James Reily to Sam Houston, March 28, 1842

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James Reily to Sam Houston, March 1842

should be so arranged as to traverse the

line every day & mark & follow all trails

and that the Chiefs should be ordered

to Keep their men at home & informed

that their annuities would be stopped[,] their

weapons taken from them if these instructions

were violated and the offenders published[.]

These arrangements will give safety to

the frontier & if the war rolls on and

Texas should need all her chivalry in

the field the soldiers from Red River

& the Redlands can leave their homes

without apprehension for the savage

scalping Knife. Texas has here many warm

friends and none more so than President

Tyler. The other day in the Senate

Mr Clay pronounced a most withering

phillipic [sic] upon “that contemptible and

upstart despot now upon the throne

of Mexico” as he termed Santa Anna[.]

Every eye is turned on you. The public

mind is satisfied you will equal &

if possible rival the magnificent deeds

of San Jacinto. Oh, how I wish I was with

you. You must neither be surprised nor

displeased if mindful of your oft

repeated promise I come. I have done

every thing that at present can be

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James Reily to Sam Houston, March 28, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #2304, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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