TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

1201 Brazos, Room 314

October 6, 2004

1. Welcome New Board Members & Introductions

Meeting convened by Eva Poole. Greeted new member Steve Brown. All present introduced themselves.

2. Election of Chair and Vice Chair

New chair Douglas Ferrier and new vice-chair Steve Brown elected by acclamation.

3. Approve Minutes from July 23, 2004

Minutes from 06/23/2004 meeting approved.

4. Schedule FY05 Meetings

January 28, 2005; April 22, 2005; July 8, 2005 scheduled for next meetings.

5. Public Comment


6. Sub-committee on Multi-Institutional Libraries

The board recognizes that some multi-institutional libraries might be considered as one member. Need committee to establish criteria and decision-making process on this issue. Steve Brown, Kathy Hoffman, and Greg Tramel were appointed to the sub-committee.

7. Update on LAR & Committee Hearings

Packets with Legislative Appropriations Request figures were distributed. Ms. Rudd explained budget request for exceptional items. The first exceptional item is for restoration of the 5% budget reduction required of all state agencies. Other exceptional items are to increase funding for Loan Star Libraries Grants, TexShare databases, and building renovation. TSLAC was not allowed to request an exchange of TIF dedicated funds in favor of general revenue financing for the TexShare database program.

8. Strategic Planning Update

A. Vision & Mission Review: Ms. Shirley requested the board review notes to determine if the Strategic Plan confirmed the mission and vision statement. Also need to look at the vision and mission as related to persons living in areas unserved by a public library. Asked the board to consider the issues and make suggestions.

B. Position in Regard to Other Consortia: TSLAC has worked toward meeting strategic goal of expanding database options. One example is the Memorandum Of Understanding completed with Amigos for TexShare member library participation in the A+ service. New products are available through TexSelect. It is, however, a time-consuming process to approve contracts and complete annual recordkeeping activities for TexSelect products. Need direction from TSAB for any large changes. Ms. Shirley suggests that TexShare use partnerships with other consortia to meet need for discounts on database products with limited number of users. Amigos, TICUL, Phoenix Group, and LEIAN group are potential partners. Diversifying core without increased funds suggests that libraries will pick their own core. That is very difficult to negotiate with vendors. Another option would be to have two cores: public and academic.

The advisory board asked TSLAC staff to prepare a briefing document on these issues for discussion at the next meeting.

9. Endorsement of ICOLC Preferred Practices

The International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) has updated their statement entitled “Current Perspective and Preferred Practices for Selection and Purchase of Electronic Information.” Ms. Zerkow, chair of the Electronic Information Working Group (EIWG), said they support ICOLC. Move was made to endorse ICOLC Preferred Practices; motion was passed.

10. Report on TLA Task Force on Resource Sharing Options

Mr. Ferrier read statement from Sue Phillips, Chair of the Texas Library Association (TLA) Task Force on Resource Sharing Options. The Task Force held a conference call on September 28, 2004 and affirmed the basic TLA legislative strategy of two separate initiatives; one to maintain the integrity of TexShare funding, and one to reinstate statewide databases for K-12 libraries through both TSLAC purchasing authority and funding. Future conference calls are planned to make additional recommendations.

11. Working Group Reports

A. Card Program: Jay Clark reported. Two new members have been added to the working group: Sherri Baker (Panola College) and Jon Crossno (UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas) 319 academic and public libraries have reported their statistics: a total of 450,767 volumes were circulated through the card program in FY2004, 34% to public libraries and 66% to academic libraries. UT provides excellent support. Loss rate is declining.

B. Courier Program: Jo Anne Hawkins sent report. FY04 TExpress statistics reflect an increase of 6% in activity from FY03 to FY04. The working group did a package weight study, showing that the average weight of a package is 1lb 13oz. Previously, cost avoidance used 1lb as the average (an assumption). New figures reflect that the program does effectively provide cost avoidance to participating libraries.

C. Education Services Program: Lisa Loranc reported. The working group continues to work on a clearinghouse of online instructional materials, including downloadable documents. TexShare Reference Training has proved very popular. Ms. Loranc presented a statement of purpose and priorities for the group. The group evaluates TexShare educational programs and makes suggestions about future programs. Critical issues over the next two years include: taking advantage of technologies to deliver training virtually while continuing to offer face-to-face instruction, expanding the range of educational opportunities available to member libraries, developing a clearinghouse of educational materials, developing educational programs for aspects of TexShare beyond the electronic resources, and providing continuous needs assessment to the staff of TSLAC.

