Stephen F. Austin to James Bowie and James Fannin,
November 1, 1835

Page 2

This page is written in Stephen F. Austin's own handwriting.

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Stephen F. Austin letter - Page 2

Since the within was written I have rec'd yours
of this afternoon-
The forces are not so unequally divided as appears
at first view-Travis is constantly out on some
extra duty-he is now out. I expect him to night
and must then send him to escort the
cannon-I wish to occupy the mill &
another position-our prisoners are
dayly increasing and require a strong guard.
However as equal a division will be made
as is compatible with the service-we have
many sick-Every thing shall be done on my
part possible for the service & to keep up harmony
our position here is far from being a strong
one-we have no bank for defense-a good position
cannot be found without going too far off. I sub=
=mit these matters to your calm judgement It
is known that head quarters are here and the
main attack will be here if any is made.
I have just heard from Travis he will not
not be back until late tomorrow.

S.F. Austin

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