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Current Directory Information for Texas Public Libraries

Map of Texas Public Library Locations
Current Texas Public Library Directory
Current Texas Public Library Branch Directory

The information in these tables is updated as changes are received; the revision date is noted in report title. Libraries are listed by library name, include legal establishment, assigned population, county, number of branches and bookmobiles, and the current electronic and physical contact information. Icons at the bottom of the table link to quick visual graphs for population and outlet rankings (bar chart), as well as bar graphs (frequency chart) showing the number of libraries in each region that are members, how they are legally established and distribution by county. In the third, or member column, "M" indicates an accredited library; "N" is not accredited, and "O" is a library that does not receive public funding or does not submit an annual report to us.

Key to legal establishment    
CI City established CO County established
CC City and County established LD Library District
MJ Multi-jurisdictional NP Non-profit
SD School District OT Other basis






The directory can be downloaded into a Microsoft Excel file, by clicking on the icon (Excel download) at the bottom of the page. A free viewer for Excel is available here, if needed.

Please e-mail any corrections or updates to the Library Development and Networking Division.

Library Statistics

Public Library Annual Report

Find information about the annual public library annual report, including links to submit the report, instructions, and contact information.

Texas Public Library Statistics

Search the annual Texas public library statistics by city, library, or county to find information on the budget and operations of Texas public libraries. The data may also be downloaded and imported into a spreadsheet or database. Use the Texas Public Library Summary to find analytical tables and statistical summaries of the individual library data.

Texas Academic Library Statistics

Find statistical information on libraries in four-year public and private academic institutions, two-year academic institutions, and medical and law institutions in Texas.

Other Library Statistics Sources

Find statistical information on libraries from other sources here, including tools that allow comparison with libraries nationwide.

Library Accreditation

Public libraries are accredited in the Government Code 441.127(a), Library Systems, under the authority of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accreditation Task Force

The Texas State Library and the Texas Library Association created a joint task force to review the Public Library Standards and the Minimum Criteria for Accreditation.

Minimum Standards for Accreditation in the State Library System

Links to Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Part 1, Chapter 1, Subchapter C, Minimum Standards for Accreditation in the State Library System.  Adopted by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission on November 7, 2014; effective November 30, 2014.

E-rate Eligibility

To be eligible for these discounts, a library applicant must meet the statutory definition of library or library consortium found in the 1996 Library Services and Technology Act (Pub. L. 104-208) (LSTA) and must be eligible for assistance from a state library administrative agency under that Act.  For purposes of LSTA, the State Library has discretion with regard to the eligibility of applicants. In Texas, a library must be accredited. For more information about accreditation, please contact Stacey Malek, Program Coordinator 512-463-5532, smalek@tsl.texas.gov


Texas Library Association (TLA) Public Library Standards

These voluntary Texas Public Library Standards developed through the Texas Library Association are intended as an assessment and guide to levels of service for public libraries in Texas.

TexShare Participation Summary

Search by City Name to find the TexShare Participation Summary Report Specifically for Your Texas Library! Reports show your TexShare program memberships, cost savings, resources available, and your House and Senate districts.

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