Records Management Forms and Templates

All district and precinct offices of a county, municipality, public school district, appraisal district, or any other special-purpose district or authorities are required by the Local Government Records Act to have three elements of compliance on file with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Contact your assigned analyst for more assistance.

 Compliance Forms for Elected County Officials

Compliance for All Other (Non-elected) Local Government Offices

1. File a records management policy

  • Use our policy template (Word) or submit an existing policy/order/ordinance/resolution or CPC template used by school districts.
    • Must be submitted with evidence of governing body approval such as board meeting minutes.

2. Designate a Records Management Officer

3. Adopt the local retention schedules

Additional Templates and Forms for Local Governments

Templates for in-house documentation only. Not to be filed with TSLAC.


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Forms for State Agencies

Congress by Martha Ormiston from the Noun ProjectAny agency in the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of state government created by the constitution or a statute of this state is required by State Records Management Laws to designate a records management officer and file a certified records retention schedule every five years. Contact your assigned analyst for more assistance.

1. Reference a certified retention schedule.

2. Review or amend a retention schedule.

3. Designate a Records Management Officer

  • SLR 104: Designation of State Agency Records Management Officer


Additional Templates and Forms for State Agencies

  • RMD 102: Authority to Dispose of State Records – use for items such as unscheduled records and records to be destroyed before the expiration of their retention periods.
  • RMD 103: Records Inventory Worksheet
  • RMD 113: Disaster Recovery Service Approval Form


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