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Archives and Information Services


For reproductions of archival documents available on microfilm, see Archival Documents on Microfilm section of this page.

Calendar of the Papers of Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar - Revised, limited edition. $20

Compiled Index to Elected and Appointed Officials of the Republic of Texas 1835-1846. $3

"On This Day of New Beginnings" - Selected inaugural addresses of Texas governors. $4.76

Post Office Papers of the Republic of Texas:
Volume I, 1836-1839. $4.50
Volume II, 1839-1840. $4.50

Valentine Overton King's Index to Books about Texas before 1889 - Cost is $17.

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State and Local Records Management Division (SLRM)

512-475-5155 for print publications
Contact SLRM

SLRM Publications for STATE AGENCIES | SLRM Publications for STATE GOVERNMENTS | Archival Documents on Microfilm


Texas State Records Management Manual
Revised May 1998. Available to government agencies at reduced price. Incorporates other SLRM publications as identified below. $65

Texas State Records Retention Schedule
Revised 2012.

State Agency Bulletin Series
Existing bulletins in the series are updated and additional ones published as needed. No Charge.

1. Electronic Records Standards and Procedures
2. Microfilming Standards and Procedures
3. Records Retention Schedule Rules
4. State Records Management Laws

The State Record
Newsletter. No charge.

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Microfilm Handbook for Local Governments
Published 1992. $10.

The Local Record
Semi-annual newsletter. No charge.

Local Government Bulletin Series
Existing bulletins in the series are updated and additional ones published as needed. No charge.

A. Microfilming Standards and Procedures
B. Electronic Records Standards and Procedures, Revised Jan. 1998
C. Inventory and Scheduling Records Revised May 1998
D. Texas Local Government Records Act
E. Electronic Filing and Recording By County Clerks

Local Government Records Retention Schedule Series
Additional schedules in the series are published upon approval by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. No charge to records management officers; $10 each to all others.

Local Schedule CC: Records of County Clerks
Local Schedule DC: Records of Elections and Voter Registration
Local Schedule EL: Records of Elections and Voter Registration
Local Schedule GR: Records Common to All Governments
Local Schedule HR: Records of Public Health Agencies
Local Schedule JC: Records of Public Junior Colleges
Local Schedule LC: Records of Justice and Municipal Courts
Local Schedule PS: Records of Public Safety Agencies
Local Schedule PW: Records of Public Works and Services
Local Schedule SD: Records of Public School Districts
Local Schedule TX: Records of Property Taxation
Local Schedule UT: Records of Public Utilities

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Due to poor quality of original documents, some of the microfilm reels may be difficult to read.

Birth and Death Records
Available on 16mm microfilm. $21.95/roll

1903-1976 Index to Birth Records. Fifty rolls.
1920 Index to Birth Records. One roll
1880-1930 Index to Probate Birth Records, Vols. 1-40. Five rolls.
1930-1945 Index to Probate Birth Records. Two rolls.
1903-1940 Index to Death Records, Texas. Seven rolls.
1941-1973 Index to Death Records, Texas. Eleven rolls.

Nacogdoches Archives
Selected records of Spanish and Mexican colonial government in East Texas. Available on 35mm microfilm. Twenty-seven rolls. $24.90/roll

Texas Rangers Records
Available on 16mm microfilm. $21.95/roll

1919 Ranger Investigation. One roll.
1920 Railroad Rangers. Three rolls.
1919-1920 Loyalty Rangers. One roll.
1919-1935 Regular Rangers. Two rolls.
1919-1935 Special Rangers. Seven rolls.

Texas Tax Rolls
Early 1800s through 1981.
1960-1974 available on 35mm microfilm. $24.90/roll
All other years available on 16mm microfilm. $21.95/roll

State of Texas Census of 1850-1860
Available on 16 mm microfilm. $13.90/roll. Eleven Rolls.

Taxes Collected from Railroads in Texas
Available on 16mm microfilm.
1874-1875. One roll. $21.95

V.O. King manuscript, "Seats of Government in Texas"
141 pp. ms., no date. Available on 16mm microfilm. One roll. $21.95

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Roster of Confederate Home, Austin, Texas
Available on 35mm microfilm. No date. One roll. $24.90

Texas Confederate Military Service Records
Alphabetical lists of company commanders with muster rolls, of counties containing company commanders with muster rolls, and of Texas Confederate soldiers. Available on 16mm microfilm. No date. Eight rolls. $21.95/roll

Texas Rangers Service Records
Service records for Texas Rangers and associated groups, 1830-1900, and of the Minute Men, 1841. Available on 16mm microfilm. Two rolls. $21.95/roll
Note: Reel no. 8 of the Texas Confederate Military Service Records is combined with reel no. 1 of the Ranger service records.

