Instructions to General James Hamilton Commissioner of the Republic of Texas

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Hamilton Instructions, page 1

Department of State
December 23, 1837
Genl James Hamilton
I have the honor to
enclose you a Commission as
Commissioner on the part of this Republic
of Texas to treat with any Commissioners &c on
the part of Mexico for the restoration
of peace between the two Republic &c
In transmitting this document
I have pleasure in professing the [ ? ]
ited confidence which the President
and this government entertain in your
ability and inflexible disposition so
to manage the very delicate and impor
=tant trust now committed to you, as
will in no wise involve the honor, or
impaire the interests of Texas. It
would be impossible perhaps, to frame
instructions on every point that may
arise in the progress of the negociation
Should any be commenced, without perhaps conflic-
-ting with some unforeseen contigencies

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