Shelby County Records
Available on Microfilm from Stephen F. Austin State University

Please note that microfilmed records are available for loan to libraries only, not to individuals. Contact your local library to arrange an interlibrary loan of the material you wish to borrow. Your request should include the specific reel numbers for the microfilm you wish to use, as well as the name of the county and lending institution.

These county records are available from the institution indicated above. Complete address and contact information can be found in the list of depositories with county holdings.

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FIELD NOTES, 1838-1948
Index: For an index to the Field Notes, 1838-1891, Volumes 1 to 4, request Reel 2210.01. For an index to the Private Surveys, Volumes 1 & 2, 1837-1902, request Reel 2210.02. For an index to the Field Notes, Volume 1-A, 1882-1937, request Reel 2210.03

Reel 2210.01
1838-1841 Vol. 1
1840-1858 Vol. 2
1838-1877 Vol. 3
1877-1891 Vol. 4

Reel 2210.02
1882-1902 Vol. 1-A
1885-1902 Vol. 1 (Private Surveys)
1837-1878 Vol. 2 (Private Surveys)

Reel 2210.03
1872-1892 Vol. 3 (Survey Record)
1877-1897 Vol. 4
1882-1937 Vol. 1-A
1941-1946 Vol. 1-B (Survey Record)

Reel 2210.04
1901-1948 (Survey Record)

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