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Our bulletins outline the laws, rules, standards, and best practices for local governments and state agencies in Texas. We also publish 12 Local Retention Schedules with about 1500 records series for Local Governments and the Texas State Records Retention Schedule (RRS) 4th edition for State Agencies.

Local Governmentsskyline by Shawn Schmidt from the Noun Project

All district and precinct offices of a county, municipality, public school district, appraisal district, or any other special-purpose district or authority.

  • Bulletin B: Electronic Records Standards and Procedures - (PDF)
  • Bulletin D: Local Government Records Act (effective 1989) - (PDF)
  • Bulletin E: Electronic Filing and Recording by County Clerks - (PDF)

Congress by Martha Ormiston from the Noun ProjectState Agencies

Any agency in the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of state government created by the constitution or a statute of this state.

  • Bulletin 1: Electronic Records Standards and Procedures (effective August 31, 2017) - (PDF)


Texas State Records Retention Schedule

Revised 4th edition - Effective August 31, 2016 – About 300 records series commonly found at state agencies. Includes administrative, financial, personnel, support services and information technology infrastructure.

View on WEB | Download: PDF (75 pages)

RMO Job Guidelines from Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council (RMICC)

Records Management Officer Job Guidelines for Texas State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education prepared by RMICC
Download: PDF | Microsoft Word

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