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If you prefer, you may email us at Emails are answered within 1-2 working days of receipt.

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News Bulletins and Updates
from the Talking Book Program


News Bulletins
Spanish News Bulletins (Boletínes de Noticias)

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News Bulletins

Providing information on recent developments in the Talking Book Program.

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News Bulletin Summer 2021
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

Past issues:

News Bulletin February 2021
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Fall 2020
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Summer 2020
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Spring 2020
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Winter 2020
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Fall 2019
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Summer 2019
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Spring 2019 with Duplication on Demand (DOD) Navigation
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Winter 2019 with Poetry Contest Winners and Books Worth Revisiting
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Fall 2018
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Summer 2018 with Books Worth Revisiting
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Spring 2018
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Winter 2018 with Books Worth Revisiting
(Doc), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Fall 2017
(Doc), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Summer 2017
(Doc), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Spring 2017
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Winter 2017
(Doc), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Fall 2016
(Doc), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Summer 2016
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Spring 2016
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Winter 2016
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Fall 2015
(RTF), (PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2015
(RTF), (PDF)

News Bulletin Winter/Spring 2015
(RTF), (PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2014
includes Upcoming Book Club Selection and Books Worth Revisiting
(RTF), (PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2014
includes Disability News and Automatic Selection Categories
(TXT), (PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2014
includes Books Worth Revisiting and Talking Book Club Schedule
(TXT), (PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2013
includes Books Worth Revisiting and Talking Book Club Schedule
(TXT), (PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2013
includes Books Worth Revisiting and Spotlight
(TXT), (PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2013
includes FAQ - Magazines on Cartridge and Spotlight on Texas - Digital
(TXT), (PDF)

News Bulletin Winter 2013
includes Book Club Session Schedule and Spotlight
(TXT), (PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2012
includes Books Worth Revisiting and Spotlight
(TXT), (PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2012
includes Book list, Book Club and Braille Revival information
(TXT), (PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2012 includes Book list, Book Club and Friends Information
 (TXT), (PDF)

News Bulletin Winter 2012
includes "Books Worth Revisiting: Jane Austen

News Bulletin Fall 2011
includes Sampler of Books by Texas Authors

News Bulletin Summer 2011
includes Books Worth Revisiting:Traveling Back to Middle Ages

News Bulletin Winter/Spring 2011
includes "80th Anniversary" and "Braille Revival League of Texas" information

News Bulletin Fall 2010
includes "Books Worth Revisiting: Harry Potter
News Bulletin Summer 2010

Braille Revival League of Texas" information
News Bulletin Spring 2010
includes "Books Worth Revisiting: Gothic Romances
News Bulletin Winter 2010

News Bulletin Fall 2009
includes "Books Worth Revisiting: Three by Anya Seton"
News Bulletin Summer 2009
includes "Favorites from the 1930s to the 1960s"
News Bulletin Spring 2009
includes "Books Worth Revisiting - In the Court of Charles II"
News Bulletin Winter 2009
includes "Cassette Player Tips " and "NFB-Newsline" info.

News Bulletin Fall 2008
includes "Books Worth Revisiting - A Kiss of Vampire Fiction "
News Bulletin Summer 2008
includes "Favorite Short Stories By Female Authors"
News Bulletin Spring 2008
includes "Books Worth Revisiting - Elizabeth George Speare"
News Bulletin Winter 2008
includes "You, Us, and the Post Office!"




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