Processed Manuscript and Photograph Collections

The Texas State Archives holds the papers and other documents of a number of individuals and organizations. Some of these manuscript and photograph collections are processed and described in finding aids. This list is alphabetical by the name of the individual or the organization. Printed finding aids are available in the Archives search room in the named volumes. Finding aids available online may be accessed by this list directly, or you can go to TARO (Texas Archival Resources Online).

The Prints and Photographs Collection at TSLAC research guide includes additional information about finding prints and photographs within State Archives collections.

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Name Title Dates Volume
  Sam Houston Center Abstract of title collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1904-1972, bulk 1946-1966 none
  Artifacts collection Cretaceous Period, 14000 BCE-1987 CE, bulk 1860-1970 OAH II.029
  Texas State Archives Broadsides and printed ephemera collection 1645-1999, undated, bulk 1835-1930s MS XII.27
  City of Austin collection 1873-1965, bulk 1921-1927 MS XII.11
  City of Liberty map collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1952-1979, undated, bulk 1957-1977 none
  German diary found in Austin, Texas 1843 September-1844 September MS XII.29
  Mexican-American War lithographs about 1851 PHO II.07
  Native American holdings, Subject guide to [Restricted in part] about 1700-2004 OAH IV.075
  Prints of early Texas cities collection 1840s-1860, undated PHO I.10
  Terry's Texas Rangers reunion panorama 1908 November 10 PHO II.03
  Texas sheet music collection 1836-1962, undated, bulk 1896-1912 MS XII.03
Adair, Garland A. Collection ca. 1936-ca. 1962, undated MS II.40
Alabama-Coushatte Indians SEE Sylestine, James Ludwell Davis    
Allred, Governor James V Speech 1936 MS I.22
American Red Cross, Liberty County Chapter (Tex.) American Red Cross, Liberty County Chapter (Tex.) records (at Sam Houston Center) [Restricted in part] 1939-1961, undated, bulk 1941-1957 none
Ames, Jessie Daniel Jessie Daniel Ames papers 1919-1928, 1936, 1939-1940, after 1944, 1965, undated MS III.89
Archivo General de Indias [Seville, Spain] [Inventory of selected materials] late 17th-19th centuries MS I.01
Archivo General de Mexico [Mexico City, Mexico] [Inventory of selected materials] late 18th-early 19th centuries MS I.02
Asbury, Samuel E. Samuel E. Asbury papers 1922-1951 MS XII.23
Austin State School, Volunteer Services Council SEE Volunteer Services Council for the Austin State School    
Bachman, Richard Richard Bachman collection 1825-1983, undated, bulk 1840-1920 MS I.04
Baldwin, Jean Houston Jean Houston Baldwin collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1845-1989, bulk 1890s-1969 none
Bane, Larry (accession of Lamar papers) Lamar Family Papers [Series II] 1839-1941 MS II.43
Bar Association, Texas SEE Texas Bar Association    
Bierschwale, Charles Collection addendum ca. 1873-1950 MS I.19
Blodgett, Terrell Papers 1917, 1960, 1965-1991, undated MS II.64
Bone, Norfleet Norfleet Bone collection [Restricted] 1943-1962, 1997 MS XII.06
Bonner, Micajah H. Micajah H. Bonner papers 1844-2015, undated, bulk 1846-1882 MS XII.15
Box, Greg D. Greg D. Box photograph collection (at Sam Houston Center) about 1900-1910 none
Brackenridge, John Thomas Papers 1854-1903, 1916, undated MS II.50
Brady, Daniel Daniel Brady papers 1837-1935, 1970, undated MS XII.16
Brashear & Ashe Ashe-Brashear papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1838-1923, undated, bulk 1848-1905 none
Brett, Bill Jesse Key (Bill) Brett papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1956-2000, bulk 1971-1997 none
Brewers' Institute, Texas SEE Texas Brewers' Institute    
Brice, Don R. Don R. Brice photograph collection 1933-1935 PHO I.15
