TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

10:15 AM until 2:00 PM on September 26, 2007

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

1201 Brazos, room 314

Austin, TX


1. Recognize Departing Board Members & Welcome New Board Members: Peggy Rudd acknowledged departing members Nancy Anderson, Maurice Fortin, Steve Brown, and Dennis Michaelis. New members are Evelyn Bonner of Wiley College, Joan Heath of Texas State University San Marcos, Kathy Fair of Kilgore College, and Sheila Ross Henderson of Pasadena Public Library.

2. Election of Chair and Vice Chair: The board unanimously agreed that Doug Ferrier with continue to be Chair and Joan Heath will be Vice Chair.

3.The minutes from April 27, 2007 were approved.

4. Set Future Meeting Dates: Next meeting date will be the second day of the Statewide Resource Sharing Summit in February 2008. The meeting after that will be May 30, 2008.

5. No public comment.

6. TSLAC Update: Peggy Rudd reported on the progress of the de Zavala building renovation. The start of construction has been moved to November 1st. There have been several events planned related to the building renovation. In the last legislative session, Representative Kolkhorst helped secure funds from the TEA technology allotment for public school databases. Ms. Rudd was invited to join Rep Kolkhorst in visits and public appearances in her district. Ms. Rudd spoke on efforts to increase awareness of need for further resources for databases, courier service, TexTreasures grants, or for new programs.

7. K-12 Libraries – Role at Board Meetings: Peggy Rudd requested the board approve including two public school librarians to participate as non-voting members on the TexShare Advisory Board. There is a precedent for this when private and community colleges were first joining TexShare. The board voted to have the Director and Librarian appoint two public school librarians as ex officio board members

8. TexShare Strategic Planning: Ann Mason reported on a proposed list of desired outcomes for TexShare strategic planning: Direction for K-12 public school libraries, balance between core services and discounted services (databases & courier service), and new programs. The board endorsed these outcomes and also requested:

  • That strategic planning includes a discussion of expansion of TexShare to non-profit groups besides the K-12 public school libraries. A discussion took place about special libraries and for-profit hospitals interest in TexShare. Staff will try and gather information on for-profit hospitals and add it to strategic planning
  • That strategic planning discuss a TexShare emergency contingency planning program that could include use of TexShare cards and TexShare databases in the event of mass evacuation. It was suggested getting contractual agreements from vendors to allow provision of services to evacuees.

9. Transition Task Force Report on K-12 Database Implementation: Carlyn Gray reported that the task force agreed that an EBSCO contract would be the quickest and easiest to implement by September 1, 2007. But, EBSCO is weak in the encyclopedia area; therefore, they want to add a K-12 encyclopedia database. A literature database was discussed, but rejected on grounds of less applicability to elementary-level students and limited funds. Encyclopedia trials are underway and we plan to have an encyclopedia package available on December 1, 2007.

10. Permanent Fees Task Force Recommendation: Beverley Shirley requested that the Task Force on Database Fees be made a permanent committee in TexShare. This would require member terms and rotating membership. Members have currently been meeting for five years. Roles and responsibilities would also need to be clarified and formalized. This would be a task force that makes recommendations to board, rather than a working group that oversees a program. Recommendation was approved.

11. Working Group Reports

A. Card Program: Jay Clark reported on the TexShare Card Working Group meeting at TLA in San Antonio. The working group discussed the proposal for a centralized listing of TexShare card holders who had lost borrowing privileges that would be posted on the TexShare website. Currently the program relies on email notifications going out to participating libraries about users who are abusing privileges. Very few notifications are posted and the building and maintenance of such a central database would be time-consuming. The Group will continue to consider this possibility. The Group also reviewed the definitions that our statistics are based on and agreed to reduce the total categories from 9 to 8. General performance of the Card Program is excellent, circulating about 46,000 volumes a month.

B. Interlibrary Loan/Courier Service: Susan Bennett reported that the group is busy planning the next ILL/Courier workshop in Austin on Feb. 15, 2008. Texas Panhandle Library System started its own regional courier system similar to Northeast Texas Library System that will also interface with TExpress/TAE statewide courier service. TSLAC has contracted with BCR of Colorado to study Texas Group, reimbursements and other ILL activity at the state level.

C. Education Services: No report

D. Electronic Information: Sue Phillips reported that all databases were renewed for FY08. The core menu stayed the same as last year providing us with consistency and continuity for our membership from last year. We have 50 databases in the core menu for TexShare. Facts on File and Britannica were added to TexSelect, which brings the total number of titles to 55. The Stat!Ref group purchase was successful – there are 68 libraries participating in this purchase in FY08.

