TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

10:15 AM until 2:00 PM on October 20, 2006

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

1201 Brazos, room 314

Austin, TX


1. Ed Seidenberg welcomed new board member Candice Scott, and welcomed back renewing members Martha Tandy and Cathy Dean. He also presented a certificate of appreciation to Syma Zerkow for her outstanding work as the past Chair for the Electronic Information Working Group.

2. Doug Ferrier was reelected Chair of the board for 2007, and Martha Tandy was reelected Vice Chair.

3. Minutes from the June 30, 2006 meeting were approved.

4. The next 3 board meetings were scheduled: Jan. 26, 2007; April 27, 2007; and July 13, 2007.

5. No public comment.

6. TSLAC Update: TSLAC Update: Ed Seidenberg gave an update on the building renovation (there was a meeting with Senator Ogden in November) and the Sunset process. The Sunset staff released their report on Sept. 20th. Next, the Sunset Commission will hold public hearings on Nov. 14th or 15th. After that, the Sunset Commission will announce their decisions on Dec. 12th or 13th.

7. TexShare LAR Budget ’08-‘09: Beverley Shirley reported on the LAR request, and Ed Seidenberg discussed budgetary issues (see item #11-G below). The Chair will draft and forward to the board a resolution in support of TSLAC’s budget strategies for ’08-’09 biennium.

8. TexTreasures Rules: Beverley Shirley and Ellen Safley reported.

The agency is consolidating all the grants under one subchapter of the rules. Each TSLAC grant program will have a separate section for their specific rules, but the general rules will apply to all grants. Some of the details will not be put in the rules, but will be addressed in the guidelines for each grant program. The task of the working group was to look at the existing TexTreasures rules and recommend changes. The changes considered include:

  1. Do we still see the purpose of TexTreasures grants as “seed” money, or do we want to allow the grants to fully fund discrete projects?

    The recommendation of the group was to drop the seed money and allow funding to discrete projects. The issue of allowing applicants to apply for additional funding for the same project for up to 3 years of funding was also discussed, but we didn’t come to a final recommendation.
  2. Microfilming is now in use as a preservation technology, not as a strategy for increased access to collections. Would it, therefore, be appropriate to remove “microfilming” from the list of eligible project activities?

    The group agreed that microfilming was principally a preservation technology, and that these grants are not specifically for preservation activities but is meant for access and resource sharing projects. The group recommends that “microfilming” be removed from the list of eligible project activities.
  3. TexShare member libraries have forged a number of valuable partnerships enabling their joint digital projects. Should we allow non-profit organizations applying on behalf of TexShare members to be eligible? Should we allow TexTreasures funding to be applied to non-member partners in the project as well as to TexShare member collections?

    After a lengthy discussion, the group agreed that the applicant should be a TexShare member, and the funds should be awarded to the applicant. TexShare members can apply on behalf of a partnership that includes non-members, and the funds can be directed to non-profit organizations in the partnership.
  4. Other competitive grants offered by TSLAC do not specify a match in the grants’ rules; rather match is specified in the grant guidelines and does not come into play for amounts at the $20,000 - $25,000 level. Should we remove the match requirement from TexTreasures grants? If so, should we ask applicants to address sustainable access to their collections in the project design portion?

    The recommendation of the group is to remove the match requirement from the grant rules, but award points in the scoring for cost effectiveness to encourage leveraging local resources. The group proposes adding a question to the rules under Award Criteria, Cost Effectiveness – “Does the project proposal leverage local resources?”
  5. Other competitive grants offered by TSLAC do not specify a cap on the amount of the grant. Should we continue to cap grants to individual applicants at $20,000? Would it be appropriate to have a larger cap for collaborative projects - $25,000?

    The group recommends keeping the cap at $20,000 for a single applicant and raising the cap to $25,000 for collaborative projects. This should be taken out of the rules and put in the guidelines to be consistent with the other TSLAC grants.
  6. The commission will also be considering a proposal that for FY2008 and FY2009 portions of each competitive grant be reserved for regional library system applications, should systems choose to apply. We ask the TexShare Advisory Board to make recommendations to the commission regarding this proposal as it relates to TexTreasures grants.

    There was concern expressed by the working group that the grant funds available are too small to reserve a portion of it for the Systems. The working group would be scoring all applications, while only giving out 2 or 3 grants each year based on those scores. The time and energy necessary to go through the process of awarding the grants would be disproportional to the small number of grants awarded on the basis of that scoring process.

