William Barret Travis' Letter from the Alamo, 1836

Page 4

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Travis letter, page 4

Since the above was written I heard a very heavy Cannonade during the
whole day think there must have been an attack made upon the alamo We
were short of ammunition when I left Hurry on all the men you can in haste
When I left there was Albert Martin but 150 determined to do or die
tomorrow I leave for Bejar with what men I can raise [copy here illegible] at
all events— Col. Almonte is there the troops are under the Command of Gen.
Seisma [printed sideways] Nb I hope that Every One will Rondevu at gonzales
as soon poseble as the Brave Solders are suffering do not neglect this
powder is very scarce and should not be delad one moment L. Smither

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