Brooks, Mabel H. Mabel H. Brooks photograph collection 1860-1920, undated PHO I.07
Bugg, William and Mildred Collection 1867-1960, undated MS I.14
Bugg, William and Mildred Collection addendum 1870-1965, undated MS I.15
Bugg, William and Mildred Collection addendum 1889-1960, undated MS I.16
Bugg, William and Mildred Collection addendum 1897-1978, undated MS I.18
Bugg, William and Mildred Collection addendum undated MS I.17
Bullock, Bob Editorial cartoons [1972?]-1988, undated MS II.68
Calvert, Robert Wilburn Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Calvert papers 1950-1972 MS VII.02
Camargo [archives] Camargo documents 1798-1941, bulk 1806-1810, 1830-1835 MS II.42
Carrico, Phillip Phillip E. Carrico collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1996-2008, bulk 1996-2004 none
Children of the American Revolution, Texas Society Records 1987-1989 MS II.67
Chisos Mining Company Chisos Mining Company records 1905-1943, undated, bulk 1928-1942, undated MS I.10
Clark, Mrs. Balfour Collection 1847-1963 (bulk 1944-1963) MS II.48
Collard, Mary Stark Mary Stark Collard daguerreotype about 1845-1862 PHO II.05
Collins, Edna Gertrude Edna Collins collection 1940s, 1955, bulk 1943-1944 PHO I.09
Compton, H.O. H.O. Compton collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1872-1946, 1980, undated, bulk 1908-1939 none
Cooley, Sibley 36th Division reunion video 2000 MS III.76
Court briefs Miscellaneous court briefs - Texas legal controversies 1890-1940, undated MS I.12
Coushatta Indians SEE Sylestine, James Ludwell Davis    
Crook, Wilson W., III Papers [ca. 1977] MS II.39
Daniel, Price Price Daniel audiovisual materials and related papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1952-1962, 1980, undated MS XII.26
Daniel, Price U.S. Senator Price Daniel papers [Restricted] (at Sam Houston Center) 1928, 1938-1939, 1942-1961, undated, bulk 1952-1957 MS III.81
Daniel, William Partlow Governor Bill and Vara Martin Daniel collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1941-2006, bulk 1951-2003 none
Daughters of the American Colonists, Texas Society Preliminary inventory 1969-1977 MS I.29
Davenport, Harbert Harbert Davenport collection 1903-1955, bulk 1937-1955 TARO only
Dawson, Everett T. Everett T. Dawson papers 1929-1980 MS II.47
DeBat family DeBat family papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1816-1976, bulk 1880s-1910s none
De Cordova, Jacob Jacob de Cordova letter book 1851-1856 MS XII.18
Death row files SEE Pierce, Dr. Robert F.    
Demler, Robert Robert Demler collection of Southeast Texas images (at Sam Houston Center) 1818-1819, 1860s, about 1900s none
Democratic Party of Texas Papers ca. 1948-1978 MS X.01
Democratic Party of Texas Papers ca. 1976-1980 MS X.02
Denman, Clarence P. Clarence Denman research notes on Texas military organizations 1891-1892, about 1924-1926 MS III.83
DeRyee, William Texas Album of the Eighth Legislature 1860 PHO II.04
Dies, Martin Martin Dies papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1916-1972, undated, bulk 1930-1958 none
Dix, Captain John J. Papers 1860-1928 MS II.60
Dowell, Maurice H. Family papers [after 1849]-1937, undated MS II.44
Dugat, Henry Lloyd, Sr. Henry Lloyd Dugat Sr. papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1900-2016, bulk about 1955-2009 none
Duncan, John Thomas Texas Civil War Centennial Commission records 1836-1900, 1958-1967, undated, bulk 1960-1965 MS I.27
Feris family George A. Feris family papers 1829-1944, undated, bulk 1850-1900 MS III.82
Folsom, Erminia Thompson Erminia Thompson Folsom papers 1856-1965, undated MS II.55
Ford, John Salmon John Salmon Ford papers 1858-1866, 1870-1876, 1883-1896, undated, bulk 1861-1865 MS II.56
Free Enterprisers of Texas Papers 1980-1981 MS II.66
Gates family Joseph Dillard Gates collection 1818-1925, undated, bulk 1970-1921 TARO only
