TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

10:15 AM until 2:45 PM on July 8, 2005

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

1201 Brazos Street, Room 314

Austin, TX

1. Ms. Rudd recognized the departing board members Eva Poole and Darryl Tocker.

2. Approved minutes from April 22, 2005 meeting

3. No public comment

4. Legislative Update & Sunset Review Update: Ms. Rudd reported that TSLAC’s legislative appropriation for the upcoming biennium includes restoration of the 5% budget cut that state agencies were required to make. The money restored does not redress previous cuts. Restored LRS funds go entirely to databases. The database program will receive additional funding as part of an exceptional item appropriation of approximately $1.25 million. TSLAC was appropriated money for renovation of the Lorenzo de Zavala building -- $15.3 million from bonds with a goal to have work completed by the agency’s 100th anniversary in 2009.

All state agencies undergo a Sunset Review process every twelve years. Part of the process is a self-review, which TSLAC will complete in August. There will also be comments solicited from outside sources, including TLA. This is a good opportunity to get feedback, and improve TSLAC. TSLAC hopes to resolve the issue of the possibility of merging with other cultural agencies during this process.

5. K-12 Plan: Ms. Shirley presented a plan for soliciting input and developing recommendations on K-12 participation in TexShare group purchasing services. The plan outlined information gathering from a variety of sources including the regional education service centers, the Texas Education Agency, the TexShare Electronic Information Working Group, and K-12 public school librarians. The board was asked for reactions to the plan. A focus group session was held to discuss two questions: “What would be the best process for providing K-12 libraries group database purchasing services?” and “How should K-12 libraries participate in the database selection process?”

6. Task Force on Database Fees Recommendation: Ms. Tandy reported for the task force about the conference call that was held on June 1, 2005. The task force was asked to consider altering the fee structure in order to lower fees to colleges that have very small collection budgets. The task force recommended that fees continue at the same level, and still allow appeals. They recommended that the appeals process require more documentation. The board unanimously approved the task force recommendations.

7. Multi-Institutional Libraries Recommendation: Mr. Brown reported that the committee on multi-institutional libraries reached consensus that institutional membership for academic institutions is the correct unit of membership in conformity with the letter of law. The task force agrees, however, that the statute does not reflect the true complexity of library organizations. The task force recommends a review of statute during TSLAC’s Sunset process. Voting members of the board unanimously approved the recommendations (Ferrier abstaining).

8. Database Partnerships & Consortia Directory Demo: Ms. Juergens and Ms. Waukechon reported on a joint project (TSLAC and Amigos) to assist Texas librarians looking for group database pricing or other consortium services. The target date for project completion is September 2005, with January 2006 as a fall-back date.

9. Working Group Reports:

a. Card Program: Ms. McAnna reported on the last working group meeting on Friday, April 8, 2005. The Group discussed its charge and priorities. Its charge is “The TexShare Card Program Working Group reviews and recommends policies and procedures for the Card Program, and provides input from member libraries.” The Group defines its priorities as: monitoring the Card Program, reviewing policies and procedures and revising as needed, and promoting the program.

A tie-in between the TexShare Card and the Library of Texas was discussed. It might consist of printing the LOT user ID and password on the Card. Ms. Mason agreed to take this suggestion back to TSLAC for consideration.

To support prompter reporting of annual statistics, the group suggested (a) a review of the card email list to determine if card liaisons (those collecting and reporting the statistics) are all on the list; and (b) that announcements say explicitly that libraries should submit a report even if no TexShare activity occurred.

The working group members expressed a willingness to make personal contacts with libraries that have not added their lending policies to the web.

Issues related to people whose home libraries are not TexShare members were discussed. The group recommends a web page explaining what the Loan Star Library level 1 grant recipients can do for Texas residents.

b. Courier Program: Ms. Hawkins reported on the last working group meeting on April 5, 2005.

Working group members contacted the 12 libraries that failed to report statistics for the previous quarters.

Working group members are not aware of any problems resulting since the change in policy allowed materials checked out on a TexShare card to be returned via courier.

