Sam Houston to James Collinsworth, March 7, 1836

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Sam Houston to James Collinsworth, March 1836


Doctor Hoxies’, March 7th, 1836

Dear Sir,

Before I proceed on my way this morning, you will

allow me to call your attention, if you please, with that of the com-

mittee, to the subject of fortifying “Live Oak Point,” on the bay of

Copano. Troops coming from the U. States via New Orleans can

sail for that point on armed vessels with artillery and lumber

sufficient for such fortifications as will be necessary for the pres-

ent. The cannon there placed should be large pieces, 12s and

18s, and very few will suffice. Col. Power can give you all

the information that you may desire; I will only suggest that

it will give us command of all the supplies destined for Go-

liad and San Antonio, if the enemy should even possess

them. If a liberal appropriation of money should

be made for the army, although we should not imme-

diately receive it, it will keep down much discontent

until it can be had. I pray you to have the Cherokee

treaty ratified, and Major Washington Lewis, residing at

Masters’ on the road, appointed agent for the Cherokees

to reside near Bowls’. This will be of importance to

the safety of the frontier. If any plan be devised by

which the Comanches can be approached by the head

waters of the Brazos, and they induced to fall down

and range upon the Laredo route to Bexar and steal

horses, it will be important. A Mr. Dillard, resi-

ding at the Falls of the Brazos will be a proper

person to communicate with. Measures should

be attended to if possible to prevent the Creek

Indians from emigrating to the East of Texas.

Col. Rusk can inform you of the fact of A.

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Sam Houston to James Collinworth, March 7, 1836. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #275, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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