About the TexShare Card Program Application Template

TexShare Library Card Program liaisons or their designates are authorized to use this template to enter a library's application and enter/update the lending policies applicable to TexShare borrowers from other institutions. 

The application is for librarians only! Library patrons should contact their local TexShare member library to receive a TexShare Card.

The information provided becomes public record and is subject to the Texas Public Information Act.

  • Read the TexShare Card Participation Agreement.
  • Enter the information you wish to include and press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. The information entered on the form will be posted on the TexShare Web by staff.
  • Leave blank any boxes that do not apply to your library.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We have had comments from users of this form who have lost their data because their Internet connection timed out while they were typing their information. If this has happened to you (or to avoid this happening), try typing your responses into a separate document using your word processing software. You can take your time composing your information. When you are ready, cut and paste your data into the appropriate text boxes. Review your data and submit.
  • Complete, print, and sign the TexShare Card Participation Agreement form. Send it to TSLAC per the instructions on the form.
Page last modified: January 21, 2016