TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

10:15 AM until 2:45 PM on September 30, 2005

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

State Capitol Extension, room E1.012

Austin, TX


1. Peggy Rudd welcomed new board members Cathy Dean (replacing JJ Baskin), Loriene Roy,

    and Larry Justiss.

2. Doug Ferrier was re-elected Chair and Martha Tandy was elected Vice Chair.

3. Minutes from the July 8, 2005 meeting were approved.

4. Future meetings were scheduled for March 31, 2006 and June 30, 2006.

5. No public comment

6. TSLAC Update: Peggy Rudd reported on the progress of the Sunset Review. Sunset Commission staff will be examining the agency between March -- August 2006. Sunset Commission staff may attend the Texas Library Association (TLA) conference. The agency strategic plan and LAR are also scheduled for the same timeframe.

Ms. Rudd gave an update on the renovation of Lorenzo de Zavala Building. There is a short list of firms from which to choose, and the interview process will begin in October. Some of the firms on the list have experience in library and archives projects.

Ms. Rudd also reported that the Institute of Museum and Library Science (IMLS) gave TSLAC a grant to fund the Texas Heritage Digitization Initiative (THDI) starting October 1st. Applications for the position of THDI Coordinator had been received. The project will allow Texas to create a means to search digital collections across state.

7. K-12 Database Program Recommendation: Beverley Shirley gave an overview of the process used to derive the recommendations. Susanna Garza of ESC-20 gave a presentation outlining the proposed partnership. The board approved all seven of the recommendations listed below.

  • Recommendation 1: A transition task force should be formed to discuss and develop recommendations relating to K-12 participation in TexShare group purchasing agreements.
  • Recommendation 2: The relationship of K-12 public school libraries to TexShare should be defined in the TexShare Roles and Responsibilities document.
  • Recommendation 3: TSLAC should enter into a partnership with ESC 20 to deliver consortium services to K-12 public school libraries in Texas.
  • Recommendation 4: TSLAC and ESC 20 should approach database selection for FY07 in partnership.
  • Recommendation 5: The partnership with K-12 libraries should begin by identifying a single, common database (or database vendor package) to be contracted for the TexShare core and participating K-12 partners.
  • Recommendation 6: By August 2006, TSLAC, working with the TexShare Advisory Board, will determine the feasibility of funding the K-12 portion of the shared database (or database vendor package) based on a statewide K-12 fee schedule.
  • Recommendation 7: The transition task force should study the issue of criteria for K-12 participation in a statewide database program and/or in TexShare.

8. TexShare Web Site Redesign: Mike Avila reported that in light of changes in the TexShare consortium, an evaluation of the website became a priority. TexShare is at the first stage of the process, which is gathering information.

9. Working Group Reports:

a. Card Program:

Since the last Board Meeting, the Card Group has worked by e-mail to clarify borrower responsibilities, re-affirm that participating libraries should not be charged for patron fines, and develop a statement promoting access to Katrina refugees and evacuees.

In 2004-05, the TexShare Card Program continued to effectively deliver books and materials where they were needed across the state. The program circulated 559,369 volumes/items from academic and public libraries; a 27% increase over the previous year. A more detailed analysis will be presented at the next board meeting.

b. Courier Program: Jo Anne Hawkins reported the program is going well and the working group has not met recently. Peggy Rudd commented on the new courier system employed in Northeast Texas Library System. Beverley Shirley reported on a study of courier turnaround time in conjunction with Dallas Public Library.

c. Education Services Program: no report

d. Electronic Information:

The EIWG welcomed 4 new members to the group in August as 4 long-term members terms expired. Leaving the group were Alice Nixon, Todd Peters, Don Dowdey, and Elizabeth Norman. Joining the group are Sandra Munger, Kerry Keck, Lisa Borden, and Karen Locher.

The EIWG met on August 30th to discuss K-12 participation in the database program as well as plans for the coming year. Results of the K-12 discussion have been provided elsewhere.

The Working Group surveyed TexShare members in terms of priorities as input to the RFO process for TexShare databases. The survey focuses on types of databases, not specific databases, and asks respondents to prioritize their choices. Once results are tallied, EIWG will meet to review and discuss the results. TSLAC staff will then develop and issue the RFO’s. We believe that OCLC Worldcat can be designated a unique “sole source” database and a new contract for access to that service may be negotiated without going through the RFO process.

