Draft: President Lamar Letter of Credence for James Hamilton

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Lamar's Letter of Credence, page 1

Draft: President Lamar Letter of Credence
Re: James Hamilton

To the Right Honorable
Lord Viscount Palmerston
Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State
for Foreign Affairs

My Lord
I have the honor by this letter of credence
which will be presented by General James Hamilton
to accredit to her Majestys Government that Gentleman
whom I have Commissioned as a Confidential
Agent * to obtain the recognition of the Independence of
and negotiate a treaty of amity & commerce between nations
this Republic by Her Majesty's Government; ^ and
it is hoped he will be able to present such
reasons to your Lordship as will either alone
or in Connexion with such Minister as may
to your [Govnt?]
be [ ? ] be accredited ^ and it is hoped, this
Gentleman will be able to present such reasons
as will prove satisfactory in reference to this
Subject. To enable him to do so I have the
honor To ask to request that full faith and
credit may be given to all he shall say on
the part of this Government

Given under my hand and the
great Seal of the Republic at the City
of Austin this 21st day of Dec'r
A.D. One thouseand eight hundred and
thirty nine and in the year of
the Republic the fourth-----

* of the Republic of Texas

The object of the appointment of his
Agent is that he may [col?] To the

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