The board voted to forward these WG recommendations to the Commission.

9. Working Group Reports:

A. Card Program: Jay Clark reported.

  • In FY06, there were 30,095 TexShare cards issued from the 392 TexShare libraries that reported. There were 457,552 items circulated. This reflects a decline in items circulated from the public libraries. It was suggested that more promotion of the TexShare card use to the public libraries might help to address the decline in circulation. (See item #11-E for one approach TexShare staff is already taking. This class will also be repeated at TLA Annual Conference in April 2007.)
  • In the 10th anniversary of the program, we should keep in mind that TexShare has created a program that is providing to Texas citizens resources equivalent of building a university library or a large public library.

B. Interlibrary Loan/Courier Service: Kate Cordts reported.

  • The Interlibrary Loan/Courier Working Group presented the 7th Interlibrary Loan Workshop on September 29th at the Doubletree Hotel in Austin. The location was changed this year to provide an opportunity for Interlibrary Loan professionals and staff in other parts of Texas to attend more easily. Total registration was 134, making this the best-attended workshop to date. The keynote topic was “Rethinking Resource Sharing” and most of the presentations were focused on the changing role of Interlibrary Loan not only in Texas but on a global level. The workshop went smoothly and was well received by the participants. PowerPoint presentations are posted to the TexShare web site at: http://www.texshare.edu/ill-courier/7thworkshop/agenda.html

    Interlibrary Loan Department of the Year awards were presented during the workshop. The winners were: Academic Library -- Texas A&M University, College Station; Public Library -- Amarillo Public Library; and Special Library -- Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

    The WG has suggested that future workshops be held in different locations around the state. Early discussion for the next workshop suggested holding it in San Antonio or Corpus Christi in the Spring 2008.
  • WG members contacted non-reporting libraries earlier this year and Ann Mason contacted every non-reporting library before the end of the fiscal year. These efforts resulted in an excellent report. Almost 100% of courier participants reported statistics! Only one library did not report. These statistics are vital for the Cost Avoidance report to the legislature.

    Final statistics for FY 06:

    Subsidized libraries 163

    Non-subsidized libraries 11

    Total shipped 329,582

    Total received 332,513

C. Education Services Program: No report.

D. Electronic Information: Kerry Keck reported.

  • As reported this summer, TSLAC has completed contract negotiations for this fiscal year. The EIWG plans to meet to review TexShare’s need for expanding the TexSelect program. We hope to add 2 to 3 new databases to the program during the next year. EIWG will work to develop guidelines and a timeline for weeding the netLibrary ebook collection.
  • The following new members have been named to replace representatives whose terms have expired: Kristen L. Cook, McLennan Community College; Kristen Merritt, Palestine Public Library; Stephanie Langenkamp, San Marcos Public Library. The WG expresses sincere thanks to the outgoing members: Marian Jackson, Tyler Junior College; Janis Test, Abilene Public Library; and outgoing chair Syma Zerkow, Houston Public Library.

E. Communications: Greg Tramel reported.

  • The TexSharing Toolkit 2.0 is on the TexShare Outreach Materials web page www.texshare.edu/outreach_materials.html. It now includes the TexShare Communication Plan Workbook: A Step-by-Step Customizable Marketing Guide for TexShare Member Libraries. The TexSharing Toolkit includes other materials to enthuse staff, customers, funding entities, and others in the community about TexShare services. It contains logos, brochures, bookmarks, flyers, sticker and button templates, customizable press releases, posters, customizable Op-Ed articles and database searching guides.
  • The TexShare Communications WG TLA Conference 2007 program will be Take the Cloak of Invisibility off Your E-Collections! Making "E" Visible presented by Lesley Williams, Head, Information Services, Evanston Public Library, IL. To draw patrons past the Googles of the world, we need to revolutionize how electronic resources are promoted. Hear what Lesley suggests librarians and vendors do to "uncloak" electronic collections. Lesley Williams is the author of the June 15, 2006 Library Journal article addressing this topic www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6341888.html.
  • The TexShare web page re-design is currently in stage 5, which is the create navigation stage. We are currently working with the new Webmaster and LRS staff to focus on the navigability of a new TexShare web page and to make sure all state and federal legal requirements applicable to state Web sites are met.
  • It was suggested that the group discuss how they could assist the Card WG in promoting the Card program as Jay Clark mentioned above.

