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Go to Texas State Library Publications List for a compilation of all available materials produced and distributed by our agency divisions and departments in paper, microfilm, or in electronic form. This page contains general overview information and links to publications about our agency and produced by our agency.


Featured Documents and Reports

Loan Star Libraries Program Survey Report, February 2012
TSLAC surveyed the 541 accredited public libraries between September 26 and October 12, 2011 to gauge the impact of the Texas legislature's elimination of funding for the Loan Star Libraries Program of direct state aid to Texas public libraries. The report reveals the extent to which libraries depended on this funding, with 84% of the 334 survey respondents unable to identify a way to compensate for the funding loss. 

Legislative Report — Broadband Stimulus, 2011
To bridge the digital divide, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission is coordinating an ambitious initiative to reach new or underserved computer users in traditional and non-traditional settings. Texans, especially those in rural areas, will benefit directly from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act broadband grants by receiving increased access to broadband and therefore, better access to resources that support education, employment and self-sufficiency.

Agency Report on Customer Service, June 2012
This report presents the results and describes the findings of our agency's most recent customer service surveys.

Required Reports Prepared by State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education (Fiscal Year 2013)
This biennial report evaluates the usefulness of reports prepared and submitted by a state agency to other state agencies by law. Each biennium, the commission will recommend to the legislature the repeal or consolidation of statutory reporting requirements, striking a balance between reducing the volume of reports and protecting the public interest and ensuring government accountability. You can Download the complete report or view different sections:

The 2011 report and 2009 report are also still available.

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Agency Budget and Planning

Agency Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2013-2017
Titled: Confronting Our Future by Preserving Our Past
This plan outlines our agency goals, objectives, strategies, and performance measures through year 2017. Other formats are available upon request. See our previous Strategic Plans.

Agency Biennial Report, FY2011-2012 - html format | Agency Biennial Report, FY2011-2012 - pdf format
This report outlines the agency's progress towards its goals during the FY2007-2008 biennium. See our previous Biennial Reports.

Budget Information for:

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Services for Texas Libraries

Public Library Directory and Statistics
Statistics submitted by public libraries in Texas can be searched by city, library, or county; or downloaded and imported into a spreadsheet or database. For analytical tables and statistical summaries please see the Texas Public Library Summary. Check out your peers on Bibliostat Collect!

Texas State Publications Annual Index
Annual cumulations of documents received, cataloged and announced in the monthly issues of Texas State Publications from 1994 to 1998.

Complete Index of Resources for Librarians
A complete index of our publications and other resources for librarians from Adopt-A-Bunny to the Z-Texas Profile.

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Records Management Publications

Records Management Publications for State Agencies and Local Governments
Includes laws and regulations concerning the management of Texas government records. Includes: State and Local Records Retention Schedules and Bulletins, the Records Management Manual for state agencies, and Policy Models for local governments.

Forms for Records Managers
Agency forms available for download.

Texas State Records Retention Schedule
Indicates the minimum length of time listed records series must be retained by a state agency before destruction or archival preservation.


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Talking Book Program Newsletters

News bulletins from the Talking Book Program

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