D. Electronic Information: Syma Zerkow reported. Ms. Zerkow showed spreadsheet of database vendor usage statistics reflecting increases in all categories. Training session for the Historically Black Colleges (HBC) was set up by TSLAC. The working group has looked at issues of who is qualified to use databases. They are reviewing continuing database licensing with less money, including a suggestion for making cuts to other OCLC products to keep WorldCat. TSLAC will know exact budget figures for the next biennium by end of this legislative session (June 2005) at the latest. Ms. Rudd asked if vendors could give TexShare a two-month carry period to allow for variables in legislative funding decisions. The EIWG will discuss whether this would be a desirable option. At TSLAC budget hearings, Senator Williams asked for details on which vendors were cut, what libraries were licensing on their own, and other details of database cuts. There seemed to be interest in the TexShare database program. The current budget does not include money for HeritageQuest Online. There was a very successful pledge drive to support HeritageQuest and Stat!Ref. There has been an increase in use in HeritageQuest Online post-pledge drive. A new statistics module that does a better job of collecting usage data accounts for some of this. There will be a certain amount leftover from the HeritageQuest pledge drive. The board determined that if more money is collected in a database pledge drive than is needed for a one-year subscription, the additional funds would be applied to a future subscription for the same database.

E. Interlibrary Loan: no report.

F. Texas Collections: Ellen Safley reported. Ms. Safley reported that she is having difficulty getting responses to questions posed to working group members on issues not related directly to review of grant proposals. Many cannot travel to meet. The working group wants funding for TexTreasures grants to be restored. There is some interest in acting as bridge to Texas Heritage Digitization Initiative, but the working group would like to have an identity separate from that of the initiative. Ms. Rudd reports that if funding is restored or LSTA money is freed, it would not be available immediately. Mr. Fortin moved that the group remain in existence, but not be required to meet without funding: motion passed.

G. Communications: Greg Tramel reported. The Communications Working Group has met and has discussed promoting the Press Pass page and using cost avoidance figures in advocacy for the TexShare program.

H. Library of Texas: no report. Ms. Shirley reported that the group is working on ILL enhancements, making “view MARC” optional, improving remote access, and adding TexSelect and local databases.

12. Strategic Partner Reports

A. University of Texas at Austin: no report.

B. Amigos: Only 18 complaints were received about courier service. They came in August and the courier introduced changes in Sept without prior notice, resulting in great inconvenience and frustration. Amigos is working to resolve difficulties. Relating to training: Gazette is promoting visibility. Ms. Juergens shared an enthusiastic thank-you note on database training.

13. Administrative Report

Advisory Board Members: TSLAC welcomes two new TexShare Advisory Board members, Steven Brown (North Richland Hills Public Library) and Kathy Hoffman (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center). Maurice Fortin (Angelo State University) and Nancy Anderson (Howard Payne University) have been reappointed to the board.

TexShare Database Fees: TSLAC has collected 47% of database fees. 258 libraries have sent in payments.

TexShare Membership Status: Rules changes on TexShare membership were posted in the September 10, 2004 issue of the TexasRregister for a 30-day comment period. One comment was received. Staff will rephrase the rule to clarify the issue addressed in the comment and ask the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to adopt the revised rules at their October 29, 2004 meeting.

TexShare Annual Reports: Mason and Shirley are reviewing comments from TexShare Annual Report and assigning people to respond as appropriate.

Customized Annual Reports: A prototype of Customized Annual Reports to be sent to members was provided. The board responded enthusiastically to the format and information that will be provided.

Legislative Issues: TSLAC has testified at two hearings, (1) Senate Finance with regards to TSLAC budget, and (2) House Cultural and Recreational Resources with regards to the committee’s interim charge to study the consolidation of TSLAC, the Commission on the Arts, and the Historical Commission. Gloria Meraz discussed TLA’s support of the request for TexShare funding. Also, TLA will ask for TexShare to get authority to provide databases to K-12 libraries. TLA is not discussing TexShare membership for K-12 libraries at this time. Peggy Rudd reported getting positive feedback from oversight committee and staff on theTSLAC building renovations.

Digitization Planning: Library Resource Sharing staff continues to be active in support of this initiative.

Regional Library System Issues and TexShare: Several regional library system advisory councils expressed concern over the future of the database program for public libraries. TSLAC staff have responded to these concerns with the assurance that the needs of all TexShare member libraries are important and will be continue to be safeguarded in the future.

14. Meeting adjourned


TexShare Advisory Board Members:

Eileen Altmiller, St. Edward’s University

Nancy Anderson, Howard Payne University

Steve Brown, North Richland Hills Public Library

Douglas Ferrier, UT Brownsville/Texas Southmost College

Maurice Fortin, Angelo State University

Kathy Hoffman, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Eva Poole, Denton Public Library

Martha Tandy, Weatherford College

Darryl Tocker, Tocker Foundation

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Michael Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division

Dave Hardy, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ann Mason, Library Resource Sharing Division

Peggy Rudd, Director and Librarian

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group Chairs/Liaisons:

Jay Clark, San Jacinto College

Lisa Loranc, Pasadena Public Library

Ellen Safley, UT Dallas

Gregory Tramel, Montgomery County Memorial Library System

Syma Zerkow, Houston Public Library

Strategic Partners:

Bonnie Juergens, Amigos Library Services


Joy Doss, ICUT

Gloria Meraz, Texas Library Association

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