Texas Statewide Resource Sharing Summit

December 3-4, 2015

Facilitator's Report


Thursday, December 3, 2015

08:30 a.m.           Continental breakfast
09:00 a.m.           Registration & Networking
09:30 a.m.           Summit Day 1 Opening
10:00 a.m.           Reflections on Library Resource Sharing in Texas (Mark Smith, State Librarian)
10:45 a.m.           Break
11:00 a.m.           Identification of Broad Themes for Summit
12:00 p.m.           Buffet Lunch
01:00 p.m.           Prioritization of Issues
02:30 p.m.           Break
02:45 p.m.           Prioritization of Goals and Objectives
05:00 p.m.           Summit Day 1 Closing

Friday, December 4, 2015

08:00 a.m.           Continental breakfast
08:15 a.m.           Summit Day 2 Opening
08:30 a.m.           Prioritization of Strategies and Major Services
10:15 a.m.           Break
10:30 a.m.           Synthesis and Next Steps
12:00 p.m.           Summit Day 2 Closing

Big Questions:

  1. In 5 years, what will the information needs of Texans be? How can we leverage shared resources to meet those needs?
  2. Resource Sharing is far more than databases. Can we better define resource sharing? How can we expand our views on and use of our respective resources to assist each other? 
  3. How can resource sharing help libraries remain relevant to their different communities?
  4. All types and sizes of libraries benefit from sharing resources but their specific needs may vary. How should those varying needs drive future decisions about resource sharing activities?
  5. Looking out over the next five years, how can we ensure that resource sharing activities support new technologies and new methods of access? How to we prevent digital disenfranchisement?
  6. What headline would you like to see in the year 2020 that shows that statewide resource sharing efforts such as TexShare have been truly successful?
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