James Long Expedition List, October 9, 1821

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The transcription of this document is taken from the Nacogdoches Archives Transcripts, a series of typed transcripts of documents in the Nacogdoches Archives and other Spanish language documents in the Texas State Library's holdings. The text is similar to, but not the same as the text of the document shown here (the column for religion is omitted, for example). It is included here to give a better idea of the text of the original.

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Lista de los Yndividuos Aprehendidos en la Plaza de la Bahia que se rindieron a discrecion despues de veinte y quatro horas de fuego a las 11 del dia 9 de Octubre de 1821.
  Xayme Long General Amer.o Protestante
  Simon Bownn Mayor Yngles  
  ...... Johnson Cap.n Aleman Protest.
  ...... Austin id Amer.o Catolico
  ...... id Polonao Yd
  ...... Drenner id Amer.o Protest.
  ...... Williams Subtent.e id id
  W.S. Smith id id id
  ...... Williams id id id
  E. Smith id id id
  ...... Yobe id id id
  ...... Chase id id id
  George Midkis id Escono id
enfermo Eduardo Latrop id Amer.o id
  Carlos Shott id Yng.s Catholica
  Daniel Duwall id Amer.o Protest.
  Samuel Allen Doctor Yrland. id
  Eduardo Homden Frutero Prusiano id
  Joseph Deuckson Panadero id Catalico
  Anestasio Rosenberg sold.o id Protest.te
  Guillermo Miller Carpint.o id id
  Augstin Black carnisero id id
  Miguel Kelley sold.o Yrlandes Catolico
  Carlos Evans Marinero Ruso id
  Guillermo Thompson id Amer.o Protest.
  Henrique Walls id id id
  Guillermo Willson Labrador id id
  Juan S. Smith Ladrillero id id
  Juan O. Hitter marinero id id
  Alexas Wihte Labrad. id id
  Juan Keese id id id
  Santiago Jeffers marinero Holand. id
  Patricio Hurley Herrero Yrlandes Catolico
  Andres Anderson marinero Ruso Protest.
  Bartolo Gasp id Aleman id
  Juan Wyatt Librerero Amer.o id
  Ysaac Black Labrad.or id id
  Guillermo Sincola Ladroll.o id id
  David Slatter Marinero Yrlandes Catolica
  Guillermo P. Egon Abogado Amer.o Protest.
  Juan McKnibley Molinero id id
  Juan Robinson obragero Escono id
  Antonio Miller id id id
  Patricio McDonald Herrero Yrlandes Catolico
  Juan San Zapat.o id Catolico
  Guillermo Patten sold.o Escono id
  Gregorio Carley Frutero Amer.o Protest.
  Joseph Chaval marinero id catolico
  Carolos F. Brown id Suiso protest.
  Pedro Moran id Frances Catolico
  Antonio Ortiz (alias Charg.) jornalero M.on S.n J.n Catholico
  Juan Franco id Frances Catholico
  30 total      
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