F. Library of Texas: Jeanette Mosey reported.

  • Usability Testing: Diane Neal has submitted her report on the Usability Testing for the Library of Texas. The working group will discuss it and bring details of that discussion to you at the next meeting of the Advisory Board.
  • LoT Enhancements Update:

    1. Allow a library to automatically verify patron status for ILL or hold requests via support of SIP2 and NCIP standards for this function. Status: In testing.
    2. Allow users to place holds on items they find in their home library catalog and provide a list of possible branches for user pickup based on patron status, again via support of SIP2 and NCIP standards for this function. Status: In testing.
    3. Support ILL request processing via ISO ILL protocol-compliant messages and via email systems. Status: In testing.
    4. Link item records to external databases using Open-URL link resolvers. Status: Implemented.
    5. Adjust the "Advanced Search" page to make it more article-friendly by adding start and end date boxes; adding AND, OR, and NOT operators; making 4 text boxes with default fields "title, author, keyword, Journal title;" re-labeling the ID number as ISBN/ISSN. Status: Implemented.
    6. Display "Link to Article" button instead of the actual URL. Status: Implemented.
    7. Add an "Article Text" link at top of full-record display, taking the user to the beginning of the text. Status: Implemented.
    8. For items that include summary of an article, add a "Summary" label and link to the beginning of the summary. Status: Implemented.
    9. Allow a library to have local results appear first on the right side of the results page. Status: Implemented.
  • Sharing MARC Records FAQ: The Working Group discussed a draft “FAQ on Sharing MARC Records” at its July meeting and is revising it. Permission forms to link to library catalogs and download MARC records were mailed to Library Directors during the summer.
  • Local Database Subscriptions & Virtual Reference Services Links: The WG discussed possible ways for libraries to formally alert Kevin to local database (non-TexShare) subscriptions and about virtual reference (VR) services for linking from a library’s LoT interface page.
  • LoT WG Web Site: the WG web site is being taken under review.

G. TexTreasures Grants: See agenda item #8 above.

10. Strategic Partner Reports

A. University of Texas at Austin: No report

B. Amigos: Tim Prather reported.

The Summer 2006 Express Gazette was distributed. A report was also distributed from Bonnie Juergens on the national symposium she attended entitled “Moving Mountains: A Symposium Exploring Library Courier Services.” The symposium was held Sept. 14-15 in Denver and over 100 people attended. The information on the symposium is on their web site at: http://www.clicweb.org/couriersymposium

C. ESC-20: Susanna Garza reported.

  • At this point, 2.3 million K-12 students are being served by K-12 TexShare databases. All 20 ESC’s have supported the initiative.
  • New information is constantly being added to the K-12 TexShare web site at: http://web.esc20.net/texshare/
  • Two articles of importance on information literacy from the 21st Century Skills organization were mentioned: Go to www.21stcenturyskills.org and click on Publications, then on Learning for 21st Century and Road to 21st Century.
  • TSLAC has offered hope and leadership to the school libraries with the K-12 TexShare database initiative. This program connects school, public and academic libraries. They now have opportunities to work together that did not exist in the past. While TEA has added the restoration of TLC as a priority in the new Texas Long Range Plan for Technology, the result will depend on funding appropriations by the legislature.

9. Administrative Report: Beverley Shirley reported.

A. TexShare Board Members: Welcome to Candice Scott, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs - Library, Information Technology and Academic Support Services, Schreiner University, Kerrville, who is joining the board as a representative of private universities. Welcome back to Martha Tandy and Cathy Dean, who have agreed to serve another term on the board.

B. TexShare Database Fees: As of October 12, 2006, we have collected $866,893 of the TexShare FY07 Database Program Fees. 277 libraries have paid.

C. TexShare Databases:
The Bridge to TexShare for Small and Rural Libraries (http://www.texshare.edu/bridge/mainpage.html) continues into its 3rd year of development. This year, Dr. Roy's classes will develop updated tutorials and provide instruction on the databases to local libraries and communities. Database Coordinator, Russlene Waukechon, and Automation Consultant, Eduardo Loera, are discussing similar partnerships with Dr. Diane Neal and her Information Storage and Retrieval class at TWU and Dr. Ana Cleveland and Frances May at UNT.

In accordance with the recommendations of the EIWG, FY2006 database purchases did not include NetLibrary ebooks. The publishers with which NetLibrary contracts have determined that library consortia must buy multiple copies of each ebook title purchased. Peggy Rudd and members of the Library Resource Sharing staff met with Rich Rosy, Vice President of OCLC in charge of NetLibrary content, to discuss the new NetLibrary purchasing model. Mr. Rosy is willing to work with us, but we have not been able to identify an affordable option for adding NetLibrary books to our collection at this time.

