TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

2 :00AM until 4PM on October 7, 2008 - Omni Austin Hotel Downtown

700 San Jacinto at 8th Street, Austin Room (2nd floor)

Austin, TX


1. Elect Chair and Vice Chair: Joan Heath was elected Chair and Larry Justiss was elected Vice Chair.

2. Approval of Minutes From July 7, 2008: The minutes were approved.

3. Public Comment: Jay Clark says “thank you” for receiving his certificate of appreciation; he enjoyed serving on the TexShare Card group as board liaison.

4. Set Dates for Future Meetings: Tentative dates are Feb. 26, 2009 and May 11, 2009.

5. TSLAC Update: Beverley Shirley reported for Peggy Rudd. TSLAC is approaching our centennial in 2009 and we hope to have the majority of building renovation completed. There were ten exceptional items in the legislative appropriation request, with additional funding for TexShare programs included. Peggy Rudd has appeared before the budget staff of the Legislative Budget Board, the Governor’s Office of Budget, Policy and Planning, and the Lt. Governor’s Office and should be notified of their recommendations soon.

6. ILL Study Update: Sue Bennett, TSLAC TexNet Coordinator, presented an update of the InterLibrary Loan study. The ILL Study Implementation Task Force has completed its initial analysis of the models presented in the study and is now participating in a series of online meetings with representatives from states that have adopted one of the models presented in the study. The task force will write up an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each model and put them up on the task force website at: http://www.texshare.edu/apps/illstudytaskforce/. TSLAC staff and some study members have been presenting information and holding discussions at regional library system meetings. Most of the issues we’ve heard involve concern about future staffing needs and postage costs for interlibrary loan. There is still some work to be done in informing librarians regarding possible systems for statewide interlibrary loan and how they might work. The task force recommends that a pilot project begin in 2010, and by the end of the pilot project we plan to have a recommendation for funding approval by the legislature by 2011 or 2012.

7. Proposed TexShare Statute Changes: Beverley Shirley reminded the board that one of the recommendations from the Resource Sharing Summit was to provide the current membership flexibility and control over the growth of the consortium. TexShare membership is currently defined by statute, so membership can only be changed if the Legislature changes the statute. Taking membership out of statute and putting it in rule gives TSLAC and the current membership more control over TexShare growth. TSLAC staff has drafted a revision to the TexShare statute that would accomplish this. After considerable discussion, the board recommended that:

· §441.226 dealing with the advisory board include a statement that the advisory board composition be representative of the various types of libraries comprising the membership. One concern remained about the new statute allowing for-profit organizations to participate in the consortium.

· §441.229 specify that participation in group purchasing agreements be defined in a manner that enhances resource sharing services to the consortium members.

· There will be a follow-up meeting in December to consider the issue of nonprofit and for-profit members and/or affiliate members. Several board members expressed concern over the implications of possible future participation by for-profit institutions. Prior to meeting on this topic, TSLAC staff was directed to prepare a document on the advantages and disadvantages of a statutory prohibition on membership by for-profit institutions.

8. Statewide Resource Sharing Summit Update: Beverley Shirley gave an update on the items that were recommended by the board in the July meeting.

· Beverley Shirley and Ann Mason met with Pat Smith and Gloria Meraz of the Texas Library Association (TLA) on August 21, 2008 to discuss a survey TLA has planned in response to needs identified in the Transforming Texas Libraries process. Staff reported that the TLA survey will be focused on deriving a “value of libraries” measurement. The Resource Sharing Summit participants recommended a survey to determine what services librarians and library users expect and need in order to determine what collaborative resource sharing activities could be instituted to address these needs. Consequently, we will need to design and execute our own survey rather than “piggy back” on the TLA survey.

· We have identified potential members of a Summit Implementation Task Force and are in process of refining the task force charge prior to contacting these candidates.

· We have generated a draft of legislation to provide TexShare members more control over the growth of the consortium.

· In response to the recommendation that TexShare program goals be expressed in terms of outcomes, we are exploring ways to collaborate with the partners in our “Train to Share” grant on training in and development of outcomes-based evaluations for these projects.

9. Working Group Reports: no oral reports, four written reports

Card Program Working Group: Submitted Katie Prentice. A face-to-face meeting of the working group was held during TLA in Dallas on April 15, 2008. Discussion focused on outreach and recruitment of libraries to the TexShare Card program. 150 of 540 public libraries are not participating and 8 academic libraries are not in the program. Working Group participants agreed to discuss options for recruiting participants, possibly calling the libraries. The working group also discussed comments on the Card program that were submitted by members as part of the annual TexShare Report survey. The Working Group members requested TexShare staff to explore ways of computerized ways of producing cards for individuals. The Working Group also discussed the issue of persons whose TexShare card privileges have been suspended and reaffirmed the need for participant libraries to be careful to issue cards only to patrons in good standing.

Education Services Working Group: Submitted Gillian Wiseman. A face-to-face meeting of the working group was held in Austin on July 10, 2008. Public library database usage statistics have increased only slightly over last year. We have not yet recovered to levels of usage seen in 2005 after previous intensive TexShare database training. Members recommended that TSLAC hire a consultant to build database training modules, similar to the program for K-12 databases in which ESC 20 created extensive and very successful training for public school librarians and teachers. School library training included both face-to-face and online training components, presented by ESC 20 and other Education Service Centers around the state. It is expensive but very well received. A similar model could be followed to hire a group to create modules for public and academic libraries, including both general database training, promotion of databases, training in how to teach end-users to use databases themselves, and more.

