Alexander Somervell to Sam Houston, March 31, 1842

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country and erecting a barrier between us and our enemies.

There is a difficulty as to the manner of approaching
Arista but that I think can be obviated by the employ-
ment of John N. Seguin for that service, he is at present
in bad odour among the Texians from which circum-
stance he could frame a good pretext for crossing
the Rio Grande and asking an audience of Arista.
Whether or not Seguin would accept of such a mission
I cannot say, but I should think it would give him
an opportunity to retrieve his former standing that
he would gladly embrace, for if he be successful
it would redound to his credit in an eminent
degree and establish his loyalty to Texas and if he
be not successful he would be in none the worse condi-
tion. Yourself are better acquainted than I of his fitness
for such a mission.

I have understood that your Lady has been
afflicted with ill health. Be pleased to present her
my kind regards and my sincere wishes for her
speedy recovery.

Accept the friendship
of Yours Truly

A Somervell

Alexander Somervell to Sam Houston, March 31, 1842, A.J. Houston Collection, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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