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Date Map Number Title Image
1722 02762 Mapa de la Bahia del Spiritu Santo de la Provincia de las Nuevas Filipinas que dexo' observado el Marques de San Miguel de Aguayo en 10 de Abril de 1722 Image of map number 02762 is not available.
1800-1830 c 01476 Map of the Mouth of the Nueces River Image of map number 01476 is not available.
1840 00952 Map of the River Sabine from its Mouth on the Gulf of Mexico in the Sea to Logan's Ferry in Latitude 31 deg. 58'25" North view Image for map number 00952
1840 00952e Sabine Pass and Mouth of the River Sabine in the Sea view Image for map number 00952e
1873 02730 Colton's Texas Image of map number 02730 is not available.