The working group also discussed how to publicize the databases without crossing the line into “advertising.” TexShare already has good “brand recognition” with the State Legislature – need to keep this going and spread recognition at the local user level.

Electronic Information Working Group: Submitted by Kerry Keck. Renewals for several of the non-core databases have been completed – the latest being StatRef!. Renewal for the American Chemical Society journals for calendar year 2009 is pending. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission staff has prepared informational reports for the Legislative Budget Board, and further activity for the Electronic Working Group will await the outcome of the next legislative session and the setting of the databases budget.

Library of Texas Working Group: Submitted by Judith Hiott. The LoT software will soon be re-located to servers maintained by the LoT development contractor, Index Data. Moving to software as a service model will facilitate both the development and maintenance of the program. Kevin Marsh will spend the first half of October making sure participating libraries have the new IP addresses and facilitating access on the new server. The server switch will take place in the second half of October.

The September 18, 2008 working group meeting focused on outreach to libraries that would benefit from LoT and on improvements to the LoT service. Improvements that the group recommended include:

  • Limiting searches to full-text articles.
  • Creating database search groups that will further delineate article from book searches.
  • Using freely available API’s to bring book cover art into LoT.
  • Continuing to simplify the LoT search interface in the direction of a more Google-like experience.
  • Making individual library pages more customizable to match the library’s Web site look and feel.
  • Exploring better ways to authenticate small libraries for the service.
  • Testing OpenURL functionality with a Houston Public Library link resolver.

The working group approved necessary development of LoT if the ILL working group wants to test using LoT to mediate interlibrary loan.

10. Strategic Partner Reports:

University of Texas at Austin: no report

Amigos Library Services: Tim Prather reported for Judye Glick. TExpress has been busy with new pricing for the new fiscal year in light of the addition of 2-day-per-week and 3-day-per-week delivery options. Subsidies have stayed the same for the 5-day-per-week service, but the working groups may recommend changing these in the future. The courier service newsletter is now being emailed to participants to increase readership.

Education Service Center, Region 20: no report

11. Administrative Report:

Welcome New Board Member. Welcome to our new public university representative: Dr. Farzaneh Razzaghi, director of the University of Texas - Pan American library. Dr. Razzaghi received her doctorate in library and information studies in 1990 and master's in library science in 1980 from Texas Woman's University in Denton. She has been an active member of the TexShare Education Services Working Group since 2003. Dr. Razzaghi is a member of ALA and ACRL where she is serving on three committees. She is also a member of the Texas Council of Academic Libraries.

TexShare Database Fees. We have collected $1,579,907 (100%) of the TexShare FY08 Database Program Fees. 673 libraries have paid (99.9%). 103 public libraries used their Loan Star Libraries funds to pay their database fee.

New TexShare Member fees. The South Texas College of Law was added to the TexShare consortium as a result of a change in the definition of “Private or independent institution of higher education” enacted in the last session. This institution does not fit into any of the fee categories that have already been established. We have temporarily assigned them a fee commensurate with that of medical libraries. We will ask the Database Cost Sharing Working Group to determine a permanent fee assignment for them this year.

ILL Study. See agenda item #6.

Study of the needs of K-12 Libraries. The results of the study of K-12 library needs and recommendations is still available for review and comment at: http://www.tsl.texas.gov/ld/pubs/schoolneeds. The study found that all of the needs listed in the survey are considered important to good school library programs. The ones the school community ranked the highest focus on funding and resources to ensure a strong and successful school library program, while emphasizing that school librarians are part of the educational process for student success and need support and recognition of that role. Of the seventeen needs listed, the local district was scored as best suited for ten needs, the Texas Education Agency for seven needs, and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for two needs.

The study includes a lengthy set of recommendations. Some summary points include:

  • Additional funding from local districts and the state is key.
  • Both TEA and TSLAC can work with local districts in areas such as collaboration among libraries and with community organizations.
  • Many respondents call for the Standards to be mandatory; mandated district programs and services are clearly a responsibility of TEA.
  • Data are essential for evaluation; this could be a responsibility for TEA, if additional resources were available and the necessary statutory changes enacted.

The study will be taken to the Texas State Library’s commission at its October 20, 2008 meeting. The study must also be approved by the Texas Education Agency.

Resource Sharing Summit Update. See agenda item #8.

Next board meeting will be Monday, Dec. 8, 2008.


TexShare Advisory Board Members:

Evelyn Bonner, Wiley College

Megan Cooper, Leander ISD

Cathy Dean, San Antonio

Kathy Fair, Kilgore College

Joan Heath, Texas State University San Marcos

Kathy Hoffman, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Larry Justiss, Tom Green County Library System

Sheila Ross Henderson, Pasadena Public Library System

Candice Scott, Schreiner University

Martha Tandy, Weatherford College

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Sue Bennett, Library Resource Sharing Division

Julie Hughes, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ann Mason, Library Resource Sharing Division

Danielle Plumer, Library Resource Sharing Division

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group Chairs/Liaisons: None

Strategic Partners:

Sue Phillips, University of Texas at Austin

Tim Prather, Amigos Library Services

Guests: None

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