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As of 3/25/2020, the TexShare Card Program has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Libraries are not currently issuing or renewing TexShare Cards. If you have questions, please contact texshare@tsl.texas.gov.

Update 7/13/2020: The TexShare Card Program remains suspended. We have completed a survey of participating libraries, and the responses show that suspension is still needed to minimize in-person traffic in most areas. We continue to closely monitor the status of libraries across the state. Patrons should check with the library before attempting to visit or return materials. Use Find-A-Library to find the library's website for more information. Hours and contact information in Find-A-Library may not be up-to-date.

The TexShare Card...
Imagine a Library as Big As Texas!

A TexShare Card provides you with borrowing privileges from more than 500 participating libraries across the state.

If you’re a registered patron of a participating library, you may request a TexShare Card from your home library. You must be a patron in good standing and have demonstrated compliance with your library’s existing borrowing policies.

1. Get Your TexShare Card

TexShare Cards are provided by your local public or academic library. Use Find-A-Library to see if your library participates in the TexShare Card program and to see the eligibility requirements.

2. Use Your TexShare Card

Each library also sets its own lending policies for visiting TexShare Card users. Before you visit another library, use Find-A-Library to view its specific policies and restrictions. Many libraries restrict the type or number of materials that a visiting TexShare Card user may borrow. Others impose a minimum age requirement. Typically, libraries do not permit TexShare Card holders to download ebooks or eAudiobooks. Fines for late returns or lost materials apply to TexShare Card borrowers.

The first time you visit a library to use your TexShare Card, be sure to bring a photo ID, your library card from your home library, and your TexShare Card. You’ll be asked to complete a registration form in order to activate your borrowing privileges at that library.

3. Enjoy Your TexShare Card... Responsibly

You have responsibilities as a TexShare Card holder. The reverse sign of the Card has an agreement you must sign and follow.

You should become familiar with the policies and restrictions of any lending library you use, as failure to abide by library policies may result in revocation of your borrowing privileges. If a lending library reports that you have lost books or failed to pay fines, your home library may take appropriate action, including suspension of borrowing privileges at your home library and revocation of your TexShare Card.

Ask the staff at your home library for more information.

Please note: A TexShare Card does not provide access to TexShare Databases or other online resources at libraries you visit.

Page last modified: July 13, 2020