The group conducted a turn-around time study. Results:

  • Average turnaround was 1.9 days (excluding weekend days)
  • 44% of deliveries were received within one business day
  • 80% of deliveries were received within two business days
  • 94% of deliveries were received within three business day

Baylor University staff can generate TExpress labels from within ILLiad. The group recommended sharing Baylor’s process for using the ILLiad shipping labels in an appropriate forum. This information was distributed to participating libraries via the Spring 2005 issue of the Express Gazette.

Outgoing members of the working group were thanked for their years of service. Jeff Steely agreed to serve a second year as chair of the Working Group. The next meeting will be conducted via conference call after September.

There was additional discussion indicating that the Express Gazette may have had an error in the number of packages going astray. Board members expressed concern about the high rate. Ms. Juergens replied that this would require discussion, and action by the working group.

c. Education Services Program: Ms. Loranc reported the working group now provides on-line access to free educational resources, and a list of locally prepared database training resources to be posted on the TexShare web site as soon as possible. Joan Alcott has also agreed to participate in a panel discussion focusing on available educational resources at the Texas Library Association (TLA) conference in April 2006.

TexShare training has been highly successful this year. Approximately 120 people have attended vendor training, almost 600 participants have attended TexShare reference training, and over 100 people attended three videoconferences about the Library of Texas. A pilot program designed to use library school students to design and delivery TexShare training has really taken off, and will be expanded to include both UNT and TWU in FY06. This program is responsible for database web guides, face-to-face training, and several web resources including the “Bridge to TexShare for Small/Rural Libraries” found at www.ischool.utexas.edu/~bridge.

The working group plans a survey to help establish educational priorities for FY07. In addition to demographic information, the questions will cover preferred class formats and information about the Library of Texas.

The terms of service for Jerry Hoke, James Karney, Janna Lawrence, Lisa Loranc, and Pam Spooner have all expired, and this was their last meeting. Laura Heinz has agreed to act as Chair starting in September.

d. Electronic Information: Ms. Zerkow reported that the pledge drive for HeritageQuest was successful. The purchase of Stat!Ref worked as a new “purchasing group” pricing model.

e. Interlibrary Loan: no report

f. Texas Collections/THDI: no report

g. Communications: Mr. Tramel reported that the group gave away many cd’s of TexShare materials at TLA Conference. He also reported that the anecdote map is updated (see http://www.texshare.edu/map/anecdotes.html).

h. Library of Texas: Ms. Mosey reported on the online meeting in May. Items discussed included:

1) Software enhancements

a. Options to limit searches to online catalogs only or to databases only

b. A link to solicit questions and/or enhancements

c. Links to virtual reference services

d. Interlibrary Loan

2) Prioritizing non-TexShare databases to be available via LoT

3) Using an online Bulletin Board for discussion by LoT WG members

10. Strategic Partner Reports

a. University of Texas at Austin: no report

b. Amigos Library Services: Ms. Juergens reported that Amigos explored alternative courier service, but the potential vendor showed little interest. Current vendor is improving service. Satisfaction survey showed very few complaints in 3rd quarter. Once again, overall satisfaction with TExpress is high. Compared to 2004, responses in the “excellent” category decreased, but responses in the “good” category increased. As noted in the comment section, most libraries are impressed with the service. Consistent delivery and pick-up times could improve the level of satisfaction. Also, an increase of membership among libraries would please current subscribers.

11. Administrative Report: Ms. Shirley reported

a. TexShare Database Fees: We have collected slightly over $1.5 million for the FY05 TexShare database program. 651 libraries have paid (99%).

b. TexShare Databases: Based on recommendations of the TexShare Electronic Information Working Group, we have completed database contracts. The number of databases in the TexSelect program has grown, and we have used creative funding approaches to offer the lowest possible prices on Stat!Ref and First Search block searches.

A collaborative effort with the UT School of Information has made a series of database searching aids available to TexShare libraries.

NetLibrary no longer allows new categories of TexShare members to access existing e-book collections. Should the legislature authorize new categories of TexShare members, we would need to develop policy regarding e-book purchases for that new constituency.

NetLibrary does not support the Safari browser, which is a default browser for Apple products. Since other browsers are available free of charge to Apple users, NetLibrary e-books are still available to persons using Apple hardware.

The Electronic Information Working Group expressed concern that some institutions may want to exclude certain NetLibrary e-books from their collections or from computers in various locations in their libraries. We are encouraging NetLibrary to work towards a technical solution of this nature. Libraries have the option of excluding e-books from their collection through use of Internet filtering software.

