Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 16, 1843

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Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 1843

Mr Addington was still more explicit than

Lord Aberdeen and appeared to bare his opinions

in a considerable degree, on the statements and

opinions of Mr Packenham, the British Minister

at Mexico recently returned to England on leave

of absence. Mr Packenham immediately previous

to his leaving Mexico had a long conversation

with General Santa Anna on this subject. Gen

Santa Anna, it was stated, could not retain his

power two days, if he should entertain the question

of recognizing the independence of Texas. Mr

Packenham clearly understood General Santa Anna

to be himself utterly hostile to admitting

our Independence. General Santa Anna informed

Mr Packenham of his intention to make propo-

sitions to Texas of the nature of those mentioned

by Judge Robinson.

At this part of our conversation Mr Addington

clearly permitted me to draw the conclusion,

without however affirming it, that the “propositions”

may be for the purpose of gaining time by Mexico

to dispose of Yucatan, with the determination

as viewed by other acts of General Santa Anna

mentioned by Mr Addington at the moment, to

take active measures hereafter to subjugate


Mr Addington concluded by dwelling

somewhat on the “indomitable obstinacy” of

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Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 16, 1843. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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