Texas Archives Month Poster 2019

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The Power of Water

Texas archival repositories preserve historical records revealing the power of water in our history, culture and the very shape of our state.  Shifting paths of rivers have defined our boundaries, quenched our thirst, offered pathways for trade and refreshed us for centuries. Coastal waters brought immigrants to Texas and provided an avenue to export goods overseas. Archives maintain documentary evidence of water rights and naval battles, irrigation canals and seasons of drought, recreation and devastation. At the same time, water has the capacity to destroy our historical legacy.

The Value of Preparation

In the wake of recent water disasters, including Hurricane Harvey in 2017, we are reminded that archivists and records keepers must take precautionary measures to secure collections against water damage and should be trained in salvage strategies and recovery techniques. In 2019, the Texas Historical Records Advisory Board (THRAB), with funding from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, offered free professional development opportunities to those working with archival collections, including workshops and webinars on how to prepare for and respond to disasters caused by water. These webinars are now available for download:

Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Fires, Oh My! Creating Your Emergency Preparedness Plan
Register for the webinar download here.

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Fires, Oh My! Responding to Your Emergency
Register for the webinar download here.

For upcoming professional development offerings from THRAB, check our THRAB website here, and follow the Texas State Library and Archives Commission on social media platforms at @tslac.

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