Post Office Department Records, Republic of Texas
1835-1841. Available on 16mm microfilm. One roll. $21.95

Wheat, Postmasters, and Post Offices of Texas
Available on 16mm microfilm. 1846-1930. $13.90/roll

The Liberty Gazette
Newspaper, 1855-1869. Available on 35mm microfilm. $24.90/roll

The Liberty Vindicator
Newspaper, 1925-35. Available on 35mm microfilm. $24.90/roll

Executive Record Books, 1855-1938
Twenty-six rolls. Available on 35 mm microfilm. $24.90/roll

Election Registers (a.k.a. Appointment Registers), 1837-1972
Thirty-one rolls. Available on 35mm microfilm. $24.90/roll

Voter Registers, 1867-1869
Twelve rolls. Available on 35mm microfilm. $24.90/roll

Texas Mortality Schedule, 1850-1860
Eight rolls. Available on 35mm microfilm. $24.90/roll

Criminal Justice-Prisoner Indexes
Available on 35mm microfilm. $24.90/roll
Indexes 1849 through 1970, Five rolls.
Ledgers 1849 through 1954, Fifteen rolls.

Sam Houston papers
One roll. Available on 35mm microfilm. $24.90/roll

Texas History
Available on 35mm microfilm. $24.90/roll
Bonds and Oaths 1837-1844, Three rolls
Confederate Land Scrip's, Seven rolls
Donation Vouchers 1879-1887, Seventeen rolls
Hardin Papers 1826-1836, One roll
Index to Ships Arriving 1836-1846, One roll
Memorial & Petitions (Index), One roll
Military 1835-1846, One roll
Naturalization Declaration/Intent 1855-1869, One roll
Passenger Lists for Ships 1836-1846, One roll
Passports Issued 1836-1845, One roll
Public Debt Claims 1848-1861, One roll
Records Relating to Colonization, Two rolls
Texas Army
Correspondence, Six rolls
Quartermaster Correspondence 1835-1846, One roll
Texas Colonists (index) 1835-1846, One roll Texas Navy
Military Rolls (index), One roll
Navy Correspondence, Four rolls
Other Financial Records 1836-1842, Six rolls
Other Financial Wrappers, Two rolls
Purser's Records Archer - Zavala, Fifteen rolls
Purser's Records Vessels - Day Book, One roll
Purser's Records Navy Yard, Three rolls
Ship's Crew (index) Annari through Young, One roll
Warrant Registers/Memo of Drafts, Three rolls

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Minimum charge of $5 per order.

Attorney General Opinions
1939-44 Gerald Mann, opinion nos. 1-5499. $337.00
1939-44 Gerald Mann and Grover Sellers, opinion nos. 5500-5699. $13.00
1944-47 Grover Sellers, opinion nos. 5700-7543. $112.00
1947-52 Price Daniel, opinion nos. 1-1569 w/annual indexes. $125.00
1952-56 John Ben Shepperd, opinion nos. 1-224 w/annual indexes. $16.00
1957-62 Will Wilson, opinion nos. 1-1518 w/annual indexes. $137.00
1963-66 Waggoner Carr, opinion nos. 1-795 w/annual indexes. $70.00
1966-72 Crawford Martin, opinion nos. 1-1291 w/annual indexes. $123.00
1973-78 John Hill, opinion nos. 1-1321 w/annual indexes. $111.00
1979-82 Mark White, opinion nos. 1-594 w/annual indexes. $52.00
1983-90 Jim Mattox, opinion nos. 1-1281 w/annual indexes. $108.00
1991-98 Dan Morales, opinion nos. 1-500 w/indexes for 1991-94 only.* $50.00
1999-2001 John Cornyn, opinion nos. 1-448.* $30.00

*Note: Opinion Indexes for 1995-1999 will be available in microfiche format in the future.

Attorney General opinions are available online from the Office of the Attorney General at:

Letter Opinions**
Jim Mattox, 1988-1990. $13.00
Dan Morales, 1991-1998. $34.00

**Note: Letter Opinion series ceased at the end of 1998.

Open Records decisions and rulings

ORD Nos. 1-536. (1973-89). $22.00
ORD Nos. 537-583. (1990). $4.00
ORD Nos. 584-598. (1991). $1.00
ORD Nos. 599-612. (1992). $1.00
ORD Nos. 613-621. (1993). $1.00
ORD Nos. 622-630. (1994). $1.00
ORD Nos. 631-636 (1995)   $1.00
ORD Nos. 637-650 (1996)   $1.00
ORD Nos. 651-657 (1997)   $1.00
ORD Nos. 658- (1998)        $1.00
ORR Nos. 1-396.(1988).     $14.00
ORR Nos. 1-434 (1989).     $14.00
ORR Nos. 1-183 (1990).     $5.00
ORR Nos. 1-661 (1991).     $20.00
ORR Nos. 1-710 (1992).     $23.00
ORR Nos. 1-777 (1993)      $25.00
ORR Nos. 1-825 (1994)      $27.00
ORR Nos. 95-001 thru 95-1634 (1995)   $49.00
ORR NOS. 96-0001 thru 96-2477 (1996) $72.00
ORR Nos. 97-0001-97-2847 (1997)        $80.00
ORR Nos. 98-0001-98-3315 (1998)        $94.00

Open Records decisions and rulings are available online from the Office of the Attorney General at:

General and special laws of the State of Texas
63rd Legislature, First Called Session and 64th Legislature, Regular Session. $73.00
65th Legislature, Regular Session and First Called Session. $62.00
65th Legislature, Second Called Session and 66th Legislature, Regular Session. $44.00
67th Legislature, Regular Session. $58.00
67th Legislature, First, Second and Third Called Sessions and 68th Legislature, Regular Session and   First Called Session. $108.00
68th Legislature, Second Called Session and 69th Legislature, Regular Session and First and Second Called Sessions. $47.00
69th Legislature, Third Called Session and 70th Legislature, Regular Session and First and Second Called Sessions. $68.00
71st Legislature, Regular Session and First through Sixth Called Sessions. $83.00
72nd Legislature, Regular Session and First through Fourth Called Sessions. $63.00
73rd Legislature, Regular Session. $64.00

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Texas Register
All volumes include nos. 1-100 and annual index.
1976, vol. 1. $62.00
1977, vol. 2. $86.00
1978, vol. 3. $52.00
1979, vol. 4. $80.00
1980, vol. 5. $76.00
1981, vol. 6. $89.00
1982, vol. 7. $98.00
1983, vol. 8. $88.00
1984, vol. 9. $99.00
1985, vol. 10. $52.00
1986, vol. 11. $59.00
1987, vol. 12. $60.00
1988, vol. 13. $71.00
1989, vol. 14. $75.00
1990, vol. 15. $87.00
1991, vol. 16. $90.00
1992, vol. 17. $108.00
1993, vol .18. $124.00
1994, vol. 19. $122.00
1995, vol. 20. $122.00
1996, vol. 21. $140.00
1997, vol. 22. $141.00
1998, vol. 23. $149.00
1999, vol. 24. $135.00
2000, vol. 25. $146.00
2001, vol. 26. $126.00
2002, vol. 27. $139.00
2003, vol. 28. $110.00
2004, vol. 29. $120.00
2005, vol. 30. $87.00

The Texas Register is available online from the Secretary of State at:

Supreme Court Dockets, 1983-present
Dockets and Advisory Committee files are being filmed continuously; price for the total set changes as new materials are added. Individual dockets and files can be purchased for $1.00 per fiche.

Supreme Court Advisory Committee Files, 1982-1986. $14.00

Texas State Publications Index.
1983: $7.00
1984: $6.00
1985: $5.00
1986: $5.00
1987: $8.00
1988: $6.00
1984-88: $23.00
1989 (Jan.-June): $4.00
1989 (July-Dec.): $3.00
1990: $4.00
1991: $5.00
1994-96 TSP indexes

Republic Claims, 1835-1846 (on microfilm)
Now available in electronic format at Republic Claims Index.

Documents submitted for and associated with payments for services to the Republic, 1835-1836, are a total of 258 reels and cost $24.90/reel.

These documents include:

  • Audited Claims claims audited and paid during the Republic
  • Public Debt Claims payments of the Republic's debt after annexation
  • Pensions payments of pensions for Republic military or special services
  • Unpaid and Miscellaneous Claims claims submitted but not audited

Audited Claims Series - 1835-1836 [Reels 1-130].
Public Debt Series - 1846-ca. 1861 [Reels 131-199].
Republic Pensions Series - 1870-ca. 1900 [Reels 200-247].
Unpaid and Miscellaneous Claims Series - 1835-1846 [Reels 248-258].

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Talking Book Program

1-800-252-9605 throughout Texas, or 512-463-5458

Bequests to the Talking Book Program: Creating a Listening Legacy
Brochure providing information on planned giving to the Talking Book Program.

Join a Recording Group Today! - ¡Puedes leer y entender el español!
Flyer promoting service in the TBP Volunteer Recording Studio. In English or Spanish.

Talking Book Program - Libros Que Hablan
General information brochure about the Talking Book Program. In English or Spanish.

Talking Books for Texans Bookmarks
In English or Spanish.


Disability Information Referral Center
Information on TBP's Disability Referral Center. In English.

Getting Started - Programa de Libros Que Hablan
Welcome packet for new patrons. In English or Spanish.

News BulletinsBoletínes de Noticias
Provides information on recent developments in the Talking Book Program. In English or Spanish.

Spotlight on Texas
A bi-annual publication announcing the latest audio books produced by volunteers. In English.


Just for Librarians: Everything you need to know about the Talking Book Program
Information for public librarians. In English.

Guide to the Talking Book Program in the Classroom
Instructions for teachers on how to use TBP services in the classroom. Updated annually. In English.


Books for Blind and Physically Handicapped Individuals
General information flyer produced by National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. In English.

Talking Books and Reading Disabilities

About Braille

Sources for Playback Machines Compatible with NLS Books (2000)

Assistive Devices for Use with Personal Computers

Frequently Asked Questions

Braille Alphabet Card
Instructional Card with Letters of the Alphabet in Braille.

Reading is for Everyone

Braille-embossed Bookmarks

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Library Development and Networking Division

512-463-5494 or 800-252-9386 in Texas

See all current available Library Development and Networking publications here.

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