Geological and Scientific Association, Texas State SEE Texas State Geological and Scientific Association    
Gordon, George George Gordon papers (at Sam Houston Center) about 1786, 1862-1879, 1938, 1975, bulk 1873-1879 none
Graham, Richard Niles Graham (R. Niles) collection 1846-1958, bulk 1895-1958 MS III.74
Granberry, Collier Read Collier Read Granberry papers 1920-1963 TARO only
Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce records (at Sam Houston Center) 1904-2008, undated, bulk 1959-1980 none
Gunter, Jonathan (Jot) Gunter, Munson and Steedman letters 1872-1899 MS XII.05
Gutiérrez de Lara, José Bernardo Maximiliano José Bernardo Maximiliano Gutiérrez de Lara papers 1811-1841, undated TARO only
Hall, Marvin Collection 1915-1976 MS I.31
Hancock, John John Hancock diary November 28, 1864-June 30, 1865 MS XII.14
Hardin family Benjamin Franklin Hardin family papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1826-1947, bulk 1933-1928 none
Harris, August Watkins August Watkins Harris drawings 1957 September 26 MS XII.19
Hearne, Sam Houston Sam Houston Hearne collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1843-1966, bulk 1892-1964 none
Hill, Samuel B. Johanna Runge collection of Samuel B. Hill photographs 1884 PHO I.03
Hobby, William Pettus, Jr. William Pettus Hobby, Jr. scrapbook 1989 MS III.80
Holbrook, Thomas Jefferson Papers 1836-1964 MS II.53
Holdeman, James Harvey James Harvey Holdeman papers 1879-1965, bulk 1920-1950 MS III.78
Hornaday, W.D. William Deming Hornaday photograph collection about 1890-about 1940, undated PHO I.06
Hornaday, William Deming William Deming Hornaday transcripts of World War I letters and personal accounts (A-L and unknown) about 1916-about 1922 MS VI.01
Hornaday, William Deming William Deming Hornaday transcripts of World War I letters and personal accounts (M-Z) about 1916-about 1922 MS VI.02
Houston, Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Houston collection 1812-1941, undated, bulk 1835-1859 MS III.88
Houston, Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Houston papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1825-1962, undated, bulk 1921-1942 none
Houston, Sam Houston Papers at the Catholic Archives   MS XI
Hulen, John A. General John A. Hulen papers 1887-1960, undated MS III.84
Hunnicutt, J.R. J.R. Hunnicutt collection 1882-1966, undated, bulk 1913-1966 MS III.85
Hunt, Memucan Papers 1836-1846, undated MS II.52
Hutchinson, Elizabeth Stafford Elizabeth Stafford Hutchinson papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1941-1998, bulk 1952-1968 none
Ingram family Papers 1854-1963 MS II.36
Jester, Beauford Halbert Beauford H. Jester gubernatorial campaign recordings 1946 TARO only
Jester, Beauford Halbert Beauford H. Jester Railroad Commissioner campaign recordings and transcripts 1942 TARO only
Johnson, Adam R. Papers 1934-1938 MS II.59
Jordan, Gilbert J. "North America, Particularly Texas in the Year 1849, A Travel Account..." [19--], [197-?] MS II.63
Kelly, Don Don Kelly Southeast Texas postcard collection (at Sam Houston Center) about 1898-about 1997, bulk about 1898-about 1930 none
Kennedy, John F. John F. Kennedy assassination scrapbook collection 1963-1964, undated MS III.86
Kilgarlin, William W. Texas Supreme Court Justice William W. Kilgarlin working papers 1983-1988 MS VIII
Kirby, John Henry John Henry Kirby papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1898-1988, undated, bulk 1912-1946 none
Laffite, Jean Jean Laffite collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1773-1986, undated, bulk 1845-1979 none
Lamar, Mirabeau Buonaparte Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar papers 1756-1859, undated, bulk 1821-1859 TARO only
Lamar, Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar family papers [Series II] 1839-1941 MS II.43
Lamb, Josephine T. Josephine T. Lamb collection [Restricted in part] 1931, 1942-1969, undated, bulk 1954-1966 MS III.90
