James Pinckney Henderson to Mirabeau B. Lamar, October 28, 1838

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James Pinckney Henderson to Mirabeau B. Lamar, October 1838

on the occasion of my last interview with him on the

subject of Texican affairs that they really wish me to

remain here until they hear from that Agent and

also from their squadron before Veracruse [Veracruz] and

that if the report upon our affairs is favourable as

it seems to me it must be and their situation in

regard to Mexico is not different from that at present

I believe they will immediately recognize Texas. Their

true object in requesting me not to leave Paris as

early as I intimated was my intention may be

as Count Molé expressed it viz, a desire to consider of

the question of a commercial arrangement but

I think otherwise. I will not urge that matter but

await the receipt of the Agents [sic] report when I will

immediately press the question of recognition[.]

I hope the Secy of State will keep me regularly

informed of the movement of that Agent that

I may judge rightly of the time to press matters

here. The despatch which will accompany this letter

will inform you that I have postponed acting upon

the instructions of the Secy of State under date of the

7th of September last until I have further directions

and my reasons therefore which I hope will meet

your approbation. My opinion is that a Minister

has no right to delay acting upon positive instruc-

tions from his Government—that is a genl rule

to which I apprehend there are some exceptions—

such as a thorough conviction on the part of

the Minister that some important points invol-

ved have been overlooked by his Government

which if called to their attention would con-


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James Pinckney Henderson to Mirabeau B. Lamar, October 25, 1838. French Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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