D. Communication Plan Workbooks: The Communication Plan Workbooks developed by the Communications Working Group have been very popular items! After distributing over 100 workbooks at the TLA Annual Conference last April, we have had several requests for these “best sellers.” It’s in its “third printing,” and is also available online at http://www.texshare.edu/toolkit/internal/commplan.html.

E. TexShare Card Classes: Ann Mason partnered with Wendy Clark, Loan Star Coordinator, to present two videoconference training sessions on "A Texas-Sized Collaboration: The TexShare Card and Loan Star Libraries Programs." The purpose of these sessions was to explain the requirements and benefits of participating in each program, and to show how libraries can maximize service to their communities by participating in both programs. About 100 public librarians from around the state participated in this workshop.

F. TCAL Update: Doug Ferrier, Kathy Hoffman, Sue Phillips, Robert Watkins, and Beverley Shirley presented a TexShare update to the Texas Council of Academic Library Directors (TCAL) at their annual meeting on September 20, 2006. The presentation included an overview of the TexShare Advisory Boards and Working Groups; information on the new TexShare core databases, the TexSelect program, and participation of K-12 school libraries in group purchase of databases; an introduction to the new joint TexShare-Amigos Database Partnerships service; and updates on a variety of other TexShare programs.

G. TSLAC Appropriations Request for TexShare programs: In the last three legislative sessions, TSLAC has submitted both the TexShare databases and the Loan Star Library program for exceptional item funding. In all three biennium, the TexShare databases received exceptional item funding while the Loan Star Library program did not. This history indicates that if TSLAC requests exceptional items for both programs again, there is a clear and significant danger that the Loan Star Library program would not receive the restoration or growth in funding that is needed to advance the condition of public libraries in the state. With Texas public libraries ranked 47th in the nation in terms of per capita expenditures, they are in great need of additional revenue from the state. If the colleges and universities of Texas hope for students to come to their institutions with a strong background in research skills, the condition of the public libraries must be made a statewide priority.

Impact of the TSLAC budgetary strategy on our K-12 partners is of concern. While we are committed to a healthy future for K-12 school libraries, the unforeseen requirement to cut our current budget forced us to look at the timing for a request for the Legislature to fund school databases. In a time when we were forced to cut 10% from an existing program, when the issue of K-12 school libraries was still up for review by both the Sunset staff an interim House study, and when the TEA draft Long-Range Plan for Technology proposed re-establishing funding for TLC in the TEA budget, there was (and still is) uncertainty regarding the agency and the best strategy for serving K-12 libraries. Two years from now this uncertainty should be resolved, and we should be better prepared to approach the Legislature with a funding request.

H. TexTreasures Rules: Grants for Access to Local Holdings (TexTreasures Grants) have been a part of the TexShare program for many years. Due to budget cuts, these grants have not been available since 2003. Our Legislative Appropriation Request budgets funding for restoration of this grant program in the FY2008-2009 biennium. See TexTreasures discussion above (item #8).

Next board meeting will be January 26, 2007.


TexShare Advisory Board Members:

Nancy Anderson, Howard Payne University

Cathy Dean

Doug Ferrier, UT Brownsville/Texas Southmost College

Maurice Fortin, Angelo State University

Larry Justiss, Tom Green County Library System

Dennis Michaelis, McLennan Community College

Candice Scott, Schreiner University

Martha Tandy, Weatherford College

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Mike Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division

Sue Bennett, Library Resource Sharing Division

Dave Hardy, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ann Mason, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ed Seidenberg, Assistant State Librarian

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Russlene Waukechon, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group Chairs/Liaisons:

Jay Clark, San Jacinto College, Card WG

Kate Cordts, San Antonio Public Library, ILL/Courier Services WG

Kerry Keck, Rice University, Electronic Information WG

Jeanette Mosey, Austin Community College, Library of Texas WG

Ellen Safley, UT Dallas, TexTreasures WG

Greg Tramel, Montgomery Country Memorial Library System, Communications WG

Strategic Partners:

Susanna Garza, ESC-20

Sue Phillips, University of Texas at Austin

Tim Prather, Amigos Library Services


Catherine Hamer, UT Austin

Elizabeth Puthoff, ICUT

Syma Zerkow, Houston Public Library

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