things: what topics need to be covered, and what delivery method would be most popular. A wide variety of topics were suggested, but classes in online legal & medical research, homework assistance, and gathering & reporting statistics were widely requested. The 3 choices for delivery methods were videoconferences, web-based training, and traditional classroom setting, with the responses fairly evenly spread among the 3 choices.

The WG is planning on attending the first joint meeting with the System’s continuing education group on July 29, 2003.

D. Electronic Information Working Group – Tommie Wingfield

There are now 46 core databases compared to 60 last year. Selections include offerings from EBSCO, Gale, OCLC, ProQuest, netLibrary, Stat!Ref, and TDNet. TexSelect databases include offerings from Ovid, EBSCO, Gale, ProQuest, and Bowker. A full list is available to members on the TexShare Web site.

E. Interlibrary Loan Working Group – Sara Lowman

Not much activity since last Advisory Board meeting; will meet this fall to talk about the ILL spring symposium.

F. Texas Collections Working Group – Kathy Hoffman

No money will be available to fund TexTreasures grants in FY04. At the recommendation of the Advisory Board, the working group evaluated and scored the grant proposals that were received in order to provide feedback to the applicants. Applications were received from eight public libraries and one private academic institution. Eight applications scored at least 50 points, indicating that they were eligible for funding. If all eligible grants were funded, the total budget required would have been $105,323.

While the primary reason for the working group is to evaluate and score grant applications, the group will now focus on contributing to the development of a digitization plan for Texas.

9. Strategic Partner Reports:

A. UT at Austin – Sue Phillips

Management of the TexShare Web site has been transferred from UT to TSLAC.

B. Amigos – Bonnie Juergens

Ms. Juergens presented the spring edition of the Gazette. TExpress Service Satisfaction Survey results were compiled. Results indicate 87% “good” or “excellent” rating for overall customer service, and 89% “good” or “excellent” rating for the value of the service to the price paid.

Because of the decrease in the subsidy for services in the upcoming year, Amigos is requiring that libraries resubmit a signed agreement. The board asked Amigos to check that the agreement form was correctly directed and asked that Amigos send announcements to the TexShare electronic discussion list.

The board suggested that the courier mailing labels include the Amigos toll-free phone number.

10. Administrative Report – Beverley Shirley

Update on LRS Staffing

Welcome to Ann Mason as the new TexShare Coordinator.

Budget Report

· TSLAC FY03 Budget: Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund (TIF) FY03 grant funds have not been released. TSLAC has directed as many resources as possible toward the TexShare database program to ensure the continuation of these essential resources. The Electronic Information Working Group (EWIG) has selected a database package to maximize the benefit of current funding.

· TSLAC FY04-05 Budget: Although the budget for TexShare databases passed both houses of the Legislature, the general revenue – dedicated (TIF) funding was cut by 50% in conference committee. At the end of the regular session, database funding was set at $4.5 million per year. This is still more than what was appropriated for databases prior to the TIF grant.

· TexTreasures grants: Due to budget cuts, TexTreasures grants will not be funded in FY04. We have identified several potential funding sources for the projects presented in the proposals received and are outlining a process for referring the proposals to these funding organizations.

TexShare Advisory Board

J.J. Baskin and Eileen Shocket Altmiller have agreed to serve for another term. Martha Tandy of Weatherford College has accepted an appointment to serve on the board as a representative of the community college constituency.

Working Groups

Mason is identifying those persons with expiring terms and is soliciting nominations for their replacements.

Community College Membership

When community colleges joined TexShare in 1997, they were able to join either as community college districts or as individual campuses. We are in the process of identifying discrepancies between accreditation and TexShare membership, and propose to work with these institutions to adjust the basis of their membership.

TexShare Fees

The Task Force on TexShare Database Fees drafted a recommended fee schedule for participation in the database program. The task force process involved constituent communications, fact-finding, member comment, and a series of telephone conference calls.

Strategic Planning

A two-day strategic planning session is proposed to address the following items:

1. TexShare vision & mission

2. Statewide databases with limited budget

3. Multi-type resource sharing – TexShare, K-12, and beyond

4. New directions for membership & programming

5. Library of Texas and TexShare

We will work with a TSAB Strategic Planning Committee to revise and refine the agenda, determine a participant list, and work out the logistics of a meeting.

TexShare membership status

We are drafting a procedure to evaluate membership status for libraries that have had a change in status that might affect their membership eligibility.

Library of Texas

1. Electronic Depository Program

· Shipped server hardware and documentation to our partner library at UNT. We anticipate it will go live by the end of the month.

· Students from the University of Texas School of Information have reviewed Web sites for 23 agencies and provided detailed recommendations for appropriate meta-tags.

2. Resource Discovery Service

· Selected vendor, Index Data, and negotiated contract for software to run resource discovery service.

· Established selection criteria and sent out a call for participation in the pilot program, which will provide software upgrades to local public or academic libraries from their current library automation vendors in order to achieve the level of standard and profile compliance needed for full participation in the RDS.

· Finalizing a contract to purchase interlibrary loan (ILL) software that will expedite library-to-library lending of materials identified through the RDS.

· Gave presentations at 7 regional library system meetings to raise awareness of the Resource Discovery Service among public librarians and encourage participation in our pilot program.

3. TexShare databases

· TexShare Electronic Information Working Group has selected databases to retain under limited FY03 funding. TSLAC is negotiating discounted pricing for libraries that wish to subscribe independently to those databases that are no longer funded at a statewide level.

4. Training

· Completed installation of equipment for videoconferencing at remaining videoconferencing site.

· Provided database training to over 500 librarians at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference.

5. LOT Evaluation Process

· Determined a structure for the evaluation process

Communication Plan

TSLAC continues to work with the Communication Plan Implementation Task Force to produce customizable items for use by TexShare member libraries as they communicate with their communities, administration, and users about the valuable resources and programs provided through their membership in TexShare.

TLA Program

We are planning a program on TexShare for the Texas Library Association Annual meeting in March. Advisory Board suggested the program focus on the outcome of the TexShare Strategic Plan and talk about the status of the Library of Texas.

Public Library Study

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission contracted with library consultants Himmel & Wilson Texas to conduct a study of public library development in Texas. The study results and recommendations will be the centerpiece of open dialogue between the Texas State Library and its constituents regarding future state library programming and library development.

Next TexShare Advisory Board Meeting is October 10, 2003.


TexShare Advisory Board Members:

Eva Poole, Denton Public Library, Chair

Nancy Anderson, Howard Payne University

Douglas Ferrier, University of Texas at Brownsville

Maurice Fortin, Angelo State University

Rhoda Goldberg, Harris County Public Library

Darryl Tocker, Tocker Foundation

Elaine Wells, University of Texas Health Center

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Peggy Rudd, State Librarian

Ed Seidenberg, Assistant State Librarian

Michael Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ann Mason, Library Resource Sharing Division

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Deborah Littrell, Library Development Division

Working Group Chairs/Liaisons:

Jo Anne Hawkins, University of Texas at Austin

Lisa Loranc, Pasadena Public Library

Sara Lowman, Rice University

Tommie Wingfield, University of Texas at Arlington

Kathy Hoffman, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Strategic Partners:

Sue Phillips, University of Texas at Austin

Bonnie Juergens, Amigos Library Services


Suzanne McAnna, University of Texas at Austin

Jeanne Pyle, University of Texas at Tyler

Carol McDonald, ICUT Inc.

Karen Conine, McLennan Community College

Gloria Meraz, Texas Library Association

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