James Reily to Sam Houston, March 28, 1842

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James Reily to Sam Houston, March 1842

Texas Legation. Washington

March 28th 1842.

Dear General

Ever since the arrival of the informa-

tion that Texas was again invaded I have been

urgent upon the subject of the Indian rela-

tions. Both to the President & Secretary of

State[.] I have appealed and requested that

as an act of justice & humanity a force

sufficient to check the Indians should

be immediately thrown upon the Red

River frontier. This morning Mr Spencer

Secretary of War informed me that

orders had been given and xpresses [sic]

despatched for the concentration of about

2,000 regulars, & among them five companies

of dragoons from Ft. Leavenworth. I had

urged upon Mr Secretary Webster & Presi-

dent Tyler as also upon the Secretary of

War the absolute necessity of mounted

men for that wide & extended line. The

Secretary of State did me the honor to enquire

what officers I would name for the command

& the Secretary of War did me the addition-

al honor to get my opinion as to the plan

of defence or operation they should adopt[.]

I suggested that the infantry should be

posted along the line of Red River at

convenient distances and that the dragoons

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James Reily to Sam Houston, March 28, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #2304, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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