SB 483 allows TSLAC to negotiate database licenses for the K-12 library community. This legislation comes without funding. TSLAC must work with the K-12 library community and TexShare member libraries to determine the best way to implement this project. TSLAC staff, representatives of the K-12 library community, and representatives of the TexShare community will meet on July 11, 2005.

One of the top recommendations of the January 2004 Statewide Resource Planning Session was to increase the diversity of discounted databases available to the TexShare community through cooperation with other consortia and independent database buying groups. LRS staff, in partnership with Amigos Library Services, has developed a prototype application to attain this goal.

c. Library of Texas: Recently the Houston Public Library dropped their subscription to a commercial metasearch service in favor of using the Library of Texas for multi-database searching.

We are engaged in a pilot program with the El Paso Area Library Consortium, a multi-type cooperative. The libraries in the consortium will use LoT to provide them with a virtual union catalog.

d. Administrative Rule Review: The rule review of 13 TAC 8.1 et. seq. (TexShare) was completed. No comments were received, and Chapter 8 rules were readopted.

e. TexShare Communications: We launched TexZine, an online newsletter that showcases database features and updates (http://www.texshare.edu/newsletter/texzine/).

f. Legislative Issues: TexShare will be directly impacted by legislation in two areas:

o New Statute: SB 483 gives the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) the authority to negotiate group-purchasing agreements on behalf of K-12 public school libraries. The bill does not make public school libraries eligible for TexShare membership. However, this legislation is a positive first step toward accomplishing that objective. Staff at TSLAC is scheduling meetings with stakeholder groups in order to discuss how to implement services to K-12 libraries.

o Funding: The legislature did not make the expected 5% reduction to the TSLAC budget and, in addition, added $1.25 million per year more for TexShare databases. However, the legislature also took general revenue funding out of the TSLAC capital budget and made some unfunded changes that impact all state agency budgets. This means that the overall budget for the library resource sharing operations will continue to be stretched thin. We are in the process of identifying economies that can be implemented with minimal impact to the services we provide to TexShare member libraries.

g. Digitization Planning: On March 21, 2004, 70 persons came to Austin to attend the second meeting of the Texas Heritage Digitization Initiative. The meeting focused on a review of the draft strategic plan to guide the efforts of the group over the next year.

TSLAC submitted an IMLS Leadership Grant proposal as part of the THDI. The application proposes to develop a seamless, integrated access to primary resource materials through the federated search capability of the Library of Texas (LoT) and to demonstrate the feasibility of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and the Z39.50 information retrieval protocol. Additionally, the grant would fund development of a handbook of best practices.

h. TLA Programs: TSLAC staff presented two programs related to the databases at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference: "Halt! Who Goes There? Authenticating Patron Access to Databases," and "Proxy Servers in Your Library." A total of 38 persons attended these programs. Two programs on TexShare were presented at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference: "TexSharing - Just Do It!" and "TexShare: Looking Back, Reaching Forward." At total of 108 persons attended these sessions. One program on LoT was presented at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference, "Connecting to the Library of Texas," with 25 in attendance. One program was presented on THDI at the Texas Library Association's Annual Conference.


TexShare Advisory Board Members:

Nancy Anderson, Howard Payne University

Steve Brown, North Richland Hills Public Library

Doug Ferrier, UT Brownsville/Texas Southmost College

Maurice Fortin, Angelo State University

Kathy Hoffman, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Eva Poole, Denton Public Library

Martha Tandy, Weatherford College

Darryl Tocker, Tocker Foundation

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Mike Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division

Dave Hardy, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ann Mason, Library Resource Sharing Division

Peggy Rudd, Director and Librarian

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Russlene Waukechon, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group Chairs/Liaisons:

Jo Anne Hawkins, UT Austin, Courier WG

Lisa Loranc, Pasadena Public Library, Education WG

Suzanne McAnna, UT Austin, Card WG

Jeanette Mosey, Austin Community College, LoT WG

Greg Tramel, Montgomery County Memorial Library System, Communications WG

Syma Zerkow, Houston Public Library, Electronic Information WG

Strategic Partners:

Bonnie Juergens, Amigos Library Services

Sue Phillips, UT Austin

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