Samuel Sawyer to Sam Houston, October 3, 1835

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Samuel Sawyer to Sam Houston, October 1835

it about, I would in that case stand foremost among the candidates for its

government. But should war ensue, & an attempt made to gain its indepen-

dence by arms, the country would be ruined, the disorders reign then

for years, & we all die before we can realise [sic] any thing from our

large expenditure. Mr Jno Chs Beales empressario, is there some

where on our track on the Nueces, but we cannot get a line from

him. This puts us much back, as we know not what to do for want

of information. It was my intintion [sic] to have gone about this time to

my old District in NC to have raised a party of settlers & sent

on but I cannot stir from his six months silence. His lady &

children are here but can get no tidings from him. If you can

send him word how much distress & injury his unaccountable

silence occasions you will do us a great favour. Should you

travel this way part of our two Comps lands, or gain any infor-

mation regarding them & the best quarters for locations, I shall

take it as a great favour to receive the benefit of it. There are fre-

quent opportunities by land & water. I am acquainted with Madm

Zavala who is here, & goes on with a friend of mine from this to

Galveston; where she hopes to meet her husband. Pray act only on

the defensive, but if you are invaded, our companies will both [be]

sympathetic in your cause and make it our own as far as

our absence will admit, I mean by good wishes, contributions in money

& stores & in fact every way we can. Should you declare inde-

pendence I hope the past rights of our companies will be acknowledged

& all facilities afforded for the settlement & sale of our lands.

Before I conclude, I must beg of you to beware of

Mr Hotchkiss, who I have reason to know, is much incensed against


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Samuel Sawyer to Sam Houston, October 3, 1835. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #88, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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