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We gratefully acknowledge the tremendous effort made by all Texas public librarians and their cooperation in collecting and reporting the data every year! 
All charts open either as weblinks or Microsoft Excel Workbook (.xlsx.) files.

2020 Individual Library Statistics and Comparison Charts
Statistics from all reporting libraries

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Texas Public Library Five Year Trend Charts  - individual library trends 2015-2020

Local Library Statistics Prior to 2012

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Texas Statewide Public Library Statistics

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Statewide Five Year Trends  - statewide totals 2015-2020

The information found on this page is from the Texas Public Libraries Annual Report submitted by public libraries in Texas. The statistics reflect each library's local fiscal year, defined as the fiscal year which includes January 1st. The membership year noted in the statistics refers to the State Fiscal Year. "Member" indicates that the library met the criteria for accreditation in the Texas Library System, individually or as part of a federated library system (FLS). 

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Use the Numbers!  Using Public Library Data in Engaging Presentations
This is a three-part presentation that offers a way to craft a persuasive message while using Texas public library data.  View individual segments by clicking on the links below.  Online courseHandout
Part 1:  The Message:  video (6:28); slides
Part 2:  The Data: video (8:32);  slides
Part 3:  Presentation Tips:  video (7:12);  slides

NOTE:  if you wish to earn CE credit and be able to print a certificate of completion for viewing the recording, follow instructions here.

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