EIWG also published a statement regarding access to database resources for evacuees that is available on the TexShare web site. The board recommended that thank you letters to the vendors be sent under the Chair’s signature.

e. Interlibrary Loan: Sara Lowman suggested a review of working group goals to determine the possibilities for combining, adding and/or eliminating working groups. The board asked staff to specifically look at the overlap between the ILL working group and the Courier working group to see if they could be combined. A similar examination should be made to combine or eliminate other working groups.

f. Texas Collections/THDI: no report

g. Communications:

The working group is sponsoring a TLA program at the 2006 Annual Conference in April. It is entitled “Kindle Your Community's Infatuation: Marketing enhances awareness, builds community support for your library's services and programs.” The purpose is to learn how to create/implement an effective plan to excite patrons and public officials. The working group will discuss how to reach out to shareholders. The participants will walk away with samples, techniques and an easy-to-use workbook to get started. The “TexSharing” Toolkit CD will also be updated and passed out at the TLA Conference.

h. Library of Texas: no report

10. Strategic Partner Reports

a. University of Texas at Austin: no report

b. Amigos: Bonnie Juergens noted a correction to the previous issue of the Gazette -- there are not 40 - 50 misdirected items a week, but 40 – 50 per month. Ms. Juergens also reported on the invoicing process for collecting the TexShare Database Program fees.

11. Administrative Report: Beverley Shirley reported.

a. TexShare Database Fees: As of September 22nd, we collected $1,520,290 (slightly over our target of $1.5 million) of the TexShare FY05 Database Program fees. 651 libraries paid fees (99%). Nine public libraries declined to pay FY05 database fees assessed to their libraries because they are not using the TexShare databases. We arranged for these libraries to have a free trial period with the databases as an opportunity to use these resources and experience their value.

Amigos Library Services sent out database fee invoices in August. Amigos will collect fees and forward payments to database vendors. By using this process, fee amounts will not be subject to the state’s capital budget rules.

TSLAC staff did not have enough time to recalculate the database fee schedule to bring it in line with the July decision of the TexShare Advisory Board regarding the issue of multi-institutional libraries. We will work with the Task Force on Database Fees toward implementation of that recommendation in FY07 invoicing.

b. TexShare Card: Despite the maturity of both the Loan Star Library grant program and the TexShare Card program, public libraries and their patrons are still confused about the workings and relationships between these two services. Ann Mason, The TexShare Coordinator, visited 14 libraries in South Texas, discussing TexShare issues such as participation in the card program and payment of database fees. As a result of the visit, five libraries have expressed an interest in joining the card program.

c. TSLAC Sunset: The TSLAC Sunset Self Evaluation Study is available on the TSLAC Web site at http://www.tsl.texas.gov/agency/sunset/. Policy issues of special interest to TexShare member libraries are policy issue five on preservation of historical government records, policy issue six on assisting libraries in public schools, policy issue seven on digitizing cultural heritage resources, and policy issue eight on reviewing and modernizing statutory language. We invite review and comment.

d. Digitization Planning: TSLAC, together with 11 partner institutions in the THDI, will identify, describe, digitize, preserve, and make broadly accessible special collections materials of history and culture held by libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies throughout the state.

e. K-12 Library Participation: In order to gather information regarding expectations and needs for a K-12 database program, TSLAC staff has held focus group meetings with the TexShare Advisory Board, the TexShare Electronic Information Working Group, representatives of the Education Service Centers and school library administrators, and in videoconferences with K-12 public school librarians.

f. Trademarking TexShare: TSLAC has applied to the Texas Secretary of State to register “TexShare” and “Library of Texas” as service marks in the state of Texas.

g. TLA Programs: We are planning several TexShare-related programs for the 2006 Texas Library Association Conference. These include:

Fired Up For TexShare update on the database bid and K-12 participation

Sleepless in CyberSpace on genealogy resources

Kindle Your Community's Infatuation on communicating with your community

Promoting the Library of Texas

Learning to Use the Library of Texas


TexShare Advisory Board Members:

Eileen Altmiller, St. Edward’s University

Nancy Anderson, Howard Payne University

Steve Brown, North Richland Hills Public Library

Cathy Dean, San Antonio

Doug Ferrier, University of Texas at Brownsville/Texas Southmost College

Maurice Fortin, Angelo State University

Kathy Hoffman, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Larry Justiss, Tom Green County Library System

Dennis Michaelis, McLennan Community College

Loriene Roy, University of Texas at Austin

Martha Tandy, Weatherford College

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Mike Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division

Dave Hardy, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ann Mason, Library Resource Sharing Division

Peggy Rudd, Director and Librarian

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Russlene Waukechon, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group Chairs/Liaisons:

Jay Clark, San Jacinto Community College, Card WG

Jo Anne Hawkins, UT Austin, Courier Services WG

Sara Lowman, Rice University, ILL WG

Suzanne McAnna, UT Austin, Card WG

Greg Tramel, Montgomery County Memorial Library System, Communications WG

Syma Zerkow, Houston Public Library, Electronic Information WG

Strategic Partners:

Bonnie Juergens, Amigos Library Services

Sue Phillips, University of Texas at Austin


Laura Alfaro, San Antonio ISD

Rick Alvarado, ESC-20

Janice Cayton, Northside ISD, San Antonio

Susanna Garza, ESC-20

Aaron Ingold, ProQuest

Mary Langford, Library Consultant

Michelle Martinez-Vega, ESC-20

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