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News Bulletins
Spanish News Bulletins (Boletínes de Noticias)

ATTENTION: Patrons who subscribe to TALKING BOOK TOPICS (TBT) in large print will no longer receive issues in paper format due to ongoing supply-chain issues and worldwide paper shortages. Patrons can access TBT online in HTML and PDF right now at www.loc.gov/nls/tbt. TBT in HTML contains direct links to BARD for downloading or adding books to wish lists, and TBT in PDF contains printable order forms for mailing. TBT in audio will be available on cartridge and on BARD and BARD Mobile. Additionally, TBT Abridged will be available through BRAILLE BOOK REVIEW in hardcopy braille and BRF on www.loc.gov/nls/bbr.

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Texas Talking Books will be closed on the following holidays:

Monday, January 15 ~ MLK, Jr Day
Monday, February 19 ~ President's Day

Of course, you can always leave a message if you call after hours or on a holiday or email us at tbp.services@tsl.texas.gov

News Bulletins

Providing information on recent developments in the Talking Book Program.

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News Bulletin Summer 2023
(PDF), (RTF), (MP3), (BRF)

Past issues:

News Bulletin Spring 2023
(PDF), (RTF), (MP3), (BRF)

News Bulletin Fall 2022
(PDF), (RTF), (BRF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Summer 2022
(RTF), (PDF), (BRF)

News Bulletin Spring 2022
(RTF), (PDF), (BRF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Winter 2022
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3), (BRF)

News Bulletin Fall 2021
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3), (BRF)

News Bulletin Summer 2021
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin February 2021
(RTF), (PDF), (MP3)

News Bulletin Fall 2020 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2020 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2020 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Winter 2020 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2019 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2019 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2019 with Duplication on Demand (DOD) Navigation(PDF)

News Bulletin Winter 2019 with Poetry Contest Winners and Books Worth Revisiting - (PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2018(PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2018 with Books Worth Revisiting(PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2018(PDF)

News Bulletin Winter 2018 with Books Worth Revisiting(PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2017(PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2017(PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2017(PDF)

News Bulletin Winter 2017(PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2016(PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2016 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2016 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Winter 2016 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2015 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2015 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Winter/Spring 2015 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2014 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2014 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2014 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2013 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Summer 2013 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2013 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Winter 2013 (PDF)

News Bulletin Fall 2012

News Bulletin Summer 2012 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Spring 2012 - (PDF)

News Bulletin Winter 2012

News Bulletin Fall 2011

News Bulletin Summer 2011

News Bulletin Winter/Spring 2011

News Bulletin Fall 2010

News Bulletin Summer 2010

News Bulletin Spring 2010

News Bulletin Winter 2010

News Bulletin Fall 2009

News Bulletin Summer 2009

News Bulletin Spring 2009

News Bulletin Winter 2009

News Bulletin Fall 2008

News Bulletin Summer 2008

News Bulletin Spring 2008

News Bulletin Winter 2008



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