Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 16, 1843

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Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 1843

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Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 16, 1843. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Various other matters connected with Texas and

Mexico were spoken of more particularly in my

conversations with Mr Addington, who treated

them in view of the entire failure of the Mediation

and of the future resumption of hostilities by

Mexico. In relation to Commodore Moore, Mr

Addington intimated that having been disavowed

by the Texas Government, it would [be] the duty

of all to capture him as being engaged in

a piratical expedition.

I take the liberty of recommending the subject

of this Dispatch very respectfully to the attention

of your Department as there was an explicitness

in the opinions expressed, which leaves no room

for doubt or uncertainty.

I am informed that emigrants are being engaged,

that is, soldiers are recruiting for the service of

Mexico against Texas. I have not yet obtained

such information as would authorize me to mention

this subject to the British Government; My careful

attention will be directed to this matter.

The Tartar, a vessel laden with guns & ammunitions

of war for Mexico, took fire a few days since in

a British Port, blew up and her cargo went to the


I have just learned [of] the arrival of Col Dain-

gerfield at Paris, and expect to meet him in a few days.

With great respect, Your very obedient servant

Ashbel Smith

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