The Treaty of Velasco (Public), May 14, 1836

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Treaty of Velasco (public)

owner if it can be ascertained--


That all private property including cattle, horses, negro slaves
or indentured persons of whatever denomination that may have
been captured by any portion of the Mexican Army or may
have taken refuge in the said army since the commencement
of the late invasion shall be restored to the Commander of the
Texian Army or to such other persons as may be appointed by
the Government of Texas to receive them--


The troops of both armies will refrain from coming into
contact with each other & to this end the Commander in Chief
of the Army of Texas will be careful not to approach within
a shorter distance of the Mexican Army than five leagues


The Mexican Army shall not make any other delay on its march
than that which is necessary to take up their hospitals baggage &c &
cross the rivers--any delay not necessary to these purposes
to be considered as an infraction of this agreement--


By Express to be immediately dispatched, this agreement
shall be sent to Gen'l Filisola & to Gen'l T.J. Rusk Commander
of the Texian Army in order that they may be apprised
of its stipulations & to this they will exchange engagements
to comply with the same


The Treaty of Velasco (Public), May 14, 1836, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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