Langdon, James Calhoun Papers 1944-1979 MS VII.01
Lee, Ellen M. Callender, Goldsmith, and Cox family papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1852-2014, bulk about 1890-1977 none
Legath, Margaret Margaret Legath papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1952, 1967-1969, 1981 none
Liberty (Tex.) Liberty (Tex.) city officials photograph collection (at Sam Houston Center) about 1964-2001, bulk about 1964-1967 none
Liberty Woman's Club Liberty Woman's Club collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1954-2010, bulk 1955-2004 none
Library and Historical Commission, Texas State (chairman) SEE Gambrell, Mrs. Herbert    
Lindsay family Lindsey family papers 1834-1922 MS II.37
L.L. Cook Company L.L. Cook Company collection 1940, 1946-1951, 1953, 1955-1957, 1959, bulk 1948, 1951, 1956 PHO I.01
Logan, William M. William M. Logan papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1830-1852, bulk 1835-1840 none
Long, Walter E. Walter E. Long collection 1928-1961, bulk 1950-1971 MS XII.07
Lubbock, Francis Richard Francis Richard Lubbock correspondence 1869, 1879-1881, 1895, 1904, undated, bulk 1880-1881 MS III.79
Lund, Harry Harry Lund photograph collection 1900-1955, bulk 1900-1930 PHO II.01
Malloy, Edward T. Ed T. and Marjorie H. Malloy photograph collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1945-1968, bulk 1952-1964 none
Manuscript Database Index Manuscript Database Index from card file   MS IV
Manuscript Container List and Notes Manuscript Container List and Notes   MS V
Martin, Thomas Powderly Thomas P. Martin collection about 1891-1973, 1988, undated, bulk 1917-1960 TARO only
Mathews, Walter H. Walter H. and Vera DeBlanc Mathews family papers (at Sam Houston Center) about 1900s-1940s, bulk 1942-1943 none
Maxcy, Berta Boardman Papers 1841-1926, undated MS II.35
Maxey, Samuel Bell Collection 1847-1948 MS I.08
Maxey, Samuel Bell Photograph collection 1870-1960 (bulk 1870-1920) PHO I.12
McCree, Allen Allen McCree papers 1975-1997 TARO only
McGill, William L. William L. McGill papers [Restricted in part] 1933, 1942-1959, undated, bulk 1943-1958 MS XII.13
McKinney & Williams Company McKinney & Williams Company records 1835-1840, 1873-1948, bulk 1835-1839 TARO only
Menken, Adah Isaacs Adah Isaacs Menken collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1855-2004, undated, bulk 1855-1907 none
Miller, Washington Daniel Washington Daniel Miller papers 1832-1889, bulk 1832-1869 MS II.51
Minnesota newspaper morgue files Minnesota newspaper morgue files 1923-1946 PHO I.13
Moraud, Marcel Marcel Moraud papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1857-1975, undated, bulk 1936-1975 none
Morrow, W.C. W.C. Morrow papers 1900-1919, bulk 1915-1916 MS XII.24
Myers, Wilbur Thomas Collection 1842-1897 MS II.34
Nacogdoches (Mexico : Department) Nacogdoches archives 1729-1836, undated TARO only
National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators organizational materials 1974-2018, undated, bulk 1984-1996 TARO only
National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year (U.S.), Texas Coordinating Committee Texas International Women's Year Coordinating Committee records 1971-1978, bulk 1977 TARO only
Norman family Norman family papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1860s-1995, undated, bulk 1910s-1959 none
Norton, Milford P. Milford P. Norton papers 1838-1860 MS XII.31
Nursing Students Association, Texas SEE Texas Nursing Students Association    
O'Brien, Eloise Reid Eloise Reid and Stephen Decatur O'Brien Jr. family papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1848-2019, bulk 1900-1959 none
Odim, Tina Q. Tina Q. Odim photograph collection about 1880s-1890s, 1905, undated PHO II.06
Old Maps of the Southwest [Portfolios of facsimile maps] 1843-1885 MS II.58
