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TRAIL searches and locates information collected in an archive of more than 180 Texas state agency web servers. After clicking the "Submit Search" button, you will leave this site and enter the Archive-It search results page. To start a new search, please use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

The search engine locates pages in the archive that contain all your search terms; search results are ranked by relevance. Using specific or unique terms will yield better search results. Avoid searching ubiquitous words like "Texas," "governor," "state," etc. You may use advanced search features as well.

The search results page provides only one citation per web host address. The exact information you're seeking may be on a different page than the one cited in the results. Click on the more from link to see additional pages from a single web site that matched your term(s).

Sample searches:

Looking for retail sales tax information: sales tax, retail and sales and tax
Establishing a new business: "starting a business", business start
For additional assistance, see the TRAIL search tips and help page.

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If you do not locate the resource you are seeking or have other questions, please contact the reference staff of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission via e-mail or at 512-463-5455.

Page last modified: July 30, 2021