E. Communications: No report

F. Library of Texas (LoT): Kevin Marsh reported that they are looking for a new Chair and they are looking to fill some vacancies on the working group. A new version of LoT will add cutting edge features of federated searching such as improved service for simultaneous users, display of search results “facets” that allow users to refine their searches by author or subject, the ability to connect to library holdings via link-resolvers, and the ability for searching of local electronic subscriptions.

G. TexTreasures: No report

12. Strategic Partner Reports

A. University of Texas at Austin: No report

B. Amigos Library Services: Amigos supplied FY08 pricing for the TExpress courier service. The full amount for each participant is $3,600. Amigos conducted a survey of all non-participating public and academic libraries in Texas to determine interest in either joining the current 5-day courier service or participating in a 2-3 day service. Results of the survey will be available in October. Amigos instituted a “Contact Us” form available on all pages of the web site to simplify reporting issues with the courier.

C. Education Service Center, Region 20: Susanna Garza reported on the new role that ESC 20 has with TSLAC to help administer the statewide K-12 Database Program. ESC 20 will be responsible for activation activities, a help desk, technical support, and training. The goals are to ensure 100% participation of K-12 public schools, show increases usage of the databases, show how access makes a difference to teaching and learning, and especially increase the use of the databases in elementary schools. Some challenges are increasing awareness at all levels, the perception that all research can be done on the open web using Google, because the funds came from the technology allotment there is a broader scope. A high level of support from the other ESCs is needed to be successful.

13. Administrative Report: Beverley Shirley reported

A. TexShare Database Fees. We have collected 100% of the TexShare FY07 Database Program Fees. 74 public libraries used their Loan Star Libraries money to pay their fees. The total amount invoiced to libraries in FY08 reflected a 5% increase. The change will be accomplished by raising the maximum and minimum amounts paid per recommendations of the Fees Task Force.

B. TexTreasures Grants. Because of a delay in approving a federal budget, we did not receive a federal appropriation adequate for us to TexTreasures grants in FY2008.

C. K-12 Public Library Partners. During the 2007 session, the Texas State Legislature added Rider 88 to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) budget. Rider 88 directs the Commissioner of Education to transfer amounts not to exceed $2.5 million in each year of the 2008-2009 biennium to TSLAC for the purpose of acquiring “online research and information resources for libraries in public schools, and for administrative expenses." Funds are to come from TEA’s technology allotment. The core set of 38 databases that was available at discounted pricing to K-12 libraries in FY2007 will be continued without charge in the statewide program. After consulting with the Transition Task Force, we determined the best use of the remaining statewide database funds is to license an online full-text encyclopedia. We are undergoing a purchasing process, including statewide trials, to choose an encyclopedia. LRS staff is structuring a program of technical support, outreach and training for the K-12 database program. We will continue to partner with Education Service Center - Region 20 (ESC-20) to provide much of the needed technical support and training. While K-12 public school libraries are partners with TexShare in providing statewide database services, they are not TexShare members. The question of TexShare membership for K-12 libraries is a strategic issue that should be discussed during TexShare strategic planning. Also during the 2007, the TSLAC Sunset bill, SB 913, was passed including instructions that TSLAC and TEA conduct a joint study to identify the needs of public school libraries and to determine which needs each agency is best suited to address.

D. THDI Update: The Texas Heritage Online search interface officially launched July 1, 2007 at www.texasheritageonline.org.

E. Statewide Resource Sharing Strategic Planning: We schedule TexShare strategic planning sessions to occur every four years, and we are due to hold a strategic planning session in early calendar year 2008. This is during the time period during which we will be completing a joint TSLAC-TEA study of K-12 library needs as outlined in our Sunset Legislation and when a TLA initiative, “Transforming Texas Libraries” will look at a vision for the future of library services in Texas. These assessment and planning activities can work together to guide future resource sharing activities.


FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2008.


TexShare Advisory Board Members:

Evelyn Bonner, Wiley College

Cathy Dean, San Antonio Public Library

Kathy Fair, Kilgore College

Doug Ferrier, UT Brownsville/Texas Southmost College

Joan Heath, Texas State University San Marcos

Larry Justiss, Tom Green County Library System

Sheila Ross Henderson, Pasadena Public Library System

Martha Tandy, Weatherford College

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Sue Bennett, Library Resource Sharing Division

Dave Hardy, Library Resource Sharing Division

Kevin Marsh, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ann Mason, Library Resource Sharing Division

Peggy Rudd, Director and Librarian

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group Chairs/Liaisons:

Jay Clark, San Jacinto College, Card WG

Strategic Partners:

Susanna Garza, ESC-20

Sue Phillips, University of Texas at Austin


Carlyn Gray, Round Rock ISD

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