Thomas Rabb, et al, March 6, 1842

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Thomas Rabb, et al, March 1842

Flores Ranche [sic] 1/4 past 12 am

6 March 1842

To the citizens of Fayette Co, and all others

whom it may concern. San Antonio is in the Hands of the

Enemy. [T]hey camped at the “Leone” on Friday night and came

to San Antonio about 10 o’clock on Saturday[.] [T]he number of

Mexicans estimated at some 2 to 3000. This is said to be

the advance guard of the Mexican Army. [T]he two other

divisions are said to be commanded by Carasco de Bravo[.]

The reason why no news arrived sooner was that two

spies were taken by the Mexicans[.] [T]here were about

135 men in San Antonio when the Mexicans arrived[.]

A Mexican officer came into town and informed the

Americans that if they continued to occupy the town an attack

would be made at 2 o’clock. A consultation of the officers

determined to destroy the ammunition and retreat. [T]hey

did so and brought with them the only piece of Cannon

fit for use. Enough is now known to satisfy the most

credulous that is necessary for every [text missing]

that is necessary for every man to [text missing]

here about 7 o’clock on Friday night [text illegible]

left San Antonio began to pass this place[.] [W]e are all in

good spirits and hope that the Colerado [sic] will remain true

to herself, and her Country as she ever has been[.]

Send the news in every direction but tell them

not to be alarmed for we are confident of success[.]

[T]he larger the number of Mexicans the more

distastrous [sic] will be their defeat[.] Let all who

can—come. Take the road to Gonzalas the

old La Bahia and by way of Mrs McClures [sic] and

we will give all information of importance

with regard to the movements of the Mexicans

which we can obtain[.] [I]f a battle is to be fought

we wish to fight this side of the Colorado[.]

dated 10 Oclock Sunday



Thos T Rabb[,] JW Dancy & others

P.S. Seguin and his father suspected

signed JW Dancy

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Thomas Rabb, et al, March 6, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #2227, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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