Address to Colonel José Antonio Mexia, June 13, 1832
(Turtle Bayou Resolutions)

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Turtle Bayou Resolutions

Col Jose Antonio Mexia


Having understood that the
causes which impelled us to take up arms have been misrepresented,
or misunderstood, we therefore make you the following representation.

The Colonists of Texas have long since been convinced of the
arbitrary, and unconstitutional measures, of the administration
of Bustamente, as evidenced

First By Their repeated violations of the constitution,
laws, and their total disregard of the civil & political rights
of the people.

2 By their fixing and establishing among us, in time
of peace, military posts, the object of which totally
disregarding the local civil authorities of the state,
and by committing various acts, which evinced, [oppositidity?]
to the true interests of the people in the enjoyment of
civil liberty.

3 By the arrest of Juan Francisco Madero, the
commissioner on the part of the state Government to put
the inhabitants east of the River Trinity, in possession of
their lands in conformity with the laws of colonization.

4 By the interposition of a military force, preventing the
Alcalde of the Jurisdiction of Liberty from the exercise of his
constitutional functions.

5 By appointing to the revenue department of Galveston, a man
whose character for infamy had been clearly established,


Address to Colonel José Antonio Mexia, June 13, 1832. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #157, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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