Oneal, Ben G. Ben G. Oneal papers 1862-1963, undated, bulk 1890-1960 MS XII.21
Partlow, Sam Thomas Samuel "Sam" Partlow U.S. Army scrapbook (at Sam Houston Center) 1942-1946, 1995, bulk 1944-1945 none
Pickett & Pickett, P.C. Pickett & Pickett law office papers [Restricted in part] (at Sam Houston Center) 1838-2003, undated, bulk 1917-2001 none
Pickett, Sandra Olympic Torch Relay collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1985, 1996, 2000, bulk 1996 none
Pierce, Dr. Robert F. Death row files and assorted prison records and papers [Restricted] 1877, 1963, 1978-1979, 1982-1995, undated MS III.72
Poole, Vernon F. Vernon F. Poole collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1930-1979, bulk 1967-1971 none
Port Arthur (Tex.). City Manager's Office Port Arthur (Tex.) City Manager's Office subject files (at Sam Houston Center) 1930-1989, bulk 1951-1984 none
Port Arthur (Tex.). Mayor's Office Port Arthur (Tex.) Mayor's Office subject files (at Sam Houston Center) 1903-1967, bulk 1903-1938 none
Pritchard, Zarh Zarh Pritchard collection about 1870s-1959, undated, bulk 1904-1953 MS XII.25
Rainey, Homer P. (Homer Price) Homer P. Rainey gubernatorial campaign recordings 1946 TARO only
Ratchford, Fannie Fannie Ratchford collection about 1933-1947 MS II.49
Ratchford, Fannie Fannie Ratchford photograph collection about 1933-1947 PHO I.05
Reagan, John H. (John Henninger) John H. Reagan collection 1835-1892, 1905, undated, bulk 1935-1887 MS XII.02
Reid, Sam Houston, Sr. Sam Houston and Josie Bond Reid family papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1835-1957, bulk 1870-1925 none
Richardson, J.F. J.F. Richardson papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1858-1953, bulk 1872-1919 none
Rienstra, Betty Betty I. Hook Rienstra papers [Restricted in part]  (at Sam Houston Center) 1953-1988, bulk 1969-1987 none
Rigsbee Postcard Collection Rigsbee postcard collection [ca. 1900]-1914, 1953, [19--] PHO I.14
Roark, Alfred W. Alfred Roark papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1927-1992, undated, bulk 1933-1943 none
Robertson, George 1874 Buffalo hunt photograph collection 1874 PHO I.08
Roget, Caroline Caroline Roget papers 1917-1958, bulk 1940-1949 TARO only
Rotary International District 5910 Rotary International District 5910 collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1921-1923, 1945-1950, 1960-2014, undated, bulk 1982-1994 none
Ruffini, F.E. (Frederick Ernst) Ruffini collection [ca. 1877]-1937, undated (bulk 1883-1912, undated) MS I.13
Russell, Edwin M. Letters 1885-1886, 1889-1892, 1897 MS II.32
Sanders, Christine Moor Christine Moor Sanders collection (at Sam Houston Center) about 1930-2000, bulk about 1990s-2000 none
See, Clyde A. (Clyde Alan) Clyde and Thelma See glass plate negatives collection (at Sam Houston Center) about 1905-about 1920 none
Senate Ladies Club Senate Ladies Club records [Restricted] 1927-1995, undated MS XII.04
Shepperd, John Ben Speeches 1953-1956 MS III.75
Shivers, Allan Allan Shivers audiovisual materials 1949-1956, undated, bulk 1954 MS XII.28
Short, Lois M. Lois M. Short collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1931-1950, undated, bulk 1932-1946 none
Smith, Bradford H. Bradford Smith audiovisual materials 1958-1962, undated TARO only
Smith, Charles Nutter Charles Nutter Smith papers (at Sam Houston Center) 1881-1996, undated, bulk 1881-1944 none
Smyth, G.W. (George Washington) George Washington Smyth papers 1833-1865, undated, bulk 1836-1841 MS XII.17
Southwestern Library Association Southwestern Library Association records 1920-1989, undated, bulk 1922-1983 MS III.87
Stewart, Charles Bellinger Charles Bellinger Stewart papers 1833-1924 MS I.06
Stroud, Anna Margaret Anna Margaret Stroud collection [Restricted] (at Sam Houston Center) 1913-1996, bulk 1986-1991 none
Supreme Court Justices SEE Kilgarlin, William W.    
