The Treaty of Velasco (Private), May 14, 1836

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Treaty of Velasco (private)

Art. 5th

The prompt return of Genl. Santa Anna to Vera
Cruz being indispensable for the purpose of effecting
his solemn engagements, the Government of Texas
will provide for his immediate embarkation for
said port.

Art. 6th

This instrument being Obligatory on one
part as well as on the other will be signed by
duplicate, remaining folded and sealed untill the
negociation shall have been concluded, when it
will be restored to his Excellency General Santa
Anna; no use of it to be made before that time
unless there should be an infraction by either
of the Contracting parties

Port of Velasco May 14. 1836

(Signed) David G. Burnet

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

James Collinsworth Sec. of State

Baily Hardiman Sec. of Treasury

P. H. Grayson Atty Genl.


The Treaty of Velasco (Private), May 14, 1836, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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