Sutherland, Thomas Thomas Sutherland papers 1942-1945, undated MS XII.08
Sylestine, James Ludwell Davis Papers [17--]-1989 (bulk 1900-1980s) MS II.62
Tales of the Texas Border Manuscript 1871-1878 MS I.23
Terrell, Alexander Watkins Family papers 1876-1934 (bulk 1890-1910, 1930-1934) MS II.54c
Terrell, Alexander Watkins Papers 1890-1912 MS II.54a
Terrell, Alexander Watkins Reminiscences 1912 MS II.54b
Test, Clarence Lincoln and Nellie Donnan Test Clarence Lincoln and Nellie Donnan Test papers 1776-1961 (bulk 1894-1961) MS II.45
Texas Academy of Science Papers 1893-1898 MS I.21
Texas Bar Association Papers 1907-1912 MS I.24
Texas Brewers' Institute Texas Brewers' Institute records 1909-1976, undated, bulk 1934-1976 MS I.26
Texas Capital News Service Texas Capital News Service records 1920-1941, undated, bulk 1939-1941 MS XII.09
Texas Civil War Centennial Commission SEE Duncan, John Thomas    
Texas Club of New York City Preliminary inventory 1939-1976 MS I.28
Texas Governor's Mansion Texas Governor's Mansion collection 1836-1984 MS II.61
Texas Historical Foundation Historical Foundation records 1966-1981, undated, bulk 1972-1980 MS II.70
Texas Library Association Texas Library Association records [Restricted in part] 1902-2018, undated, bulk 1970-2017 TARO only
Texas International Women's Year Coordinating Committee SEE National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year (U.S.), Texas Coordinating Committee    
Texas Nursing Students Association Preliminary inventory 1954-1978 MS I.25
Texas State Capitol Texas State Capitol interior photograph collection 1909-1915, bulk 1910 PHO I.04
Texas State Geological and Scientific Association Papers 1884-1888 MS I.20
Thirty-Sixth Division SEE Tillman, Frank; Wagner, Robert    
Throckmorton, James W. Papers 1857-1940 (bulk 1857-1897) MS II.65
Tillman, Frank S. Frank S. Tillman collection (36th Division and 90th Division) 1915-1939, undated MS III.77
Travis, William Barret William Barret Travis letter from the Alamo 1836 February 24 MS XII.30
United States, Bureau of Reclamation, Region 5 Bureau of Reclamation Region 5 (Texas) reclamation studies 1940-1967, bulk 1946-1966 MS I.11
United States, National Weather Service United States National Weather Service Trinity River weather-related materials (at Sam Houston Center) 1914-1990, undated, bulk 1963-1978 none
Volunteer Services Council for the Austin State School Records 1957-1988 MS II.69
Wagner, Robert Robert Wagner Collection of 36th Division Materials [1922?], 1936-1938, 1940-1971, [1975?] (bulk 1942-1945) MS III.73
Walker, Samuel Hamilton Samuel Hamilton Walker papers 1836-1905, about 1982, undated, bulk 1843-1847 MS II.57
Watkins, Raymond Collection unknown card index
Watson, Horald V. Horald V. Watson collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1917-1920s, about 1940, 1954, 1957, undated none
Webb, Walter Prescott Papers 1861-1870, ca. 1900-ca. 1963, undated MS II.41
Webb, Walter Prescott Walter Prescott Webb photograph and print media collection 1888, about 1909-1963, bulk 1913-1945 PHO I.16
Whitmeyer, Jack, Jr. L.J. Whitmeyer glass plate negatives collection (at Sam Houston Center) about 1890-about 1910 none
Whitten, Virginia Virginia Whitten papers 1973-1994 MS II.71
Wister, Owen Owen Wister photograph collection 1893, undated PHO I.02
Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Texas Texas Writers' Project records 1903, 1912-1916, 1931-1958, undated, bulk 1936-1942 MS XII.10
Yoakum, Henderson Calendar 1845-1857 MS I.07
Young family Sergeant James H. Young collection (at Sam Houston Center) 1917-1921, 1954, bulk 1918-1921 none



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